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Chapter 11: Everyone Stayed At Home to Eat

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“Chibei?! This…” Father Guan widened his eyes. “You… hunted these?”

When he returned to the straw hut, Father Guan had already returned from the fields. He was drinking some cold water when he saw Guan Chibei walking back with two fat pheasants and three wild hares. He was shocked.

Guan Chibei placed the prey on the ground. Due to the yin energy, the pheasants and wild hares looked like they were dazed when they landed on the ground.

Guan Chibei nodded his head lightly and said, “When I was working in the city, I asked an old hunter for some skills. After that, I went to the mountains beside the city to hunt.”

Guan Chibei went to the docks in the city to work for half a year when Ye Lulu was pregnant so that he could save more money to prepare for her labor.

It was also because of this that he had been smashed by a giant tree on his way back from the city the day before.

Guan Chibei had not been home for a long time, so some of his changes could be explained by what he had learned outside.

Father Guan was pleasantly surprised. He looked at the prey with admiration and envy and patted Chibei’s shoulder. “Chibei, well done!”

Hunting was a great skill for farmers!

Hunters made a living by hunting, so they definitely wouldn’t easily teach others how to hunt. As for some men from the farms, even if they were strong and knew how to farm, it didn’t mean that they could hunt in the deep mountains.

Therefore, if any man in the village knew how to hunt, his family would benefit from it.

At the very least, there would be times when they could improve their meals!

Not to mention, they could even exchange their prey for money in the city…

He did not expect Chibei to be so hardworking. After working in the city for a while, he even knew how to hunt! He even hunted so much prey!

Mother Rong and the rest came out and covered their mouths when they saw the living prey that Guan Chibei brought back. They were overjoyed!

Which peasant family, especially poor ones, could eat meat?! This was the first time they had seen so much prey!

After hearing Father Guan tell her about the skills Guan Chibei had learned, Mother Rong was pleasantly surprised. She wiped her hands on her apron and walked forward. “That’s great, we have food now. We have something to nourish Lulu’s body!”

Guan Chibei had brought back wild prey in time to solve this urgent problem!

“So many…” Mother Rong picked up a wild hare and looked at the prey on the ground. She said, “Why don’t we… leave two pheasants behind and sell the wild hares in the city…”

They could be exchanged for some copper coins.

“We should eat all of them at home.” Guan Chibei interrupted and said bluntly, “Leave them all behind. I’ll hunt again tomorrow.”

Mother Rong’s and Father Guan’s expressions froze before relaxing. That’s right. Guan Chibei knew how to hunt. He could even go up the mountain in the future!

“That’s great…” The two sisters-in-law of the Guan family also revealed looks of joy. Mother Rong happily picked up the hare and turned around, handing it to the two sisters-in-law for them to bring it back to their old house. They would rear it first and be careful not to let it dig a hole and escape.

Guan Chibei’s expression was calm. As long as he was around and these living prey were enveloped by the yin energy, they would not be able to move and escape.

“Take two pheasants and exchange them with the villagers for domesticated chickens.” Guan Chibei said, “We can eat the wild hares.”

Although the pheasants were fat, they were unsuitable to be eaten as meat. It was better to boil soup using domesticated chickens.

Mother Rong glanced at Guan Chibei. He had been away in the city for half a year and now, he knew how to take care of his wife more.

Mother Rong and the rest had already taken the time to tidy up the Guan family’s old house just now.

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