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Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby
Chapter 99: Rather Than Being An Actress, I’d Rather Study

Chapter 99: Rather Than Being An Actress, I’d Rather Study


There was a sharp scream, and Song Yaoyao subconsciously covered her ears.

Tang Xinrou gripped onto her arm tightly. The sharp scream was coming from her.

“It’s Director Kang! Do you know Director Kang?”

Song Yaoyao was confused. “Am I supposed to know him?”

Tang Xinrou was like a fangirl as her cheeks turned red with excitement and her voice trembled. “Have you heard of the drama, ‘Prince of Big City?’ Director Kang filmed it! He later changed to filming movies. Have you heard of, ‘The Last Day’ and ‘Forever Reincarnation’? Ohhh, they’re both classics!!”

Kang Yuan looked in amusement at the bright-eyed girl who was introducing him to Song Yaoyao.

There was no denying that he was slightly dumbfounded when he saw Tang Xinrou.

Both these girls were very attractive.

One was charming and eye-catching, the other was radiant and sweet.

Two different styles, yet they had one similarity: they were both beautiful.

Song Yaoyao continued to shake her head. “Never seen them before...”

“Oh my! Yaoyao, have you been living under a rock? On the last day of screening, his zombie sci-fi movie broke all records! It made 51 billion yuan! And, it swept through Asia. How could you not have seen it?”

Song Yaoyao: “...”

She was simply someone who had scanned through a novel before she was transmigrated into it. Yet, she was being questioned about the details.

Song Yaoyao was completely confused. It would be a surprise if she managed to actually answer.

“Aiya, forget it. Haha, it’s normal for a young girl to not know me.”

“Uh huh.”

Tang Xinrou nodded her head and casually picked up the book on her desk. Lifting it in her hands, she said, “Director Kang, I am your fan, can you give me your autograph?”

Kang Yuan accepted the book happily.

“Oh, are you studying the 5/3 textbook? Good job. Keep working hard on it. You’ll be free once you make it into university! Keep it up!” Kang Yuan gave her his autograph and casually opened the book to have a look. His expression froze.

“What’s wrong?”

Wang Mingjiang grabbed the 5/3 textbook from her hands and flipped through it. He then placed it back down without any change in his emotions.

“Good luck. Keep it up.”

Apart from a few multiple-choice questions that she accidentally guessed right, the rest were ridiculously wrong.

But...consciously putting in the effort was already a big improvement.

Kang Yuan was still interested in Song Yaoyao, especially since he had been recently filming an artistic teen movie. Inside the movie, the secondary lead was yet to be confirmed.

But as soon as he saw Song Yaoyao, he immediately remembered that the character had a pair of eyes that could talk, and Song Yaoyao happened to have a pair of clear and bright almond eyes.

“Student, I was being serious earlier. Even your classmate recognizes me, so I’m not a liar. Do you want to be an actress? I have a role that’s perfect for you.”


Tang Xinrou looked at her with envy. They were talking about a Director Kang movie!

To debut in a Director Kang movie, even if it was just a supporting role, was a huge starting point!

But Song Yaoyao said without hesitation, “No. If I have time, I’d rather work on practice questions.”

“Ahem...” Wang Mingjiang twitched his lips.

A third class student was actually talking about studying? He curiously picked up Song Yaoyao’s practice paper and had a look. A moment later, he froze.


“What’s wrong?” Kang Yuan stretched his neck curiously and had a look as well.

They used to be schoolmates. At that time, no one expected that Kang Yuan would choose to pick up a video camera and become a director.

But the fact that they were friends meant that Kang Yuan was also once a top student.

Just a simple glance of the paper and he knew that the amount of correct answers was shocking.

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Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby Chapter 99: Rather Than Being An Actress, I’d Rather Study