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Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby
Chapter 98: Do You Want To Be An Actress?

Chapter 98: Do You Want To Be An Actress?

Song Yaoyao’s lips curved and she said coquettishly, “I love Rourou the most~”

Her voice was the perfect amount of sweetness and gentleness.

Shen Xun, who was playing dead, lifted his eyes. “If I study as well, will you love me?”

Song Yaoyao remained in Tang Xinrou’s embrace as she turned her head and curved her almond eyes with a harmless expression. “If you don’t, I will give you a loving beating. I don’t want my underling to be an illiterate piece of trash.”

Shen Xun tried to suck it up, but he couldn’t.


Song Yaoyao, you’re no angel, you’re a demon!

Subsequently, an amazing scene befell upon the useless class 3-3.

With the most unnoticed student taking the lead, she and 3 of the worst students were doing practice questions together...

Amongst them was Shen Xun who had an injury and a bandage on his nose. He was gritting his teeth and gripping onto his pen impatiently. The vibe he gave was not of someone answering questions, but someone that was about to start a fight with the pen in his hand transforming into a sword at any moment.

Outside the window, the weather was gloomy with a light drizzle.

The school’s principal, Wang Mingjiang, walked past with a middle-aged man. The students in the third class shrunk their heads as they played on their phones and whispered. No one dared to make a loud noise.


Wang Mingjiang suddenly reversed and looked at the class number again. It was the third glass indeed. But weren’t they too quiet?

As the most difficult class in Liyang, Wang Mingjiang usually let them do what they wanted. After all, they were all rich socialites who would eventually be sent overseas by their rich parents after graduation. For them, entering college never posed an issue.

Since their families didn’t care, Wang Mingjiang couldn’t be bothered dealing with them either. All he had to do was ensure their safety at school.

“What’s wrong?”

Creases appeared on the bearded middle-aged man’s forehead, a result of furrowing his brows too often.

When he had a straight face, he looked particularly strict.

“Oh, these kids aren’t being rowdy today,” Wang Mingjiang sighed as he rubbed his head. “I’m not used to this silence.”

“Is this the unruly third class you were talking about?

“I think they’re quite good. Look over there...”

The man’s name was Kang Yuan. With a chuckle, he pointed to the two desks in the last row. “Look at how passionate they are about studying!”

“Passionate about studying? Oh, don’t say that. They might be up to no good!” Wang Mingjiang squinted his eyes and looked at them. “Come, let’s check on them. I bet they’re reading novels or comics.”

Kang Yuan found this amusing but he still followed Wang Mingjiang over.

Can’t you see they’re holding pens, he thought.

Why would they use pens to read novels and comics?

“Oof, Old Wang is here!”

“Who did something wrong and got caught?

“Quick, stand up. The principal’s here!”

The students weren’t afraid of the principal at all as they chuckled and teased him. They even called him by his nickname.

Wang Mingjiang glared at the cheeky monkeys and laughed, “Stop!”

He wasn’t used to the silence earlier. This was more like it!

He walked over to Song Yaoyao’s side.

The girl lifted her head when she heard the movement and looked into the eyes of the two men in front of her.

The girl had red lips, white teeth and her eyes were big and dark. When she looked at them blankly, there was a sense of naive innocence and pureness.

After a few seconds of silence...

Kang Yuan’s eyes lit up. He opened his mouth and asked, “Student, do you want to be an actress?”

Song Yaoyao: “?”


What did he mean?

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Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby Chapter 98: Do You Want To Be An Actress?