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Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby
Chapter 97: Do You Like This Gift?

Chapter 97: Do You Like This Gift?

Could he not do it? Or did he not want to?

The two of them entered the classroom in silence. Somehow, their relationship wasn’t as close as they once were.


As soon as Song Yaoyao entered the classroom, she looked into a few sets of eyes that were as bright as lightbulbs.

“Quick, quick, quick, gifts!”

Tang Xinrou drummed on her desk with anticipation.

“You guys...”

Song Yaoyao’s gaze drifted from Tang Xinrou to Han Jun, and finally onto Shen Xun.

The boy’s hair was messy and he had a scar on his face as he lifted his head sleepily.

He looked straight... her.

Song Yaoyao’s eyes curved. “Are you guys this excited?

“Okay then...”

She walked over to her seat, sat down, and slowly opened her bag.

“What is it?



“It wouldn’t be a gaming console, right?” Tang Xinrou asked curiously as she stretched her neck. As she asked, she saw the item in Song Yaoyao’s bag and her expression slowly froze. “You...”

How heartless!

Song Yaoyao pulled out a few of the newest practice question textbooks from the collection, ‘5 years of college entrance exams, 3 years of practice exams’.

She then handed them two textbooks each.

She patted her hand on the books and said sweetly, “Look! “I specifically bought these this morning. It’s the same as the ones I have~ From now on, you can do practice questions with me after school!”

She had a smile on her face and a vigorous expression, but she was not forceful at all.

Clearly, she was being serious.


Shen Xun dropped his head onto his desk, pretending to be dead.

Meanwhile, Tang Xinrou frowned. “Yaoyao, can I refuse?”


“Come on!

“Let’s study together! Doing practice questions is the only way not to waste time.”

Han Jun’s eyes turned dark and he quickly waved his hands. “Don’t worry about me. I don’t want any gift!

“I already have two textbooks here. You can just give them to Brother Xun and Tang Xinrou. One each. Perfect!” he sincerely suggested.

As a poor student, he simply wanted to eat, wait for his death, and be a small subordinate.

If he wanted to work hard, he would go to the first class!


“What did you say?”

Shen Xun smiled slightly as he turned his head. He was still lying on his desk as he stretched out his hand to pat Han Jun’s head. “Jun’er, can you repeat yourself?”

As he was still going through puberty, his voice was slightly raspy. Combined with his sleepy tone, he sounded extremely gentle.

But Han Jun still wanted to cry. “Brother Xun, just kill me!”

He’d rather die than do practice questions!

“Why would I do that?

“Come, let me give you my two books as well. Study hard and keep moving forward.”

Han Jun: “...”

He’d rather die.

Song Yaoyao didn’t understand. Was studying so hard?

She looked at the practice paper that she had already half completed. After thinking for a while, she suddenly understood.

“ this because you guys don’t know how to answer the questions?”

Shen Xun’s eyelids drooped. “Yes, we are useless trash.”

Tang Xinrou who was forced to be called trash: “...”

Fine, as long as I don’t have to do questions, I don’t mind being trash.

“It’s fine. Taking the 300,000 into consideration, you guys must not go out after school from now on except to go to the toilet. I will tutor you seriously.”

The girl’s face was fair and tender, patting her chest as her eyes sparkled.

She was filled with passion.

Shen Xun: “I’m dead...”

Han Jun: “Me too...”

Tang Xinrou: “I—”

Song Yaoyao turned her head sadly and looked into Tang Xinrou’s eyes pitifully, “Rourou...”

Seeing that she was sobbing and about to cry, Tang Xinrou’s mind was a blur as she quickly wrapped her arms around her and comforted her.

“Okay, okay, okay, I’ll study with you!

“Don’t be sad, Precious~~”

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Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby Chapter 97: Do You Like This Gift?