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Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby
Chapter 96: You Look Like You’re Asking For A Beating

Chapter 96: You Look Like You’re Asking For A Beating

As soon as he finished speaking, Huo Ningxi heard the sound of knuckles cracking.

His head felt numb as he looked at Song Yaoyao.

Song Yaoyao smiled slightly. “Guess what you look like to me.”

Huo Ningxi’s eyelids twitched and he stepped back. With a threatening tone, he said, “Song Yaoyao, don’t you dare— Ahhh!”

The girl’s fist slammed into his face. Blinking, Song Yaoyao said, “I think you look like you’re asking for a beating.”

“F*ck, Song Yaoyao!”

He lifted his hand and looked into Song Yaoyao’s bright and beautiful face. With her chin raised slightly, she looked fearless.

“Go ahead, hit me! When we get back, I’ll tell Gege that you bullied me!”

“I’m the one that’s going to tell Small Uncle that you bullied me!” Huo Ningxi glared at her childishly and lowered his hand.

“Ha~ Gege wouldn’t believe you!”

Song Yaoyao pulled a face at him and looked out the window. “Uncle, stop here, I want to buy something!” she quickly said to the driver.

She hadn’t forgotten about her promise of bringing gifts for Tang Xinrou and the others~

If not for Shen Xun’s help the previous day, she wouldn’t have made so much money!

So, she had to carefully select some gifts!

As he watched her step out of the car and run lightly into the distance, Huo Ningxi wiped his face,

His eyes met with the driver’s through the rearview mirror.

Huo Ningxi’s gaze sharpened. “If you dare say a word—”

“Young Master, I didn’t see a thing,” the driver lowered his head and replied calmly.

That’s about right!

From the moment that Song Jingwan arrived at school, she kept guard over the gates. When she saw Huo Ningxi step out of his car and the car leave without any sign of Song Yaoyao, her heart finally relaxed.


She quickly rushed over, her nose red from the cold and looking pitiful. “Good morning~”

After being angered by Song Yaoyao and seeing the well-behaved Song Jingwan, he felt a lot better. “Good morning. Why are you standing here?

“It’s cold outside.”

He asked curiously.

“I was waiting for you, of course~” Song Jingwan looked down with embarrassment and laughed shyly. Running her hand through her hair, she suddenly said, “Oh, that’s right, where’s Yaoyao?

“Didn’t she come with you today?”


Huo Ningxi gritted his teeth at the mention of her name. “Who knows where she went. She can do whatever she wants!”

Song Jingwan’s lips curved in secret, but when she lifted her head, her eyes were filled with worry. “Oh?

“Isn’t Yaoyao staying at the Huo Manor anymore?

“Where could she possibly go...”

“Of course she’s still there.”

Huo Ningxi glanced at her curiously. “But why isn’t she going home?” Why was she staying at his home anyway? It was so annoying.

Song Jingwan’s expression froze. Clasping onto her bag, she said sadly, “Oh...yes, why isn’t she?

“You see, had an argument with my mom. Because of a few words of scolding, she ran away from home impulsively. When I tried to persuade her to come home, she didn’t listen to me. Oh, that personality of hers. Just the thought of it gives me a headache...”

“I know, right? You also think she has a bad temper?”

Huo Ningxi brushed back his hair and strode inside. In a strange tone, he asked, “She’s nothing like how she appears. Why is she so violent?

“You have no idea what she did this morning...”

He was tall and his strides were big and fast. However, he didn’t notice Song Jingwan’s gaze grow colder and colder behind him.

Huo Ningxi probably didn’t realize either. He had never been a person of many words. But when he spoke about Song Yaoyao, he couldn’t stop.

He was the Young Master of the Huo Family. When had he ever been hit and not had the ability to fight back?

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Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby Chapter 96: You Look Like You’re Asking For A Beating