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Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby
Chapter 95: Miss Song Is Cute And Loveable

Chapter 95: Miss Song Is Cute And Loveable

He asked dumbfoundedly, “Uncle Zhang, what do you think about Song Yaoyao?”

Uncle Zhang: “Are you talking about Miss Song?

“She’s really good. She’s pretty, well-behaved, loveable, and sweet.”

Most importantly, the Master liked her.

However, he had never expressed this directly.

Before he admitted to it himself, they were not going to assume what he was thinking.

Huo Ningxi: “???”

Huo Ningxi felt that the Song Yaoyao he knew was a different person to the one that Uncle Zhang knew.

“Is she well-behaved and loveable?” She was violent, filled with lies, and a hypocrite.

That’s the real Song Yaoyao!

“Yes. Why do you dislike her?

“Look at how cute she is. She is also innocent and kind with good manners.” i𝒏𝒏𝐫𝑒𝐚d. c𝐨𝗺

Huo Ningxi: “Haha.”

He would never believe that!

As he spoke, Uncle Zhang’s eyes lit up and a smile crept onto his face.

“Good morning, Sir.”

“Good morning, Miss Song.”

“Uncle Zhang, good morning~~”

The girl wasn’t wearing her uniform today. Instead, she was wearing an outfit that Jiang Tao had bought for her. It wasn’t one of the big brand names; just a brand that was suited to girls of her age.

A furry white sweater with a plaid skirt, a pantyhose, and small leather shoes.

Holding her pink backpack in her arms, her whole body was full of vigor.

“Oh, morning, morning, morning”—Uncle Zhang nodded—”Do you want breakfast?

“The kitchen made seafood congee, some sandwiches, and fried eggs. What would you like to eat?”

Huo Ningxi rolled his eyes and complained on the inside: f*ck, do I even exist?

Did stupid Song Yaoyao cast black magic on Uncle Zhang as well?!

Only when he boarded the car later did he process what had happened that morning.

His gaze was complicated as he looked at the well-behaved girl sitting on the other side. In all fairness, she wasn’t bad looking like Uncle Zhang had said.

But she was simply not bad!

In Huo Ningxi’s heart, Song Yaoyao had a horrible personality!

She was a little swindler who loved to act.

“Song Yaoyao.”

He hesitated for a moment and didn’t manage to ask what he wanted to.

“What’s wrong?” Song Yaoyao didn’t even lift her head.

“You and my Small Uncle...” He didn’t know what to say. With much difficulty, he asked, “Did you do it?”

“Do what?” Song Yaoyao shook her head speechlessly. “If you want to say something, then make it clear.”

“You know. That!” Huo Ningxi was so frustrated that he wanted to hit someone.

“What’s that?”

Song Yaoyao was also frustrated as she ground her teeth. “If you can’t speak clearly, then don’t speak. At your age, don’t you know how to express yourself properly?

“If you keep annoying me, I’m going to hit you!”

She shook her fist threateningly.


Huo Ningxi gritted his teeth and laughed in anger. “Have you forgotten whose house you’re living in and whose car you’re sitting in?

“Song Yaoyao, I’ve never met such an arrogant person!”

“Well, you’ve seen it now. Are you satisfied?”

Song Yaoyao spread her palms indifferently and grinned.

Her expression was arrogant, smug, and irritating.

Huo Ningxi took a deep breath. He remembered his Small Uncle’s warning and secretly clasped his hands.

He told himself not to be impulsive; impulse was a demon!

Saying one word at a time, he gritted his teeth, “Satisfied!

“I can’t be more satisfied!”

Song Yaoyao smiled slightly. “That’s good~”

As soon as she said this, she suddenly felt a little curious. “So what did you think me and your Small Uncle did?”

Huo Ningxi’s gaze was complicated as he stared at Song Yaoyao in detail for a couple of seconds.

All of a sudden, he laughed. “Song Yaoyao, why didn’t I notice that you’re actually a fool?”

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Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby Chapter 95: Miss Song Is Cute And Loveable