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Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby
Chapter 94: I Suspect Someone Cast Black Magic On My Small Uncle

Chapter 94: I Suspect Someone Cast Black Magic On My Small Uncle

Translator: Yunyi

The girl huddled up in the gray quilt. Her small face was white and dazzling, but with each crack of thunder, her brows furrowed into a lump.

After a long time...

Huo Yunque flipped another page, and next to him, he sensed some movement.

She was rustling around but she thought he didn’t notice.

A small hand was quietly holding onto the corner of his shirt.

“Gege, good night...”

Huo Yunque lowered his eyes. An arc of light on his lower eyelid masked the dullness under his eyes.

Good night.

As time passed, the breaths behind him started to stabilize.

Huo Yunque knitted his brows, closed his book, and looked sideways. The girl was lying on the bed that belonged to him, sleeping soundly, but her hand was still clasping onto his shirt and she refused to let go.

As soon as he moved, she immediately grumbled and held onto him tighter.

“Little Liar.”

His lips curved upwards slightly. The man’s cold voice was extra alluring on a rainy night.


The girl suddenly rubbed his hand, buried her head into his palm, and fell asleep.

She seemed to be talking in her sleep.


The next day, the sky was even gloomier.

With his jacket hanging around his elbows, Huo Ningxi played a game while he walked down from the other end of the corridor.


A door opened.

A girl in pink and white pajamas and a pair of extra-large slippers walked out of the door.

The two of them looked at each other.

A few seconds later.

“F*ck!! !”

“Song Yaoyao!


“Give me a clear reason why you’re coming out of my Small Uncle’s room!”

Huo Ningxi turned off his game. He opened his eyes wide, unable to process the scene he had witnessed.

Why was Song Yaoyao coming out of his Small Uncle’s room?

Had they progressed that quickly?

Song Yaoyao rolled her eyes. After a good night’s sleep, her cheeks were rosy without any trace of the paleness from the previous night.

Her lips parted and she spat out one word: “Idiot—”

Wearing the slippers, she slowly headed back to her own room.

Huo Ningxi followed behind her, keeping at her pace. “Song Yaoyao, did you seduce my Small Uncle?

“Wow! At your age, you sure have your methods!

“Let me warn you, don’t hurt my Small Uncle. He will never compromise for a woman...”


Song Yaoyao pouted her lips and looked at the man who had just walked out of his room in a fresh set of clothes. Stretching out her hands, she said, “The slippers are too big. I can’t walk properly...”

The man glanced at the slippers that were 1.5 times the size of her feet and furrowed his brows. “How troublesome.”

He strode over, lifted her in his arms, and carried her back to her bedroom.

In his eyes, Huo Ningxi did not exist.

Huo Ningxi: “???”

He stood frozen in place for two seconds before he suddenly rushed downstairs.

“Uncle Zhang!

“Uncle Zhang!”

Uncle Zhang, who was in the garden instructing some people to sweep up the fallen leaves, heard the noise and thought something big had happened. Turning his legs sharply, he ran back into the manor and saw the anxious Huo Ningxi. “Young Master, what’s the matter?” he asked.

Huo Ningxi glanced upstairs, grabbed onto Uncle Zhang, and asked, “Uncle Zhang, do you have the contact details of the Fengshui master that our family is familiar with?

“I need to speak to him!”

“Huh?” Uncle Zhang was dumbfounded. “What’s wrong, Young Master?

“You’re in such a panic. Why don’t you sit down and eat first.”

“Oh! There’s a huge problem!”

Huo Ningxi couldn’t calm down. He patted his head and said quietly, “I suspect Song Yaoyao cast black magic on my Small Uncle!”


Uncle Zhang was confused. “Young Master, did you have a nightmare and not sleep well?”

As he heard this, Huo Ningxi almost died from anger.i𝓷𝚗𝓻𝒆𝓪𝒅. co𝘮

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Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby Chapter 94: I Suspect Someone Cast Black Magic On My Small Uncle