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Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby
Chapter 93: Can You Keep Me Company?

Chapter 93: Can You Keep Me Company?

Translator: Yunyi

The girl’s voice trembled, yet she pretended as though she wasn’t afraid of anything.

The man’s throat moved a little and he held back his smile.

Curving his lips, he nodded. “Yes, I do need it.”

Song Yaoyao’s eyes lit up as if she was suddenly relieved. Tugging on his shirt, she said cutely, “I knew you would need it!

“Things like thunder are too scary...”

She scrunched up her nose as her lips turned pale.

She looked pitiful and cute. 𝓲𝓃𝐧𝓇𝗲𝒂d. 𝑐𝐨m

Huo Yunque’s eyelids lowered and he glanced at her bare feet. Her toes were round, fair, and tender, but because of the cold floor, they were curled up.

He frowned. “Go back and wear your slippers.”

As soon as he spoke, another crack of thunder sounded.


Song Yaoyao almost cried in fear. She shook her head frantically as she held onto the man’s arm with both hands. “No!”

She sobbed as though she would burst into tears if Huo Yunque continued to force her.


So delicate.

Huo Yunque shook his head. Suddenly, he leaned over, pulled her into his arms, and lifted her up.

Like a child, she sat in his arms. She was wearing a set of pink velvet pajamas, her lotus leaf collar was rounded with lace, her black hair reached her waist, and her small palm-sized face was delicate and bright. If she wasn’t hugging the man’s neck in fear, people would probably think she was a life-sized doll.


“If you make another request, I will send you home.”

Huo Yunque took big strides forward. His room was on the other side of the corridor. Because he enjoyed the silence, the entire place was filled with his own private spaces.

The man’s bedroom was big and empty.

It used gray and white tones with dark solid wood furnishings.

There were practically no digital devices in the room; just a few foreign-language books on the headboard. It appeared plain and simple.

The man bent over and placed Song Yaoyao on the bed. “Sleep.” His voice was low and raspy.

Song Yaoyao loosened her grip around his neck. Her big, dark eyes focused on him and she opened her mouth sweetly, “Gege, are you not sleeping?”

Her dark pupils sparkled like stars.

Huo Yunque leaned over slightly, his expression did not change. As usual, he was calm and unfazed.

He slowly stretched out his hand, curled his finger, and gave her a flick on the forehead.

“Ow!” Song Yaoyao yelped as she covered her forehead.

Huo Yunque took this opportunity to stand up. He looked at her condescendingly and held back a smile.

“At your age, why do you have so many messy thoughts?

“Hurry and sleep.”

He pulled off his bathrobe and threw it onto the black sofa on the side.

He then picked a book casually and turned around.

Unsurprisingly, she held him back by the corner of his shirt.

The girl’s eyes were red. “Gege, can you stay here and keep me company?”

Huo Yunque laughed. He flipped open his book and asked, “Weren’t you the one that was supposed to accompany me?”


Song Yaoyao was speechless. She gradually blushed and her eyes sparkled.

“That’s enough. Sleep.”

He sat on the edge of the bed and pulled up the quilt with one hand, wrapping her like a cocoon.

“Then, you—”


Huo Yunque raised an eyebrow as he placed his long slender finger on her lips. “Either sleep now or go back to your room to sleep. Understood?”

His tone was serious and his gaze was profound.

Song Yaoyao could tell that he wasn’t joking. She immediately huddled under the quilt, revealing only her almond eyes. She then glanced at him secretly before she quickly closed them.

Her soft voice was careful. “I’m asleep!”


Huo Yunque curved his lips and shook his head quietly.

Outside, it was pouring rain as flashes of lightning mixed with the sound of thunder.

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Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby Chapter 93: Can You Keep Me Company?