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Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby
Chapter 28: Classmate, You’re So Fierce

Chapter 28: Classmate, You’re So Fierce

Translator: Yunyi

The classroom erupted in laughter.

Xu Yue’s eyes were red from anger and embarrassment.

“Song Yaoyao, what do you mean by that? Who’s the mistress? Explain yourself!”

She rushed over and grabbed onto Song Yaoyao’s wrist to question her.


Song Yaoyao was curious as she glanced over with her dark eyes. “We all know the truth. There’s no need to criticize your mother in public. She gave birth to you, after all. A person should know how to be grateful.”

She smiled sweetly as two dimples appeared on her cheeks.

“Song Yaoyao, you b*tch! I’m going to kill you!” Xu Yue’s eyes turned red as she swung her hand angrily toward Song Yaoyao.


Song Yaoyao caught her hand easily, lowered her gaze, and threw a slap back at her.

“Since your mouth is so dirty, I don’t mind washing it out for you.” Song Yaoyao’s red lips curved upwards as she gripped onto Xu Yue’s wrist. It looked as though she was holding on casually, but Xu Yue’s face was actually turning pale as she yelped in pain.

“Since you didn’t hear me properly, let me repeat myself,” her fair finger appeared in front of Xu Yue’s eye and she laughed innocently, “Your mother is a mistress, and you think like a mistress. Why are you glaring at me? You can’t accept it?”

Xu Yue tried to claw at Song Yaoyao’s hand. Sweat was trickling down her forehead and her bones felt like they were about to be crushed under Song Yaoyao’s grip.

But Song Yaoyao’s expression remained composed the entire time. Xu Yue’s eyes became watery and she said between gritted teeth, “Song. Yao. Yao! You just wait!”

Only one of us will be left standing!

“Wow, I’m so scared!”

Song Yaoyao released her hand with a smirk. Not expecting it, Xu Yue fell on the ground with a thump.

She blew on her delicate hand and pouted her lips innocently. “What’s wrong? You’re quite the actress. Am I that strong?”

Everyone looked at Xu Yue and saw her holding her wrist, trembling in pain. As she cried, she used every single curse word she could think of to yell at Song Yaoyao. But everyone was surprised.

Song Yaoyao was so delicate and petite, how could a little squeeze cause her to cry in pain? Wasn’t she overacting?

While they were watching the show...

A boy that was resting on his desk finally lifted his head. His eyes were sleepy, but there was hostility in his gaze.

He grabbed his hair, squeezed out a curse word between his lips, and kicked the desk in front of him. The desk fell with a loud bang.

Everyone in the classroom received a fright. But just as they were about to lose their temper, they realized who was sitting at the desk and they immediately fell silent, too afraid to make a sound.

“F*ck...” His eyes were gloomy. “Did someone die at home? Why are you crying at school?”

Xu Yue’s shoulders shook, and she quickly held back her tears in fear. She raised her eyes, looked at the hostile boy with tough facial features in the back row, and said unhappily, “Brother Xun! Song Yaoyao was the one that was picking a fight!”

“Pfff—” Song Yaoyao burst into laughter.

Shen Xun frowned and his eyes fell on Song Yaoyao; his expression was not good. Song Yaoyao looked back slowly. His face was fierce and cold, but she smiled back at him sweetly, “Classmate, you’re so fierce.”

As soon as she spoke, everyone immediately felt the atmosphere grow even tenser.

Xu Yue took advantage of the situation, “See, Brother Xun? She’s even provoking you. If she can pick on her classmates, what won’t she do?”

The entire school knew that Class 3-3 was the worst class to teach because it was filled with the worst students.

Moreover, amongst these students, the bully of the school, Shen Xun, was the worst person to provoke.

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Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby Chapter 28: Classmate, You’re So Fierce