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Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby
Chapter 1192 Bonus : Song Wenchuan

[WARNING: This chapter contains graphic/violent content.]

When he learned of Zhou Manli's death, Song Wenchuan thought that he would be very sad, but in fact, it was more of a relief.

He thought that he had probably inherited the coldness from Zhou Manli and Song Rui in his bones.

Zhou Manli died the day before Song Rui was released from prison. Five years in prison had made the once almighty company's boss look very old. He was wearing the same clothes as when he was in prison, and he was holding a small bag in his hand as he staggered out of the iron gates.

The prison guard stood at the door and said to every prisoner who was released from prison, "Don't come back. From now on, be a good person."

Be a good person...

When the blood splashed onto song Wenchuan's body, he was still slowly chewing on the meaning of these four words.

Because, in the next second, a large truck lost control and rushed over, crushing Song Rui, who could not dodge in time, into a meat paste.

The prison guards stood rooted to the ground. The other prisoners who had not come out in time still had lingering fear in their hearts.

They had almost lost their lives...

Their gazes had just landed on the meat paste under the wheels of the truck when they quickly moved away in fear, thinking, what bad luck...

Then, they looked at the young man who was standing at the side, blood splattered all over his body.

Their hearts were filled with sympathy.

Was this the son of the deceased who was here to pick him up? It was not easy for him to wait for his father's release. How devastated must he be?

Song Wenchuan was at a loss.

He even suspected that this was a prank by the heavens. In just two short days, he had lost his parents one after another.

His hands and feet were cold. It was only when the police and the forensic doctor arrived that he finally regained his senses. He staggered and sat on the ground. He stared blankly at the spot where the van had been moved. The forensic doctor had already picked up the pieces of flesh there.

However, he could no longer piece them back together.

Song Wenchuan pursed his lips. His vision went black and he fainted.

When he woke up, he saw Song Yaoyao sitting beside the bed. Song Weiwei was also beside her, peeling an apple. When she saw him wake up, her eyes turned red.

"Brother, you scared me to death!"

Song Yaoyao raised her hand, wanting to test the temperature on his forehead.


Song Wenchuan suddenly reached out and held her hand tightly. Blood seeped out of his dry lips, and his eyes were bloodshot. "Did you do it?"

Then, at a speed visible to the naked eye, he saw Song Yaoyao's expression quickly darken, and a hint of mockery flashed across her eyes.

"Is that what you think?"


Song Wenchuan instantly came to his senses. He knew that he had said the wrong thing. He opened his mouth, but he choked. "I-I'm's just that I don't have..." He didn't have parents anymore.

No matter how bad they were, no matter how cold they were, they were not bad to him.

Song Yaoyao did not ease up because of his expression. She just looked at him calmly and said indifferently, "From the beginning to the end, I never took them seriously. Instead of suspecting that it was murder, why don't you think about it? What if... this was retribution?"


Song Wenchuan fell back into bed in a sorry state. He pursed his lips. At this moment, he looked particularly fragile, like porcelain that would shatter at the touch.

"I'm sorry, I'm really sorry..."

"I don't blame you."

Seeing him like this, Song Yaoyao let out a breath of turbid air and said seriously, "This is the last chance I'm giving you. If you doubt me again, I'll never forgive you again!"

Song Wenchuan fixed his gaze on her, knowing that she was serious.

"I know what they mean to you. They may have wronged everyone in the world, but they haven't wronged you. So you feel sorry for them. There's nothing to be ashamed of, and I won't look down on you because of that." Song Yaoyao looked at him calmly. She smiled and added, "But I won't feel sorry for them."

She pulled the blanket for Song Wenchuan. "Have a good rest. I'll be leaving first."

Song Wenchuan's gaze followed her back. The door opened and closed. He noticed that the man who silently waited outside the door for Song Yaoyao treated her like a treasure as always.

She had finally come to the end of her suffering.

Song Wenchuan closed his eyes and smiled. A tear fell from the corner of his eye and quickly sank into the pillow, leaving no trace.

That night, Song Wenchuan had a very scary dream. Candles, talismans, strange idols...

He thought that the retribution that Yaoyao said was probably true.

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Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby Chapter 1192 Bonus : Song Wenchuan