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Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby
Chapter 118: I Hope You Consider It Seriously

Chapter 118: I Hope You Consider It Seriously

She heard her parents had gone to the Huo Manor to pick up Song Yaoyao, but why didn’t they come back with her?

And what happened at the Huo Manor to make the couple so quiet? Even when she pestered them and whined cutely, she didn’t get anything from them.

Song Jingwan liked being in control. Only then did she feel safe.

Ever since the previous day, this situation, where she didn’t know anything and she couldn’t figure out what was happening, caused her to be in a low mood.

“You’re drinking milk tea so early in the morning? Aren’t you afraid of getting fat?”

Song Jingwan scoffed quietly. For the sake of being selected, she had started cutting down on her meals and didn’t even eat breakfast.

So for her, Song Yaoyao could drink as much as she wanted; the best outcome would be for her to gain ten to twenty pounds.

No matter how much Director Kang liked her, he had to consider how she’d appear on the camera.

She curled her lips and felt much better. At that moment, she spotted a figure in the distance and immediately ran toward the school.

“What do you want to drink? Red bean? Or chocolate? Girls usually like chocolate, right?”

“No need. I’m full, thank you.”

Song Yaoyao put down her bag and placed her hands on her knees in a well-behaved manner.

“If you’re trying to convince me to be an actress again, then forget about it, I’m not interested.”

She didn’t like to please others or fawn up to them.

“Ehhh...are you really not considering it? You really suit the role I’m looking to fill,” he sighed as he rubbed his face. Although he knew that according to this girl’s personality, she wasn’t likely to agree to his request, Kang Yuan still wanted to try.

So, as expected...

“I’m sorry, I simply want to focus on experiencing school life. I don’t want to do anything else.”

Song Yaoyao felt slightly apologetic, especially since the man looked so pitiful.

“I hope you find a suitable actress soon. To be honest, I don’t know how to act, nor have I learned acting. If you see it, you will be really disappointed.”

She hoped that these words would make the man feel a little better.

Kang Yuan revealed a bitter smile, “Child, you sure know how to think for others. But it’s fine, if you don’t like it, I won’t force you.”

He stood up and walked over to the counter. The milk tea he ordered was ready. It was nice and hot and perfect for the weather.

“Here, drink this in class, the weather is cold.”

Song Yaoyao’s hand curled and she slowly accepted the drink.

“Thank you.”

She buried her head in her scarf, making her face appear as small as a palm.

“Don’t thank me. I insist on what I said earlier: if you suddenly feel interested, you can contact me. Your call is always welcome!”

Kang Yuan waved his phone as his forehead creased. He looked fierce, but Song Yaoyao didn’t think he was that scary.

Her eyes curved and she smiled at Kang Yuan.

“Okay! I will consider it seriously!” seemed, when she returned to the classroom, she would have to research this fierce-looking, but actually very warm, director seriously.

He appeared really impressive.

She held onto her milk tea and entered the classroom. The cold weather made the tip of her nose red.

Song Yaoyao stomped her feet and walked over to her seat.

“Good morning, Precious! What are you holding?” Tang Xinrou looked at her curiously and was shocked. “F*ck, you’re drinking something with high calories so early in the morning. Aren’t you afraid of getting fat?”

Song Yaoyao looked at her cup of cocoa milk tea. “This? Do you want to drink it?”

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Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby Chapter 118: I Hope You Consider It Seriously