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Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby
Chapter 117: Strange And Without A Brain

Chapter 117: Strange And Without A Brain

“Oh, Miss Song, good morning!”

As soon as Song Yaoyao stepped out of her car, she was suddenly stopped by a familiar voice.

She scratched her head and looked around in confusion.

“I’m here.”

The weather was growing colder and colder, especially in the north.

Wearing a hat and dressed like an elder, the man rubbed his hands, stood up, and started running toward her.

“Hey! Who are you?”

Huo Ningxi narrowed his eyes, grabbed onto Song Yaoyao’s arm, and pulled her to his side. “Is your brain lacking oxygen?” he complained. “Who told you to reply? Be careful not get abducted and sold to the mountains as a wife.”

Song Yaoyao was caught by surprise. Stumbling a little, she opened her eyes wide and refuted, “Your brain is lacking oxygen! Look at you, you can’t even beat a girl!” 𝗶n𝐧𝘳ea𝙙. 𝘤𝑜𝚖


Huo Ningxi ground his teeth. “All you do is blabber all day. Don’t you know how to be quiet?”

“Let me go.”

Song Yaoyao pulled her arm away, looked at the man that was walking toward her with a bag, and tilted her head.

Why did he look a little familiar?

Just as she thought this, the man lifted his hat and revealed a face that looked quite serious when he didn’t smile.

“Eh? Aren’t you the director from yesterday?”

“Yes, it’s me!”

Kang Yuan laughed as he tried to act friendly. But for a man that was normally serious, laughing actually felt more strange.

Fortunately, he was talking to Song Yaoyao, who reacted well under pressure.

Due to a bad heart in her previous life, she had learned to be strong; if she wanted to live a long life, she had to have a healthy mentality.

“Why are you looking for me?” Song Yaoyao asked.

“Have you had breakfast? Why don’t I treat you? It’s cold outside. Let’s sit and chat.”

Huo Ningxi was standing on the side and saw Kang Yuan’s face clearly. The previous day, he had been so immersed in his game, he didn’t even notice Kang Yuan, but he did hear that he had visited the school.

However, it was strange that these two knew each other.

They seemed like they were from completely different worlds.

“I’ve already had breakfast.” Song Yaoyao scrunched up her nose. But then she saw that Kang Yuan was quite cold and even his eyelashes were dewy. “Oh, okay, where do you want to eat?”

“Let’s go to the milk tea store up ahead, I’ll buy you milk tea.”

Kang Yuan rubbed his hands and led the way.

He felt the girl was quite kind and straightforward. Perhaps, he had been in the messy entertainment circle for too long, so personalities like this really appealed to him.

However, a personality like this wasn’t very suitable for the entertainment circle either.

Straightforward people were easily bullied.


Huo Ningxi was speechless. “Are you leaving like that?”

“What else did you expect?” Song Yaoyao asked curiously. “Are you scared? Do you want me to walk you to school?”


Huo Ningxi lifted his legs and headed for the school gates. “Only a crazy person would waste their time talking to you!” You deserve to be sold to the mountains so you can stop seducing my Small Uncle.

Song Yaoyao blinked and exchanged glances with Kang Yuan.

“Why is he insulting himself. So strange...”


Kang Yuan couldn’t help but laugh. He shook his head, looked at the girl’s dopey expression, and replied, “He’s actually worried about you.”

“Worried about me?” Song Yaoyao laughed. “You must be mistaken.”

Huo Ningxi wanted her dead so she could leave his Small Uncle alone. Why would he be worried about her?

So strange.

As Song Yaoyao followed Kang Yuan into the milk tea store, Song Jingwan stepped out of her car.

“Song Yaoyao?” She narrowed her eyes.

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Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby Chapter 117: Strange And Without A Brain