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Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby
Chapter 116: I Like You, So Everything You Say Is Right

Chapter 116: I Like You, So Everything You Say Is Right

Translator: Yunyi

“It was a rabbit!” Huo Ningxi continued to argue with her. This little monster.

“Fine! I’ll ask Huo Qi to slice two pieces of ‘rabbit’ meat for you to braise and eat!”


Song Yaoyao said these words in an extremely calm manner, yet her appearance was beautiful and her voice was sweet.

As soon as she finished speaking, an image appeared in Huo Ningxi’s mind, his stomach turned, and he dry-retched.

“Eek...” Song Yaoyao furrowed her brows in disgust. “Huo Ningxi, you’re so disgusting.”

As her voice fell, someone squeezed the back of her neck.

“Eh? Gege?”

Song Yaoyao jumped and grabbed her neck like a kitten that was being held by the scruff of its neck.

The man’s eyes were dull. “A child shouldn’t have such violent thoughts.”

He patted her on the head and instructed calmly, “Uncle Zhang, since Ningxi wants to eat it, then get the kitchen to prepare braised rabbit meat for him.”


Huo Ningxi felt like vomiting even more. He wanted to cry but he couldn’t. “Small Uncle!”

Are you really my uncle?

Not only did he not want to eat rabbit meat, but he didn’t even want to eat dinner now.

No, to be exact, he didn’t want to eat the next day either!

Huo Yunque looked like he was smiling at him. “Go ahead.”

Uncle Zhang nodded. “Okay.”

He turned around and walked out while Huo Ningxi opened his mouth speechlessly. He stretched out his hand and wanted to hold back Uncle Zhang.

He didn’t want to eat. He really didn’t want to!

As she listened to Huo Yunque, Song Yaoyao began to second guess herself. “Could I have guessed wrong?”

But there was so much blood; even the water was stained red. How could a rabbit produce so much blood?

“Yes, you guessed wrong.”

Huo Yunque turned around. “A child should aim for improvement. Don’t waste your time on useless thoughts.”

“Fine! If you say it was a rabbit, then it was a rabbit!”

Song Yaoyao shoved her hands in her pockets and pouted her lips unhappily.

Who told me to like you. Everything you say is right, okay?

Huo Ningxi: “???”

He ground his teeth. “Song Yaoyao, why didn’t you believe me when I said it was a rabbit?”

The different treatment was so obvious.

Song Yaoyao rolled her eyes. “That’s because you’re not as handsome as Gege~”

Must he ask something so obvious?


Huo Ningxi: “Song Yaoyao!”

“I’m not deaf.” Song Yaoyao rolled her eyes, picked up her backpack, and decided to return to her room.

“But you’re blind!”

Upstairs, Huo Yunque’s footsteps paused. All of a sudden, he commanded calmly, “Huo Ningxi, come to my study room.”

Song Yaoyao smiled.


As he looked at her coquettish face and her smug eyes, Huo Ningxi gritted his teeth. “You just wait!”

I will not let you go until you die! You little swindler!


Song Yaoyao pulled a face at him and chased after Huo Yunque with her backpack.

“Gege, take your time chatting~ I will go back to my room and study my textbook~ See you later, muah!”

Song Yaoyao walked past Huo Yunque and blew him a kiss.

Without any change in his expression, the man nodded.


As Huo Ningxi approached, he couldn’t understand his Small Uncle. Maybe he liked Song Yaoyao. But, then again, he wasn’t very affectionate toward her. However, he didn’t dislike her either. Otherwise, why would he be so forgiving toward her?

It wasn’t like he couldn’t tell that Song Yaoyao loved acting.

Her motives were clear!

“Small Uncle, did you call me here for something?” Huo Ningxi was confused. Although he treated his Small Uncle as his idol, they rarely interacted.

“Yes”—the man raised an eyebrow and left without looking back—”but it’s nothing now.”

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Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby Chapter 116: I Like You, So Everything You Say Is Right