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Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby
Chapter 115: Braised Rabbit Meat

Chapter 115: Braised Rabbit Meat

But even though she was fast, the Huos were faster.

The floor was spotless; only the bucket beside them had a bit of red.

“Huh? What are you guys mopping? Is that blood on the floor?”

Uncle Zhang glanced over indifferently; his expression was loving. “Yes, it’s blood. Huo Qi caught a wild rabbit from somewhere and said it was for dinner tonight.”

Dinner? Wild rabbit?

Song Rui’s lips twitched. He took a deep breath and said, “We shall leave first, Mr. Huo. Bye.”

“Watch your step.”

Seeing that Huo Yunque’s expression did not change at all, Song Yaoyao pouted her lips. “How does a rabbit have this much blood? Uncle Zhang, are you trying to fool a child? I bet Huo Qi dragged in a person.”


Cough cough cough—

Her voice was soft and her expression was as calm as calm could be, but her words made Uncle Zhang choke and cough.

His eyelids twitched and he forced a smile, “How could that be? You sure know how to joke, Miss Song!”

Huo Ningxi rolled his eyes. Look, didn’t he say that Song Yaoyao was a little monster?

Stuff like this couldn’t frighten her at all.

Song Rui and Zhou Manli, on the other hand, were probably frightened to death.

He showed the two people to the door. “Uncle, Auntie, watch your step and be careful.”

Song Rui nodded his head as he boarded the car with Zhou Manli. Only when the car left the maze-like manor, did they seem alive again and their breaths stabilized.

“Wh-who were those people! I don’t want to come here ever again!” Zhou Manli patted her chest in fear.

At their position, it was impossible to say that their methods were completely clean. But who had actually witnessed a bloody scene right in front of them?

Especially not someone like Zhou Manli who spent most of her days doing facials, playing mahjong, and flying around.

Song Rui pursed his lips and did not say anything. Just thinking about the scene from earlier made his heart race.

Back at the Huo Manor. Song Yaoyao tugged on Huo Yunque’s sleeve. “Gege, am I right? If Mr. and Mrs. Song was afraid of a mere dead rabbit, then they’re really too weak...”

Huo Yunque glanced down, looked into the girl’s clear eyes, and sighed.

Covering her face, he said indifferently, “Children should stop being nosy.”


Song Yaoyao stomped her feet in anger. She pulled the man’s hand away and gritted her teeth. “I’m not a child anymore! I’m an adult!”


Huo Yunque pulled back his hand and held back a smile as he glanced at her sideways.

“In my eyes, you are a child.” He patted her head and said in a cool and lazy tone, “So, be good.”

He was cool, yet he sounded like he was teasing her.

Song Yaoyao immediately fell quiet. She scrunched up her nose. “Fine!”

Since you’re so handsome, you can have your way!

When Huo Ningxi entered and saw their interaction, he paused for a moment.

Pretending not to see anything, he shoved his hands in his pockets, walked in and said casually, “Uncle Zhang, let’s eat braised rabbit meat tonight.”

Uncle Zhang nodded his head with a smile. “Yes, I’ll instruct the kitchen to make it.”

Song Yaoyao turned around and looked at Huo Ningxi as though she was staring at a fool.

“Do you mean braised human meat?”

Huo Ningxi stumbled and almost fell on the ground.

He was speechless. “Song Yaoyao, don’t you think your words are disgusting?”

Song Yaoyao grabbed onto Huo Yunque’s finger and humphed. “You’re the disgusting one. Weren’t you the one that mentioned braising first?”

“I said braised rabbit meat!”

“But that was clearly a human earlier!” Song Yaoyao insisted.

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Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby Chapter 115: Braised Rabbit Meat