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Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby
Chapter 113: I Can Protect This Child!

Chapter 113: I Can Protect This Child!

Translator: Yunyi

Huo Ningxi did not look pleased, but Song Yaoyao’s words really got him thinking.

Song Rui held his head and started to question whether he made the right decision to come here.

Song Yaoyao’s really brave enough to say anything and do anything.

The average person was already scared half to death just by getting close to Huo Yunque, yet she was hanging to his body like a koala.

Zhou Manli’s thoughts were immediately exposed. Opening her mouth slightly, she warned, “What are you talking about?”

“Hmph! Let’s all hope that my guess is wrong!”

Song Yaoyao’s voice was soft, but she was very domineering.

“Gege is mine. If anyone tries to steal him from me, I will kill them!”

She did not hide her hostility at all. Song Rui quickly glanced at Huo Yunque, afraid that he would dislike her personality, and immediately tried to defend her. “Mr. Huo, don’t mind her. She’s just a child that’s speaking impulsively...”

“I’m being serious.”

Song Yaoyao slowly turned her head. Her dark eyes were watery, and as she opened her mouth, the words she spat out were particularly serious.

A sense of hostility flashed across her beautiful eyes.

But her emotions changed as quickly as they came. By the time Song Rui looked back at her, she looked weak and pitiful again.

His heart raced; something didn’t feel right.

It would be a surprise of this man liked his daughter when she was acting like this!

She was so gloomy all the time like the world owed her.

“You’re a girl. What are you thinking? Mr. Huo, I think you should just let her come home with me. If we don’t put her straight now, she’s going to cause trouble later!”

“It’s fine.” 𝚒𝐧𝐧re𝚊𝙙. 𝙘o𝓶

Huo Yunque patted on Song Yaoyao’s shoulder, gesturing for her to sit down, and smiled lightly. “I don’t mind.”

But I do!

Zhou Manli almost ground her teeth into powder while Huo Yunque looked completely unfazed.

Song Rui felt as though Zhou Manli was testing her limits and she was on the verge of death. Did she forget who she was talking to? Was she blind?

“I’m glad that you don’t mind. She’s a child, after all. They are just impulsive words.”

“It’s no issue.” Huo Yunque patted his sleeves and lowered his eyes. “I can protect this child. As long as she’s happy.”

These words stirred up waves in Song Rui’s heart.

From the looks of it, even if Song Yaoyao killed someone, he was willing to protect her to the end.

That meant...

“Mr. Huo!”

A voice suddenly broke the silence. Huo Qi, who hadn’t been seen for a while, strode into the living room. Behind him, were two skinny youths.

“This old fool tried to run away, but I caught him. What do you want us to do with him? If I remember correctly, your garden seems to be in need of fertilizer. Why don’t we...?” As Huo Qi spoke, he suddenly paused. “Do you have guests? Oh, Miss Song is here too.”

Huo Qi had been sent on a mission and had just returned today.

The tense atmosphere was immediately shattered as Song Rui and Zhou Manli looked at Huo Qi.

When they saw what he was dragging in his hands, Zhou Manli covered her mouth and dry-retched. Her pupils dilated, her eyes rolled to the back of her head, and she almost fainted.

“Auntie Song!”

Song Rui quickly held onto her. His face was also pale.

It was a man whose face was barely recognizable, and he was being dragged like an animal, leaving a path of fresh blood behind him.

The youth that was dragging him was even smiling, even though his appearance was handsome and he was dressed neatly.

The contrast made one’s hairs stand on end.

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Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby Chapter 113: I Can Protect This Child!