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Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby
Chapter 112: Good Child

Chapter 112: Good Child

She frantically nodded her head. “Yes...Mr. Huo makes sense.”

But wasn’t she slapping herself in the face by agreeing?

Song Yaoyao curved her lips and gave Huo Yunque a thumbs up in her heart.

Gege is amazing!

I love Gege today as well~

Huo Ningxi sensed that the atmosphere wasn’t right. He looked at Huo Yunque, then looked at the Song couple. He licked his lips and tried to pacify the situation. “Since she’s not willing to go back, let’s just leave it for today. You can try to persuade her next time.”

There was no point continuing like this. Even though he was slow, he could tell that his Small Uncle was not letting Song Yaoyao go.

Anyway, why did it matter if Song Yaoyao persisted? They could just kick her out later.

Song Rui nodded, immediately stood up, and started walking down the stairs. “Yes, since that’s the case, I hope Mr. Huo can continue to care for Song Yaoyao for a few more days.”

Huo Yunque’s lips curved upwards, but he held back his smile.

“It’s fine, she’s a good child.”

Song Rui thought about these words. He wasn’t sure if Huo Yunque was simply praising Song Yaoyao or if there was another underlying meaning.

For example, was he trying to say that they were bad parents for kicking out such a good child?

Just a simple sentence was enough to trigger endless questions, causing one’s heart to become more and more unsettled.

When Zhou Manli realized there was a next time, it really made her uncomfortable. Her head felt numb as she faced the pressure from Huo Yunque and suddenly said, “Mr. Huo, don’t you think it’s inappropriate for Yaoyao to be with you? I remember that Yaoyao and Huo Ningxi have a marriage agr—”

“We have no relation!”

Before Huo Yunque got to say anything, Huo Ningxi quickly clarified the situation.

“What do you mean? Don’t you have a marriage agreement?” Zhou Manli furrowed her brows and looked at Huo Ningxi.

“That was just a verbal agreement. I’m not familiar with Song Yaoyao. In this day and age, are there still arranged marriages? My Small Uncle already agreed to break the agreement. Since you’re both here today, you can be witnesses. From today onwards, Song Yaoyao and I are just schoolmates. That’s all.”

Song Rui remained quiet. He had no objections.

After all, there was a better choice, right?

Zhou Manli broke out of character and said fiercely, “This agreement was made a long time ago, how can you go back on your words at the last minute? What’s so bad about our Yaoyao? Ningxi you’ve gone too far. Why didn’t I notice that you’re like this before?”

Huo Ningxi was dumbfounded by the scolding.

He wasn’t an idiot. He had noticed in the past that Zhou Manli was trying to pair him up with Song Jingwan.

But what was happening now???

“Song Yaoyao agreed to this too. You can ask her!” Huo Ningxi did not have a good personality to begin with. When he heard Zhou Manli’s complaints, he found it ridiculous and immediately threw Song Yaoyao under the bus.

“It doesn’t matter if she agrees. I don’t agree!” Zhou Manli said fiercely.

“That’s about enough. Let the kids make their own decisions...” Song Rui pulled her back, gesturing for her to stop.

Zhou Manli pressed her lips together, scanned her eyes across Huo Ningxi’s cold face, and calmed down.

“Everyone in our social circle knows about this. If you break the agreement like this, what will happen to our Yaoyao’s reputation?”

Song Yaoyao lay in Huo Yunque’s embrace and said unhappily, “You can’t even control me, how can you control my marriage? Go home and control Song Jingwan instead!”


Song Yaoyao impatiently cut in. “Don’t assume that I don’t know what you’re thinking. Don’t tell me that you think my Gege is handsome and richer than Huo Ningxi, so you’re giving up on Huo Ningxi and pairing Song Jingwan with my Gege instead!” she scoffed.

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Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby Chapter 112: Good Child