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Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby
Chapter 110: I’ll Just Marry You

Chapter 110: I’ll Just Marry You


Song Yaoyao pouted her lips and tugged on his sleeve aggrievedly. “They don’t like me. Mrs. Song even told me to never return. She said she’d pretend I’m dead and that she never gave birth to me...”

“Nonsense!”—Zhou Manli immediately stood up—”When did I say that?”

Good job, Song Yaoyao. You actually ratted me out.

Song Rui frowned and grabbed onto Zhou Manli.

In a kind and doting tone, he said, “Your mother was indeed wrong this time. I’ll get her to apologize to you, okay?”

He didn’t mind that Song Yaoyao called Zhou Manli Mrs. Song instead of Mom.

Song Yaoyao hid beside Huo Yunque and scoffed quietly, “I don’t care much for that.”

Who cared about her apology? It was worth nothing.

The girl snuggled beside him, like a little cat who was afraid of being abandoned.

“Gege, don’t send me away~” the girl looked at him pitifully with tears in her eyes. “I don’t eat much! Just a little little bit...”

She placed two fingers together and left a small gap, looking extremely pitiful.


Huo Ningxi rolled his eyes and sneered on the inside.

So what if you only eat a little bit? Did you know that the ingredients are shipped in fresh every morning from all across the country?

Besides, you eat the most out of all of us!

You pig!

Little Swindler!

“This child is acting recklessly again.” Song Rui shook his head and pointed at Song Yaoyao in amusement like a doting father

Zhou Manli’s eyes sparkled and her tone warmed up. “You’re still young. If you live outside, people will talk.”

“What will they talk about?” Song Yaoyao tilted her head and stared straight into Zhou Manli’s eyes as though she could see through her thoughts.

“Stop being childish. Come home with Mom and Dad. It’s not convenient for you to stay here, and it will have an impact on Mr. Huo’s reputation,” Zhou Manli said quietly as she avoided Song Yaoyao’s gaze.

“Your Mom is right. Moreover, it’s almost your and your sister’s birthday. We are planning to hold a huge party for you. How can you not come home?”

Song Yaoyao pouted her lips. “Gege, do you also think it’s bad for your reputation if I stay here?”

“I don’t see any issues.”

“See?!” Song Yaoyao was immediately happy when she heard Huo Yunque’s response. Lifting her chin smugly, she said, “Gege doesn’t care, so what else is there to say?”

“That...” Song Rui was speechless.

He didn’t expect Huo Yunque to dote on Song Yaoyao to this extent already.

Zhou Manli had other motives, so naturally, she couldn’t let Song Yaoyao live with Huo Yunque.

She furrowed her brows and objected, “Mr. Huo, as a mother, my words may be hard to hear, but they are my genuine thoughts. Yaoyao is still young; only 18! Although the Huos are big and powerful, allowing a young girl to stay in your home will ruin her reputation too. Why don’t you help us persuade Yaoyao?”

“I don’t care about reputation.”

Song Yaoyao grabbed onto Huo Yunque’s sleeve. “Why should I care what other people say? If worse comes to worst, I’ll just marry Gege. Then they won’t be able to say anything, right?”


Huo Ningxi spat out a mouthful of water and opened his eyes wide. “Song Yaoyao, you’re certainly bold!”

Huo Yunque glanced at him slightly, causing Huo Ningxi to feel a chill down the back of his neck. He lifted his hand to touch it.

What is the meaning of Small Uncle’s gaze? he thought to himself.

Was he actually interested in Song Yaoyao? No way!

If he had to call Song Yaoyao his auntie, he’d much rather die!

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Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby Chapter 110: I’ll Just Marry You