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Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby
Chapter 109: The Master Is A Germaphobe? Nonsense!

Chapter 109: The Master Is A Germaphobe? Nonsense!

Translator: Yunyi


Huo Yunque lowered his eyes and patted on Song Yaoyao’s shoulder, gesturing for her to stand properly.

His gaze was calm as he stood in place with a presence that could only belong to someone with a superior status. Seeing him like this, it was easy to forget his age.

He’s too young, Song Rui thought with a sigh. inn𝘳e𝑎𝘥. co𝐦

A smile immediately appeared on his face and he sounded like he was clearly trying to appease him. “Hello, Mr. Huo, I am Yaoyao’s father. Children act recklessly. Thank you for taking care of her over the past two days. We brought some gifts for you. We didn’t know what you’d like and whether this would be suitable for you.”

Huo Yunque lowered his eyes, looked at the outstretched hand, and did not respond.

Uncle Zhang quickly grabbed Song Rui’s hand and said with a smile, “Sorry, the Master is a germaphobe and doesn’t like physical contact with strangers.”

This was the truth. Huo Ningxi nodded.

But when he saw Song Yaoyao clinging to his Small Uncle and even holding onto his sleeve, his lips immediately twitched.


He felt his Small Uncle wasn’t actually a germaphobe, he simply couldn’t be bothered interacting with those that weren’t worth it.

Song Rui naturally saw this scene as well. He didn’t show it on his face, but there were waves stirring in his heart.

If he didn’t like physical contact with strangers, then what about Song Yaoyao? Was she no longer a stranger?

“That’s fine.” He was cheering on the inside. Who knew his daughter would be so capable. “Where’s our gift? Hurry and bring it—”

“No need.”

Huo Yunque raised his eyes and walked toward the living room.

He had a gentle presence and didn’t have a forceful vibe, but for some reason, he made people feel distant.


From the moment that Zhou Manli entered the house, her arrogance completely disappeared.

The Songs were already wealthy, but at a glance, any random decoration in this insignificant living room was enough to buy their entire mansion easily.

Not to mention the antique vases that could be seen everywhere and the precious wooden furniture.

She licked her lips as her heart fired up.

Mr. Huo was young, he was more powerful than Huo Ningxi, and he was really handsome.

If he liked young women, and he was fine with Song Yaoyao, then her impressive Wanwan naturally deserved better...

Song Rui sat down with Zhou Manli in a cautious manner.

“Mr. Huo, look, this is century-old ginseng that I won at an auction recently. It’s perfect for nourishing Elder Huo’s body. And this—”

Without looking at the boxes, Uncle Zhang smiled slightly and said, “Sorry, Mr. Song, but the Master never accepts gifts.”

At their position, plenty of people wanted to take the Huos down. They could never be too sure about what was contained in their gifts?

Besides, it was just century-old ginseng.

Inside their storage, the Huos even had 500-year-old ginseng. They had no space for something like this.

Didn’t they see all the decorations in the house? They had to display them because they didn’t fit in storage.

“Oh? R-really? Sorry.” Song Rui rubbed his hands and smiled at Huo Yunque. “By the way, I’ve heard a lot about you. Who would have thought that Mr. Huo would be so young with a kind heart? Thank you for taking care of Yaoyao over the last two days. She’s going through a rebellious stage and just ran off. It took us a while to find her.”

Kind heart?

Huo Yunque smirked, his eyes filled with amusement. It was rare for him to hear this term, so it was quite interesting to hear it.

“You’re being too polite.”

He rubbed the rim of his cup and glanced sideways. “Do you want to go home?”

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Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby Chapter 109: The Master Is A Germaphobe? Nonsense!