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Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby
Chapter 107: Nothing To Do With Me

Chapter 107: Nothing To Do With Me

Translator: Yunyi

“Uncle Song.”

Huo Ningxi nodded at Song Rui as he held onto his backpack with one hand.

This cleared the air for Song Rui and he smiled. “You’re here too, Ningxi. How are you and Yaoyao going?”

Song Rui never expected that his plain and uninteresting daughter would give him such a huge surprise.

“Me and her?” Huo Ningxi looked at Song Yaoyao and smiled slightly. “Quite well.”

However, when he looked at her, it was easy to develop the urge to kill her.

“Ohhh, that’s great!”

Song Rui nodded furiously. “Auntie Song and I came to take Yaoyao home. Is Mr. Huo home? I want to greet him and thank him for taking care of Yaoyao these last couple of days.”

“Who said I’m going home with you?”

Song Yaoyao looked at Song Rui like nothing had happened and found the situation quite amusing.

It was true that Zhou Manli had kicked her out and it had nothing to do with Song Rui, but it had already been two days since she left. Apart from Song Wenchuan, no one had shown genuine concern for her.

Song Yaoyao hadn’t experienced much, but it didn’t mean she was a fool who couldn’t figure out who was good to her and who was bad.

The reality was, because of the doting from her parents and her brother in her previous life, it was very easy for her to figure out who was not treating her well.

“Yaoyao! Stop joking. Not going home? You’re not planning to live at the Huo Manor forever, right?” Song Yaoyao’s response made Song Rui a little awkward, but in front of Huo Ningxi, he couldn’t lose his temper.

Huo Ningxi wanted to laugh but he didn’t as he persuaded pretentiously, “Yes, since Uncle and Auntie came to get you, you should leave with them. Don’t make them worry.”

If Song Yaoyao didn’t know what he was thinking, she would have almost believed that he was genuinely concerned.

“Why are you still in the car? Come out and persuade Yaoyao with me! You are not a competent mother. Yaoyao’s still young, yet you scold her so easily.”

Song Rui had an angry expression as he approached the car and pulled Zhou Manli out.

Zhou Manli’s forehead was still swollen as she walked with a limp. 𝑖𝓃𝓃r𝒆𝘢d. c𝘰m

Song Rui had forced her to come here; she didn’t come here out of her own free will. So, how could she be happy to see Song Yaoyao?

“So what if I scold her? I’m her mother! Besides, apart from a few complaints here and there, do I not provide her with enough food and water?”

“You...” Song Rui was furious as he glared at her in secret. Lowering his voice, he said, “Are you done causing trouble? If you have a problem, can’t you leave it for home?”

Moreover, they still didn’t know how Mr. Huo felt; they couldn’t continue treating her like they did in the past.

Zhou Manli pouted and humphed. Speaking in a stiff manner, she said, “That’s enough, I’m not angry. Let’s go home.”

“Why does it matter to me whether you’re angry or not?”

Song Yaoyao carried her backpack and headed for the front door just as Uncle Zhang came out to greet her.

As soon as he saw Song Yaoyao, he smiled. “Miss Song, you’re back. Are you tired from school? The Master saw you weren’t home yet and was just asking about you.”

“Gege mentioned me?” Song Yaoyao’s eyes lit up and a surprised smile immediately appeared on her face.

“Of course,” Uncle Zhang said as he took Song Yaoyao’s backpack. He then looked behind her and revealed a confused expression. “Oh, Mr. Song and Mrs. Song, when did you arrive? Why didn’t anyone notify me? This is so embarrassing. I’m so sorry.”

He walked over quickly with a smile. He was warm and polite, and it was difficult to point out any faults.

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Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby Chapter 107: Nothing To Do With Me