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Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby
Chapter 106: Running Away From Home And Confirming Safety

Chapter 106: Running Away From Home And Confirming Safety

When she left the principal’s office, Song Jingwan’s footsteps became brisker.

She saw the appreciation in Wang Mingjiang’s eyes and the surprise in Kang Yuan’s eyes.

If things went to plan, the role was hers!

As for Song Yaoyao?


She really overestimated her before. Even though her personality changed drastically, it didn’t mean her IQ would improve.


Class 3-3.

A group of people gathered around Song Yaoyao noisily, looking at her as if they had discovered a treasure.

Why hadn’t they noticed that she was so cute and adorable before?

Moreover, she had a good character!

However, while they were thinking this, they had completely forgotten about Shen Xun’s injury and the way that this cutie threw a slap across Xu Yue’s face ruthlessly.

Shen Xun tugged on his hair with frustration as his ears buzzed. Slowly, hostility appeared in his eyes.

He suddenly lifted his leg and kicked a chair over with a bang.

A pair of eyes, so gloomy that no light could get through, swept across everyone.

“Are you having a meeting? Do you want me to make space for you?”

“Brother Xun...”

“Sorry! We...”

Shen Xun humphed. “Get lost. Understood?”

Were they trying to apologize? What a joke!

When he lost his temper, the people surrounding Song Yaoyao scattered like animals.

Song Yaoyao sighed in secret. She rubbed her sore ears and quietly raised a thumb at Shen Xun.

Her secretive actions made Shen Xun smile so hard that his teeth hurt.

As he ground his teeth together, his throat twitched. “Big Bro, what happened to your bad temper?”

Since she was getting frustrated, why did she still put up with them?

Little did everyone know that Song Yaoyao was the kind that preferred reason over force. If someone treated her badly, then she would definitely pay them back ten to a hundred-fold. But when someone treated her affectionately, Song Yaoyao was immediately helpless.

Finally, Song Yaoyao understood the benefit of having a school bully as an underling.

“You did well. I’ll buy you another set of practice questions tomorrow as a reward!” Song Yaoyao grinned as she patted his desk.

Shen Xun: “...”

F*cken thank you!


Tang Xinrou couldn’t resist as she looked at Shen Xun apologetically and laughed wildly.

“Hahahaha! That’s right, Yaoyao, buy him a few more and help him improve his results before the college entrance exams next year!”

Tang Xinrou was simply teasing him.

But never did she expect Song Yaoyao to consider her comment seriously and nod her head. “That’s reasonable...”

Turning around, she said, “I shall buy you each a few more so we can study and improve together~”

Shen Xun laughed and Tang Xinrou cried.

Han Jun, who had been unexpectedly implicated, wanted to run out of the classroom, jump off the building, and enter an eternal slumber so he wouldn’t be annoyed by the practice questions.


Several luxurious cars were stopped outside the Huo Family Manor, and the front door was shut tightly.

Huo Ningxi rolled down his car window, took a glance, and his heart instantly lit up.

“Song Yaoyao, your family is here for you.”

Get lost and stop bothering my Small Uncle.

As they spoke, their car also arrived outside the manor.

“Yaoyao, you are such a reckless child. How could you just leave like that? Don’t you know how to call home and confirm your safety?”

Song Yaoyao lifted her head and looked into Song Rui’s worried gaze.

As he spoke he walked toward Song Yaoyao. While he was complaining, there was also a perfect amount of concern.

Song Yaoyao was curious. “Am I supposed to confirm my safety after running away from home?”

Her expression was innocent with a sense of confusion like she really didn’t understand.

This made Song Rui speechless.

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Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby Chapter 106: Running Away From Home And Confirming Safety