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Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby
Chapter 105: Self-Recommendation

Chapter 105: Self-Recommendation

Knock knock knock—


Not long after Kang Yuan and Wang Mingjiang sat down and had a sip of tea, there was suddenly a knock on the door.

Wang Mingjiang raised his eyebrows. “Come in.”

The door was pushed open and the figure standing in the doorway caused Kang Yuan to look at Wang Mingjiang in surprise.

“Song Jingwan, what are you doing here?”

Faced with one of his ideal students, Wang Mingjiang was particularly patient. He stood up with a chuckle and looked at Song Jingwan.

“Hello Principal and Director Kang. I...”

The girl had her hands behind her back. Her eyes darted as they swept across Kang Yuan timidly. She then lowered her head quickly.

Her hesitation and her gaze immediately told Wang Mingjiang what was happening.

He looked at Kang Yuan and hinted with his eyes.

“It’s fine. I heard from your principal that you’re ranked highly at school. You’re very impressive! If you have something to say, be brave and say it. Don’t be afraid.”

Kang Yuan smiled, showing his encouragement.

Song Jingwan didn’t expect the infamous Director Kang to be so friendly. She took a deep breath and said gently, “I came here to recommend myself.” She laughed shyly. “I’ve watched all of Director Kang’s creations from ‘Prince of Big City’ to your first movie, ‘Dawn’, to the bestselling, ‘The Last Day’. I’ve watched all of them several times. So, I’m really happy to see you here at school. If possible...I...”

“Do you want to be an actress?”

Kang Yuan raised his eyebrows and examined Song Jingwan from a professional viewpoint.

-years-old, tall, slender, beautiful, graceful facial features, and pure eyes. Soft-spoken with a good voice.

She was born to make money.


His gaze fell upon Song Jingwan’s face and he noticed the sparkle in her eyes.

“Yes, this is my dream. I’ve even chosen the college I want to go to: S City’s School of Drama!”

“Oh? Do you have any foundation in acting?”

Kang Yuan continued to ask without revealing any expressions of interest.


Song Jingwan’s heart sank. She had prepared herself before coming here, but now that she was facing Kang Yuan’s reaction, she understood that she was being too naive.

This was a director that was famous overseas who had collaborated with international directors on sci-fi films that were popular and received a lot of praise. He had a critical pair of eyes, how could he be moved so easily by a few words?

She pursed her lips and her eyes immediately turned red. “But I really like this job, so when I saw you, I decided to be proactive and not miss out on this opportunity...”


Kang Yuan nodded as he narrowed his eyes.

“Can you act out something for me?” It just so happened that he had brought a script to show Wang Mingjiang this time.

He casually flipped to one of Xiao Xia’s scenes and pointed to it.

Song Jingwan was ecstatic. She held back her tears and quickly bowed. “Thank you, Director Kang! Thank you for giving me a chance!”

Meanwhile, Wang Mingjiang sighed.

This was a top student that he had high hopes for. Yet, she was planning to attend the school of drama and become an actress!

What a waste of her good results!

Kang Yuan held onto his teacup and glanced at the girl who was reading the script through the wafting steam. But for some reason, a delicate, well-mannered face with vibrant yet naive eyes appeared in his mind.

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Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby Chapter 105: Self-Recommendation