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Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby
Chapter 102: Potential

Chapter 102: Potential

Translator: Yunyi

“You can’t!”

Tang Xinrou widened her eyes and hugged Song Yaoyao domineeringly, full of possessiveness. “Yaoyao is mine, no one is allowed to steal her away from me!”

“Miss Tang, why didn’t I notice before that you have the potential of becoming a lesbian?”

Tang Xinrou’s previous deskmate, who was heartlessly abandoned, rolled her eyes and watched speechlessly as Tang Xinrou clung to Song Yaoyao, refusing to let go.

Song Yaoyao poked her head out of Tang Xinrou’s arms with difficulty.

Her hair was messy and her gaze was like a dazed little deer. “What do you mean?”

“It means she wants to be my love rival.”

Shen Xun lay on his desk at the back and yawned as he lazily explained.

Song Yaoyao: “Love rival?”

Tang Xinrou was amused. “You are not qualified to be my love rival! Besides, Yaoyao thinks you’re ugly. She already has a Gege that she likes, okay?”

“A Gege that she likes?”

Sun Ling and the others scratched their heads, unable to process this information.

This was too much to handle! i𝑛𝗻rℯ𝒂𝒅. 𝓬o𝘮

At the mention of her Gege, Song Yaoyao’s eyes immediately curved and she nodded her head, “Uh huh, I have a Gege that I like a lot!”

Shen Xun rolled his eyes and gritted his teeth as he grunted, “Ugh...”

Han Jun patted him on the shoulder sympathetically.

“I’m sorry, Brother Xun!”

The grumpy Shen Xun sneered and threw a slap across his face, pushing him away as he cursed, “Sorry my *ss! Scram!”


Han Jun huddled up on the side and covered his head as he cried. Brother Xun was frightening when he was in love!


Class 3-1.

After Song Jingwan saw Xu Yue’s message, she pursed her lips.

“Jingwan, do you know how to answer this question? My brain is about to explode. I’ve been working on it all class, but I can’t seem to get the correct answer!” a boy asked as he approached her side, his gaze secretly falling upon her.

Song Jingwan was in a bad mood, so she had no patience to respond. Boys like this were dreaming. Why didn’t they look in the mirror first and see if they were worthy?

“Sorry, I’m—” Just as she was about to find an excuse to brush off the boy, she noticed two figures in her peripheral vision, passing by the window outside. Her expression immediately changed and she smiled gently. “Oh...this question. I just happened to answer it. Let me explain it to you.”

Initially, the boy noticed Song Jingwan’s tone and thought she was going to reject him. But before he was faced with disappointment, he saw her beautiful face.

Her voice was gentle and friendly, making her very likable.

He blushed and quickly thanked her.

“Th-thank you!”

He opened his book nervously and explained his thought process. But for some reason, he just couldn’t get the answer.

“I see~ Let me have a look~”

As Song Jingwan spoke gently, she patiently glanced over.

A trace of contempt appeared in her eyes. What a useless piece of trash. If he couldn’t even answer a question like this, how was he worthy of liking her?

The boy had no idea what Song Jingwan was thinking. He was simply filled with excitement as his face turned red. “Okay, take your time. There’s no rush.”

As Song Jingwan lowered her head, her eyes fluttered like the wings of a butterfly, her skin was fair, and her features were beautiful. It was like she had walked out of a painting. His gaze fell upon her body with concentration.

At that moment, Kang Yuan and Wang Mingjiang glanced in through the window and saw this scene.

Kang Yuan said with interest, “Not bad. Your students seem like they’re quite self-motivated.”

“Duh...this is class 3-1, the class that we’re specifically focused on nurturing!”

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Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby Chapter 102: Potential