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Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby
Chapter 101: Advance To The First Class

Chapter 101: Advance To The First Class

“Old Wang! What are you grunting about? Let me see!”

Kang Yuan couldn’t stand his reaction, so he grabbed the book and flipped through it. As he looked at it, his eyes lit up brighter and brighter. When he looked at Song Yaoyao, his gaze was filled with admiration. “Student, not bad!”

Tang Xinrou looked gratified. As she grabbed onto Song Yaoyao’s arm, she was even more excited than her.

Ahhh, my idol is praising Precious! That’s just like praising me!

Wang Mingjiang nodded and asked with a smile, “Student, what’s your name? Do you want to advance to the first class?”

As soon as he said these words, the entire classroom was in an uproar.

Shen Xun lifted his head and rubbed his face in frustration. He was smiling on the surface but not on the inside. “Principal, it’s rare for the third class to produce a top student. We need her guidance. How can you drag her to the first class as soon as you see that she has good results? It’s as though they’re your biological children and we’re just stepchildren...”

Cough, cough, cough—

These words completely shocked Han Jun.

Oh, Brother Xun, you’re certainly brave enough to say anything!

Wang Mingjiang didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. When he saw the injury on Shen Xun’s face, he said helplessly, “Nonsense! What are you talking about?! In my eyes, you are all equal!”

“Tch, that wasn’t what you said earlier, Old Wang!”

“Exactly! It isn’t easy for us to have a top student! Don’t steal her away!”

“Yes! We object!”

“Song Yaoyao belongs to us. If anyone dares to touch her, we will fight you with our lives!”

Song Yaoyao blinked. When had she been so popular?

Xu Yue rolled her eyes and whispered to herself, “What a fake!”

She secretly sent Song Jingwan a message. In her heart, she still remembered how she had been humiliated not long ago.

She was going to give Song Yaoyao a taste of her own medicine eventually.

“That’s enough, stop causing a fuss. I was simply asking for her opinion. I wasn’t forcefully selling her to the first class. Seriously...” Wang Mingjiang found this amusing. He looked at Song Yaoyao. “Student, keep going. I have high hopes for you!”

Inside, he was secretly anticipating the future. Would the useless third class change because of this girl?

“Okay, Old Kang, let’s go.” Wang Mingjiang returned Song Yaoyao’s book to her and decided to leave.

But before they started walking away, Kang Yuan still felt a little reluctant to leave.

Oh, these students are so interesting. All young people should be full of vitality like this!

He pulled out a business card from his pocket and handed it to Song Yaoyao happily. “Miss, this is my business card. Before I find someone to fill the role, you can contact me at any time.”

Before Song Yaoyao took the card, Tang Xinrou quickly grabbed it for her.

“See you again soon, Director Kang!” she waved happily.

“Bye! Oh, by the way, your name—”

“It’s Tang Xinrou! ‘Xin’ as in new, ‘Rou’ as in gentle!”

Kang Yuan nodded his head. “Okay, goodbye.”

After the two men left, the third class immediately came to life.

A group of boys approached Shen Xun. “Brother Xun, have you really changed your ways and decided to study?”

“Song Yaoyao, are you confident that you can rank first in the grade? What did the principal mean by what he said? Was he praising you?”

“There shouldn’t be any problem ranking first.” Song Yaoyao’s eyes curved; she always had a good attitude toward those that weren’t hostile against her. “If you encounter any problems with your studies, you’re welcome to ask me.”

She was generous as she smiled sweetly, and her words made her very likable.

“Wow! Song Yaoyao, you’re so loveable!”

“Uh huh, why didn’t I notice before?~”

“Huhuhu, what do I do? I want to be her friend.”

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Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby Chapter 101: Advance To The First Class