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Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby
Chapter 100: Is It Hard To Rank First In The Grade?

Chapter 100: Is It Hard To Rank First In The Grade?

Wang Mingjiang was stunned as joy slowly spread through his eyes. “This student is quite smart! It’s almost the mid-semester exams. What rank do you think you’ll get?”

He simply asked this question casually because of the high accuracy rate of Song Yaoyao’s paper.

Who knew Song Yaoyao would play with her pen calmly and reply, “First.”

“Pfff—” Han Jun was hiding in the back row drinking something. When he heard Song Yaoyao’s reply, he almost spat out all the liquid in his mouth.

Song Yaoyao was certainly brave!

“Oh...” Wang Mingjiang’s lips curved slightly. “That’s a good goal. Keep going! This goal can be easily achieved within the third class!”

“When did I mention the third class?” Song Yaoyao gave Wang Mingjiang a weird look with her clear eyes. “I was talking about coming first in the grade...”

“Cough...cough cough cough... What did you say?”

Wang Mingjiang was shocked. Even if he walked into the first class, the students wouldn’t easily tell him that they wanted to come first.

What if they got a faceslap? That would be so awkward!

If a naughty and unruly student was telling him this, Wang Mingjiang would simply dismiss it like a joke.

But the girl looked well-behaved and quiet. And when she spoke to people, she looked straight at them with her dark almond eyes, and she seemed quite serious.

She gave the feeling that she was telling the truth and she had the ability to achieve it.

“Coming first in the grade...” Song Yaoyao didn’t understand their dramatic reactions. “Is it that hard to come first?”

She didn’t understand because she had never attended a school in her previous life.

She had always been homeschooled by a home tutor.

From a young age, there had never been a question that she couldn’t answer. She also vaguely heard her parents say that she was a genius. But she had never been compared to anyone. So she felt a little uncomfortable when she said her last sentence.

“I heard this contains questions from previous college exams. I find them really easy... It shouldn’t be that hard to rank first, right?”

Song Yaoyao patted on the almost filled-out 5/3 textbook questioningly.

Could the mid-semester exam be more difficult than this?

As Song Yaoyao’s deskmate, Tang Xinrou had witnessed Song Yaoyao’s craziness over the last few days. She patted her on the head and comforted, “Not hard, not hard. With your abilities, Precious, it would actually be strange if you didn’t come first!”

Han Jun rolled his eyes.

Shen Xun lay on his desk and secretly chuckled. But as he laughed, he saw the 5/3 textbook on his desk, and couldn’t laugh anymore...

“Really? Let me see.”

The textbook from earlier was for English, but the one in her hand was a maths multiple-choice book.

Wang Mingjiang suddenly felt curious. If it was someone else, he may have lost his patience.

But who told Song Yaoyao to be so attractive with a convincing face?

Apart from Xu Yue who didn’t get along with Song Yaoyao, everyone else lifted their ears in curiosity as they surrounded and watched.

Of course, most people thought Song Yaoyao was just talking big. The first-place ranking in the class had always belonged to Huo Ningxi from the first class! And the only person capable of being on the same level as him was Song Jingwan from the first class, Song Yaoyao’s twin sister.

As for the third class, they were historically known for ranking first from the back, and they always occupied the first dozen rankings from the back.

How could she talk big like this? Was she asking for a faceslap?

Wang Mingjiang looked at the textbook and quickly finished an entire page.




His sounds of surprise made everyone behind him nervous.

What was the situation?!

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Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby Chapter 100: Is It Hard To Rank First In The Grade?