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Chapter 12 - Awake


She was definitely not expecting that at all and she fell on his body. He groaned at the pain of her body pressing against his injuries but did not let go.

Badum! Badum!

Her began thudding in her chest at an alarming rate. She blinked several times, let her mind register what just happened.

’What... How...’

"Bai Qing Mei, please don’t go," He Cheng said softly, his voice emitting the sadness in his heart.

Li Jing did her best to calm her racing heart down while processing the situation.

’He thinks I am this Qing Mei, but I am not. I better get up.’

She raised her body a fraction and her face were only inches away from his.

From this angle she could see his handsome face up close and it seem to captivate her. The more she stared at him, the more enthralled she was.

Her body began to feel hot as her cheeks reddened at how close they were.

Even though she dated Duran Tian, she had never been this close to any man before.

And being in this situation, on top of a guy with their lips a short distance away, only made the innocent Li Jing to blush profusely.

’Oh no, come on, you were calming down just a while ago,’ she scolded her heart for racing so fast at the thought of their lips being close.

At the thought of his lips, her mind drifted to her first kiss. It was when she was in her final year in high school.

Duan Tian had confessed his love to her, his childhood sweetheart and told him she felt the same way too. She accepted to date him and that was when he kissed her.

Ever since then, other than a light peck on the lips or the cheeks, Li Jing was too shy and nervous to do anything further.

One could imagine the shock she was in when she had heard them fucking their brains out and seen them stark naked.

She shook her head, trying to get the annoying thoughts out of her head and focused on the matter at hand.

She felt his grip on her back loosen and thought that it was free to escape from this strange guy before he woke up and things got out of hand.

Unfortunately for her, the moment the small of her back pushed up against his arm, Ye Cheng tightened his hold on her waist and pulled her back down, squashing her body against his and used both arms to lock her securely against his body.

"Mei... Please," he said in a husky voice and stopped speaking.

Li Jing tried several times, but he wouldn’t bulge. Feeling helpless against this strong stranger, she resigned herself to her fate and laid still on his body.

Eventually, she adjusted so her body so she could lie well, with her upper body squashed against him and the lower part on the bed.

In a matter of minutes, she was fast asleep as she was exhausted from the day’s stress.


The sun rose and shone brightly in the city, enshrouding every living thing and non-living thing in its rays.

In the little house up the hill, two people slept together with bodies pressed against the other, basking in the comfort the other gave.

The sun rays seeped into the room, illuminating it with its sharp rays and adding life to the already dull environment, making it a sight to behold.

"Umm~" Li Jing moaned softly as her hands, moved on top of something strong.

She didn’t mind it, thinking it was the headboard of the bed and spread her hands further up, till they touched something soft.

Two pairs of eyes opened almost immediately as they stared blankly into space. Ye Cheng looked down and saw a black-haired girl on top of him.

Not wanting to wake her, he shifted a bit, trying to adjust himself on the bed as the weight on top of him crushed him.

Slowly Li Jing lifted her head to check why the bed underneath her moved. She looked up, only to be met with a pair of black eyes staring at her intently.

Her vision was still blurry as she just woke up so she was still in a daze about what was happening.

Moving her hand up, Li Jing rubbed her eyes clear of whatever sleep remained and proceeded to look at the person in front of her.


’I must still be dreaming. How can a handsome guy be in front of me right now? Did I miss Duan Tian so much?’ she thought as she stared dreamingly at the handsome face.

’No, it is not because of that, it is because Yin Lifen made me check out that guy’s picture on the news yesterday. He is not even compared to the handsome god lying on my bed...’ she said in her head again.

Her eyes dropping close in an adorable manner, making her look like a cute bunny as a wide grin spread across her lips.

’That guy is definitely more handsome. I wish I could just... Hold up!’

She blinked several times at Ye Cheng.

’Oh my God, wait is that not... I am on...’


She screamed and immediately got up from Ye Cheng’s body. Apparently, she thought she had cleared the sleep in her eyes, but seeing the handsome god like beauty in front of her, drove her to a fantasy world, or so she thought.

Badum! Badum!

She could feel the erratic beating of her chest as she stared at the stranger in her room. Her mouth hung agape from the shock she just had. She still couldn’t believe what just happened.

A minute passed and none of them spoke to the other. Each of them had their own thoughts clouding their minds.

’What am I doing here? How did I get here? And who is this woman harassing me?’ Ye Cheng thought as he sized Li Jing from head to toe.

’Oh my goodness! Li Jing what have you done? You just harassed a total stranger and why is he...’

"You... You’re... A–awa... You’re awake?" Li Jing pointed at him as she stuttered, managing to get the words out of her mouth.

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