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Chapter 91 Gathering!

“Oh no, oh no, to be this late after Rothman-dono.”

A man arrived at the Royal Capital a bit behind Rothman wore a mortified expression after hearing from a stall on his way to the inn that Rothman Issenza had already arrived at the capital.

He was a man in his early forties who had black hair with a few gray hairs mixed in, set in a tightly all-back hairdo; he was slender and tall, wore a foreign kimono, and thin glasses.

His name was Kasakari Kerala. He was the self-proclaimed 「Rival of Rothman Issenza」.

“No. I’m sure Rothman-dono is in a hurry. So maybe there’s an opportunity to win.”

He single-mindedly muttered to himself as he walked down the main street.

He didn’t come accompanied by an attendant, which was unusual for someone participating in a Title match.

His hometown was a country in the wilderness, far away from the Kingdom of Castall. It was a country so far-removed than the people living there didn’t even understand the value of participating in a Title match. No matter how first-class his 【Swordsmanship】 was, there was nobody who would volunteer to join this eccentric man to travel to such a faraway country.

“No, no. I can’t let my guard down. Should I dance one of my hometown dances and raise my fighting spirit?”

Suddenly coming up with that idea, Kasakari began to dance. And he did so among heavy traffic, where many people came and went.

……This was a reason why people didn’t approach him in his hometown since nine out of ten people would label him as a weirdo, and also the reason why he didn’t have an attendant.

As for the people in the capital, it seemed they were well aware of his behavior, and even after seeing him immersed in his dance, they ignored him thinking “It’s the same as usual”.


“Kasakari-sama, Kasakari-sama! ”

After receiving a report from the citizens of the capital, a messenger working for the organizers of the Issenza match rushed to Kasakari.

As usual, using this and that, he managed to calm him down and guided him to an inn.

“Each and every time, the food here is delicious! However, no matter if I follow the recipe I’ve been given, it’s never the same for me. Just what is the difference? It’s truly mysterious.”

Kasakari didn’t like luxurious goods. And, he loved spicy food.

Therefore, it had become a standard practice to guide him to his usual cheap inn, and then take him to the usual popular restaurant.

“The chili pepper? I wonder if it’s a different chili pepper? However, they are not sold in my country. Is there a way to get my hands on some of it?”

“We’ll prepare some after the Issenza matches are over. Please take them home with you.”

“Ahh! Hey messenger, aren’t you smart? I know, let me perform a dance from my hometown as thanks.”

“No, it’s okay……you don’t have to! Stop it, I said you don’t have to! ”

Oh, please behave yourself. Everyone present wished so, but their expectations were immediately betrayed as he started to show off his dancing.

This man had once again entered the Royal Capital this season.


“Alfredo-sama. We’ll be arriving at the Royal Capital soon.”

“Is that so? Thanks for letting me know.”

A man answered from inside a carriage traveling on a gravel road.

The middle-aged man, whose name was Alfredo, stroked his dull hair which had become messy and then fumbled to open the window of the carriage.

He was blind. However, his hearing was excellent. To the extent that he could hear the voice of the person driving the carriage among all the loud rattling.

“It smells quite lively.”

His nose was also sensitive. So were his skin and tongue. It was a special sensation that only he could understand

He became blind at the age of thirty. Until then, he demonstrated the strength of a lion as a first-class archer.

And, from “that incident” over ten years have passed. And currently――That strength was transforming into that of a monster.

“……It’s about time to pay it back. Kisenshou.”


There were always many people who were called geniuses.

Inside a large mansion, in his own room, he was in a desk constantly looking at some documents.

Muratti Tricolori Eishou――The man at the highest peak of magic.

At the age of 36, he was considered a young researcher; and despite the current season being summer, he was a little sweaty and wearing only a piece of underwear. His weight was over 100 kilograms despite his height just reaching 170 centimeters and wore rounded glasses that bit into his temple.

“Oh ho, this is a great find.”

Standing up with reckless excitement, he reached out to a pile of books and searched for something new.

Muratti was currently researching the relationship between 【Magic】 and 【Summoning】, especially the relationship between the spirits and the four major attributes. If one were to ask him for the reason for doing this research, his answer would be “because I want to do it”. Ever since he had memory, this has been his character, and it’s become so deeply ingrained in him that it remained unchanged even now that he’s become a fat middle-aged man.

He is a person who loves 【Magic】 more than anything. That’s why it could be said it’s only natural for him to want to know it more deeply. There’s only one problem, this facet of him is stronger in him than in anyone else, and thus, in his unrelentless pursue of the truth of 【Magic】, he has become somewhat of a ‘magic addict’.

From the age of four, his life has revolved all around 【Magic】. In the difficulty of social life, only 【Magic】 has never betrayed him. And, the more he could know, the more results he could get, the more he could do, the more he could feel in touch with it.

After all, he didn’t have to worry about money. Speaking of the 『Tricolori Family』 distinguished in 【Magic】, Muratti was their heir. And his parents being his parents, they also had one or two screws loose. So long as it helped their son’s 【Magic】, they were willing to do anything to create a good environment.

As a result of this, the ridiculous magic otaku Muratti Eishou came to be. For over thirty years, this person has lived by doing only what he likes, and in that limited aspect he demonstrates extraordinary strength――


“Oh! Mura-sama! You were here?”

“Ahh! If it isn’t Sarotte-shi? Greetings! ”

“There it is! The salute! Greetings! This! This is a salute! ”

The one visiting Muratti’s room was his one and only friend, his cousin Sarotte. The two spoke with a peculiar speech, and then laughed lightly with a ‘funny voice’. (TLN: Some japanese slangs are difficult to translate, this for example says something like “fat voice”, example in the comments, but picture Daru’s otaku-speech from Steins;Gate for Muratti.)

“Ohh, that’s right, Mura-sama, the Eishou Match will happen in one week.”

“Oufu, I had completely forgotten about it -degozaru. Or rather, right now I’m in the middle of researching, I don’t have time for that, I don’t wanna~! ”

“No, I don’t really want to either, however! For now, just take a look at this, please.”

“……Ehh, what’s that? A list of participants? ”

Muratti received a few pieces of paper from Sarotte. They were the list of participants for each Title Match.

He glanced over the contents. Each had four participants. In a normal year, there would be two or three people at most. While thinking “There are more people this year than the usual”……He felt a sense of incongruity looking at one of the participant’s name and then reacted with shock. Sarotte, noticing this occurrence, opened his mouth to say “See?”.

“Isn’t that crazy? Isn’t it impossible to participate in three? ”

“Suuuu……This is not something I can miss.”

“It gives me chills just thinking he could win against Mura-sama.”

“I’d understand if this was some sort of advanced joke. But the fact that you’re feeling chills, does that mean that you think this poor old me will lose~!? You~~! ”

“GUEEEEH! My bad, my bad! ”

Muratti grabbed Sarotte by the neck. However, contrary to his silly speech and behavior, his mind was extremely calm.

Being able to participate in three Title Matches meant that all of the “minor skills” in the three “major skills” had been raised to Grade 9. This was a tremendous amount of experience.

You could basically earn experience points by defeating monsters in the game called Mobius Online, but that didn’t mean you could just go beating them at random. It used a system where you couldn’t get a “satisfactory” amount of experience unless you defeated monsters that were “equal or above the player” compared to the player’s status and accumulated experience gained.

In other words, one could see that the unusual man who was participating in three Title Matches this time was either “An overwhelming hero who had continued to break through numerous obstacles”, or “a patient and fierce man who defeated small fry single-mindedly all the way to the top”.


This season will be clearly different from the past Eishou Matches――Convinced of so, Muratti laughed with a creepy laugh.

But the number one reason for his interest was that this man, besides participating in the Eishou Match, was also joining the Reiou Match. 【Magic】 and 【Summoning】and their relationship, this was he was studying right now.()

To be honest, he didn’t care about the Eishou Match at all……however, there was one thing, if he could talk to that man, he might be able to learn one more thing about 【Magic】, and for this reason alone, his eagerness to participate in the Eishou Match increased rapidly.

“A very interesting opponent has appeared.”

“I can’t help but agree.”


“It’s been a while since I last was in the Royal Capital.”

An old woman, wearing a wide, three-cornered hat, and a black robe large enough so that its hem was dragging, had just now returned to Vinceton, the Royal Capital.

Her name was Cesta. She was 78 years old. She had various nicknames, for example wandering magic granma, matchless magician, flame witch, and former Royal Court Magician Leader.

“Great-aunt, I’ve been waiting for you.”

“Ohh, you, could you be Sherry? Heeee, you’ve grown again.”

The one greeting Cesta was a short woman wearing the uniform of the First Royal Court Magician Division, Sherry. Cesta was her relative, her Great-aunt.

Hearing Cesta’s words, Sherry tilted her head. The last they met was about a year ago. So, her height, sadly, shouldn’t have changed much……

“Did something happen? It’s as if the cover has been peeled off. You look different.”

“! ”

It could be said that Cesta’s bold words were right on the mark. After being startled, Sherry continued to deny that while her cheeks were dyed in red, but Cesta got the better of her.

“I won’t tell anyone. I see, I see, I’ll have to thank that boy Zephyr. After all, I told him to take care of you.”

“……No, the Captain doesn’t have anything to do with it.”

“Ehh? What? In that case, I’ll have to scold him. Kekeke.”

Zephyr, the current captain of the First Royal Court Magician Division, was a disciple of Cesta. And it was none other than her the one who made Zephyr learn 《Fire Attribute?Fifth Form》 magic.

“But who would go so far for you……Well, when I saw your reaction earlier, I was able to understand most of it. A man, right? ”


Cesta stared at Sherry while grinning. Sherry, on the other side, had nowhere to look at and she was red to her ears.

“Well, it’s okay. I’ll take my time asking you later, but first, could you guide me to the inn? My legs are killing me.”

“Yes, Great-aunt.”

A few minutes later, she learned that the man who made her lovely and cute grandniece was also his opponent in the first Eishou match.

Well, I’ll have to test him first then ……while Cesta said so, Sherry’s anxiousness increased and extra amount.

And thus. Truly fierce and strong people were gathering in the Royal Capital one after the other.

And then, at last, the Winter Title Matches began――


<Issenza Match> (Swordsmanship)

1. Kasakari Kerala

2. Second Firstest

3. Jerez Lumberjack

4. Gram

{(1 vs 2) vs (3 vs 4)} vs Rothman Issenza

<Kisenshou Match> (Archery)

1. Dee Mix

2. Silvia Virginia

3. Alfredo

4. Jay Mix

{(1 vs 2) vs (3 vs 4)} vs Ernte Kisenshou

<Eishou Match> (Magic)

1. Cesta

2. Second Firstest

3. Nil Weissroy

4. Alpha Promenade

{(1 vs 2) vs (3 vs 4)} vs Muratti Tricolori Eishou

<Kongou Match> (Shieldmanship)

1. Domingo

2. Rokunchea* (Rock n’ Chair)

3. Zidane

4. Eko Leafret

{(1 vs 2) vs (3 vs 4)} vs Gauloises Kongou

<Reiou Match> (Summoning)

1. Second Firstest

2. Capito

3. Mr. Slim

4. Big Horn

{(1 vs 2) vs (3 vs 4)} vs Vogue Reiou

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