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Moto Sekai Ichi'i no Sub-chara Ikusei Nikki
Chapter 90 Eh, a surprise move/hidden hand?

Chapter 90 Eh, a surprise move/hidden hand?

“Listen. Never mess with that man in the future.”

Right now, as if having forgotten the humiliation he received by prostrating himself about an hour ago, the Kisenshou titleholder, Ernte was in one of the rooms of the 『Mix Household』’s villa in the suburbs of the Royal Capital speaking to the pair of sisters in front of him.

The main recipient of those words, the elder sister Dee Mix, trembled, and the little sister, Jay Mix answered with a surprised eyebrow raised.

“Why’s that, Master? That man, he’s a fool who loses himself to anger and shows his hand. I don’t think he’s a threat.”

“Imbecile. Do you think that was all of that man’s hidden hand?”


“Think carefully. About when Dee caught that Silvia completely off guard.”

In response to Ernte’s words, Jay remained silent.

After calming down and thinking back on it she recalled, that man named Second was the most composed one at the table, and he used a plate to parry an attack that far from targeting himself was aimed at someone by his side without breaking a sweat. This was a matter completely different from just a simple “fast response”.

“Dee. Jay. All you should think about is the Kisenshou match. You must not think about ways to retaliate.”

“But, I can’t just simply back down like this! ”

Jay pushed on with her anger, refusing to back down. This was the first time in her life having to prostrate herself. This was arguably the biggest humiliation she received in her short life. It was the same for Dee, aside from making a blunder as the older sister, she was humiliated by that selfish sense of victimhood of which she thought she held no responsibility, which in turn further aggravated her heart.

“……That woman in black and that mysterious spirit. Even now I can’t get a grasp on them. And that man changed his appearance in an instant. I have no idea what sort of skill is or how effective it is. Still, do you think you can win? ”

“In that case, let’s attack under the cover of darkness. With the three of us, I don’t think we can lose.”

“You don’t get it. Jay, throw away the idea that you’re above him. Always think like a challenger. Pride and carelessness will only get in your way. Knowing how to continuously and strictly controlling yourself is the way of the Kisenshou.”

After finishing his unilateral sermon, Ernte stood up. And then, before leaving, he left them with a single statement.

“The woman named Silvia has a very slow reaction time. If you face her, crush her in a quick battle.”

This was information he got in exchange for prostrating. Both Dee and Jay replied with a “Yes! “, filled with respect.

Nodding in satisfaction, Ernte turned around and left.

……The sisters had no way of knowing that there was a severely distorted smile on his face.

* * *

The day after shopping trip.

I called Silvia and Eko out to the garden early in the morning. Yes, this is the start of the interpersonal battle training.

“For now, let’s start with one fight against me. From there, I’ll decide on future plans.”

“Umu. I’ll be in your care.”

“Roger! ”

For this, we’ll use the “Duel System” instead of the “Game Crown”. For a duel, one side has to apply and the opponent has to accept it, then it becomes approved. We’ll use the same duel settings as in the Title Matches, when only 1 hp remains, you’ll be stunned after receiving a fatal injury.

“Let’s start with you, Silvia.”


She seems to be a little nervous.

I couldn’t help but laugh after seeing her saying “Relax, relax”, to herself. Saying “Ahh, that’s right”, Silvia gave a troubled laugh, then she closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and slapped her cheeks with both hands while saying “Okay, come! “, bow in hand. This is bad, she doesn’t understand anything.

Well, fine……Shall I?

* * *

Second-dono’s gentle expression.

With that thought in my mind, I assumed a battle stance.

But the next moment――Second-dono’s expression immediately turned into a cold one.

……And not even a second after that.

“――Eh!! ”

Before I knew, an arrow was flying just a few centimeters from my face.

When did he shoot? What’s this? 《Soldier Archery》? 《Rook Archery》? I don’t understand.

However, only this I understood. I can’t allow it to hit――My instincts made that decision. I reflexively bent down, avoiding it at the last moment.


The next moment, a tremendous impact reached my head.

Didn’t I avoid it already? No, it’s a follow-up.

“Eeeh, aguh, ugahhh.”

A second, a third, a fourth…… I couldn’t avoid them and I kept receiving arrows one after the other. Each one of them was a direct hit to the head, almost as if they were drawn to it.

My brain was shaken. It’s less painful than I expected. However, I fail to catch the figure of Second-dono.

And then, without being able to do anything in return, I lost consciousness.

“Huh……!? ”

Waking up, I understood. This was my loss. And perfectly so.

“I more or less understand.”

Next to me, who was laying on the grown, was Second-dono――My beloved one――saying so with his usual expression, but this was the first time that I saw him and thought “scary”.

He could easily kill me whenever he wanted to. Just the same as twisting a baby’s hand.

……But I wonder why? At the same time as that fear, I felt a mysterious excitement.

Everything in is his hand. The tremendous pleasure of not resisting this fear, and instead, thrusting myself to it.

I want you to tell me more. I want you to love me more. I can’t contain these emotions from boiling forth. With this strange sense of elation deep inside me, I saw off Second-dono’s back.

And now, the duel against Eko began.

It was similar to mine.

Eko firmly held her shield up in a guarding stance, while Second-dono seemed the same as if he were out for a walk, still, he surely closed their distance.


One, two, three attacks. More and more attacks kept coming at her.

Even though Eko desperately tried to resist, all of her attacks were answered with parries using 《Silver Shieldmanship》, and eventually, the damage accumulated on her.

No less than 30 seconds had passed before Eko fainted, making this also Second-dono’s win.

……It was too one-sided.

But even then, I thought that she would at least get one hit in. There should indeed be some difference in the status, but the conditions should be the same for both. And speaking of 【Shieldmanship】, Eko should have an advantage in it.

However, she was unable to do anything.

What’s different? What’s the distinction? The difference between us and Second-dono is too large to comprehend.

“I’ll tell you about the plans after eating breakfast.”

Can this gap be filled in the future? If so, what kind of plans, what kind of training will be able to accomplish that?

“…………Umu! ”

I can help but be interested.

And deep in my heart, I felt like something starting to burn up.

* * *

Pre-match problems.

……This is the conclusion I’ve drawn.

Neither Silvia nor Eko had the spirit of winning, I couldn’t feel it from them.

Are they afraid of death? Or pain? Or do they just not want to fight? I don’t understand.

Actually, do they really want to win the Title in the first place?

If they’re doing this half-heartedly, they should stop. The battle against these two was so terrible I had to reconsider.

“At this rate, let alone the Title, you’ll lose the first match.”

Since there was no point in hiding it, I told them this straight.

The two of them nodded with an expression of “I knew it”, and then slowly opened their mouths.

“Mine and Eko’s feelings are already settled.”

“I, want to fight. In the Title match. I want to make everyone in the village, happy.”

“Umu, I want to participate too. In particular, I can’t afford to lose to that Dee Mix.”

Unexpectedly, their determination was quite firm.

I see……Well, let’s tell them the plans.

“For the remaining time, I’ll have you learn as many “surprise strategies” as possible. The fundamentals? The common practices? Fuck them. Okay? You girls are weak. And since you’re helplessly weak……This will be a bet, become an explosive contestant, make some noise, give it your all.”

The original plan was to teach them thoroughly from the fundamentals. The precise changes in battle that exist in each skill, the “Fundamentals”, how to effectively connect each skill, the “Moves”, and the decisive factor in the final stage of the game, the “Check Mate”. I wanted them to memorize all the PVP knowledge I have, engrave them into their bodies, and train in a way so that they move without being conscious of it.

But. With the current situation, these two will certainly lose their first match if I teach them starting from the basics since we’ve only got three weeks. There’s also the next season for them, which I personally don’t mind, but I’m not sure these two will agree to that.

That being the case. I’ve got no choice but to use the “Saddle hand/ハメ手” surprise tactic.

Strictly speaking, this is a PvP surprise attack method in which the attacked side is at an advantage if not dealt with firmly.

But from my experience so far, I’m expecting that nobody in this world would be able to perfectly deal with a surprise attack the first time they see it. The reason behind this is because I don’t believe the people in this world know the exact response to this kind of surprise strategy at all.

And with this hidden ace called surprise attack, there’s the possibility that they can even one-shot the enemy.

At least so long as the opponent hasn’t enough accumulated experience. Falling into an unexpected and terrifying situation, their mind would be in a huge turmoil, and the impatience will make it so that they receive that attack. You only need to disturb their pace, but once that’s done, you can control the flow. This is the main aim.

I feel a bit bad for the other contestants for using this, but I’d like for them to try again next season after learning from this.

“A surprise attack strategy? Fumu, exactly what I wanted.”

“Surpriーse, supriseー! ”

Both Silvia and Eko seem to be on board.


“Let’s start the special training.”

* * *

A man entered the Royal Capital, Vinceton.

He came twice a year. And in this season, this man never failed to visit the city.

The man’s name was Rothman.

He was in his mid-forties. A middle-aged man with short black hair, slightly receding hairline, a medium physique, slightly wrinkled eyes, and an unpleasant sharp gaze.

Everyone called him “Issenza”.

“I’ve been waiting for you, Rothman Issenza.”

The one greeting him was a large man with a height of two meters.

“Ohh, Gram-kun, it’s been a while. Did you quit using that big sword? ”

“Yeah. It had its flaws.”

The knight Gram belonged to the Second Knight Order. He took responsibility for the previous civil war and left the position of vice-captain; he now served as a rank-and-file soldier doing free labor for the Kingdom of Castall. The reason why his punishment was this light was because of his virtues.

Also, he was one of the participants of the Issenza match this winter.

“I see. And I wonder where you found that wisdom.”

“From one interesting guy.”

“Oh, my, my, I can’t wait……”

Even Gram with his large body was scared seeing that slight smile in Rothman’s face.

Rothman had been holding the title of Issenza for more than 20 years now. Everyone was aware of his ability. And Gram, who used to cross swords with him in the past knew this more than anyone.

“I wonder if it’s going to be boring this season?”

He had the face of looking very much forward to this.

However, Gram also seemed to look forward to it. The reason was, it was hard for him to imagine what kind of deadly fight would that man have against this Rothman Issenza. 𝒾𝐧𝘯𝑟e𝒂𝗱. 𝒸o𝙢

“It might be difficult this season.”

Rothman laughed inside while Gram muttered to himself.

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Moto Sekai Ichi'i no Sub-chara Ikusei Nikki Chapter 90 Eh, a surprise move/hidden hand?