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Chapter 89 Quality

The holiday.

I went shopping with the three girls in the Royal Capital.

Without any particular purpose, we wandered around the various stores. This alone is especially interesting.

Everything brings all sorts of brand-new information to my eyes.

For example, chili peppers. In Mobius there was only one food item named chili pepper, but in this world, there are dozens of different chili peppers. Each has a different production area, a different color, and a different shape. Obviously, there’s also a different taste for each. By whom and where are they cultivated and shipped? My interest knows no end.

From the viewpoint of the game, this was just an insignificant food item, but here it has a huge unseen market beyond my imagination.

A mix of games and reality. This seemingly mismatched fusion gives this world an unprecedented depth.

“Second-dono. Let’s stop by the potion shop really quick.”

Silvia decided to visit our usual potion-specialty store. I get the feeling that the exterior has become a bit more sparkly since our last visit.

Then, as I entered the store, an old man who seemed to be the store owner, rushed towards me with a surprised expression.

“Your Excellency! Oh my. I thank you ever so much for coming to visit my store.”

……Your Excellency?

“Master, you are an official ambassador. The formal title to be used is Your Excellency.”

As question marks floated over my head, Yukari whispered to me. I see, so it’s because of that.

“Do you remember me? ”

“There’s no way I wouldn’t. It’s because of Your Excellency’s favor that our shop has flourished so far. I’ve been thinking for a while now to come to visit and offer my greetings.”

While thinking about what did I do? I suddenly remembered. Come to think of it, when I first came to this world, I bought about 1 billion CL worth of potions for the 『DyQue Strategy』.

“Wasn’t a problem for you when I kept buying the same potion over and over? ”

“No way! Didn’t you even tell us how many potions you would purchase in advance? Rather than a problem, I can’t begin to thank you enough.”

Good. It seems he had no problems with the store because of my slightly unreasonable request.

“The compounder probably had it rough. After all, I bought a thousand potions every day.”

“He was screaming, but in happiness. Right now, it’s become a funny anecdote.”

He laughed while telling that story. What a refreshing old man.

“By the way, what can I do for you today, Your Excellency? Perhaps, are you getting ready for the Title Match? ”

“Well, that’s pretty much it. I’m surprised you knew.”

“I knew it! I heard of your success in the recent civil war. Every shop owner was talking about how you would surely win in the Winter Title Match.”

“Is that so? Have the contestants come already? ”

“Yes. Just a while ago, three people who have many rumors flying around them here in the capital, visited my store.”

Three people famous enough to have rumors spreading? Who are they?

I’d like to ask for their names, but I guess it’s impossible for the shop owner to give me a hint since that would be breaking client confidentiality.

“I heard something good. Thanks.”

“No. I thank you ever so much for your continued support.”

We left the store after finishing shopping.

When I turned to Yukari, she spoke before I could even ask her.

“I’m sure it’s Ernte Kisenshou. It seems that the disciple sisters will also participate in the Kisenshou Match.”

“You’re well informed.”

“I’m rather surprised that you don’t know this, Master. Right now, that’s the main topic among the people in the capital, the trio that includes the Kisenshou title holder.”

“Are Titleholders that much famous?”

“Far from famous, they are treated similarly to Kings.”

“Then, what do you think will happen if I get a triple crown? ”

“……If I were to borrow your words, Master, it would be crazy.”

“It would be crazy indeed.”

I’m looking forward to it.

While speaking with Yukari, Eko came to cling on my waist saying “I’m hungry”. The hands on the clock also say it’s about time to eat.

“Alright, want to go eat something?”

“YAY! ”

Eko then climbed my back, forcing me to give her a shoulder ride. Not wanting me to hold her feet, she was joyfully swaying back and forth and left to right. Wow, she’s in a great mood.

“I’ve thought about it for some time but, aren’t you especially nice towards Eko, Second-dono? ”

“Yeah, I think so too.”

There’s no way I can’t be nice towards a girl with such cute cat ears.

“For the afternoon meal, I had Cubero book the whole finest restaurant in the Royal Capital. I hope that fixes your mood.”

In an instant, the two’s expression softened. I’m surprised these two like this kind of thing.

“I’ve been expecting you.”

When we arrived at the restaurant, Cubero was already there waiting for us.

Guided by Cubero, we went inside the restaurant. The interior was as luxuriously decorated as the Firstest mansions.

When the four of us, except for Cubero, were talking about which table was the best, arguing voices could be heard from the entrance.

“I’ll go take a look.”

Cubero, who was there as our servant, quickly left alongside those words. As expected of a skilled butler. No matter the place, he doesn’t embarrass us.

After a while, Cubero came back walking fast.

“Ernte Kisenshou and the sisters that are his disciples wanted to have lunch here, but apparently, they didn’t make a reservation, so right now they are arguing with the restaurant’s staff. What should I do? ”

“Ahh, I see. Tell them it’s alright with me. Okay? ”

Probably Cubero is thinking about their lack of reservation. However, I feel a bit sorry for monopolizing this large restaurant all for ourselves. Let’s show them how big my heart is.

When I asked the three girls, they all nodded in return. Silvia was obvious, but Yukari had a sour expression, and Eko, she now had nothing but food in her mind.

“I’ll convey your words.”

Cubero dashed away.

Immediately after, the arguing voices stop. It was probably solved. Quite useful, huh? My butler. I’m quite proud.

……However, five minutes pass, then ten minutes, and Cubero still wasn’t back.

Wondering if something had happened, I tried to leave my seat, but at that moment Cubero came back followed by an elegantly dressed old man, who appeared to be the restaurant manager.

“What’s wrong? ”

When I asked, the old man in charge of the restaurant nervously opened his mouth.

“I’m really sorry for asking this, but……Could you possibly come to give your greetings to the Kisenshou’s party?”

“HA? ”


“Second-sama. You don’t need to do such a thing as greet them.”

Cubero said with an expression of anger. The old man was sweating bullets.

“……I see, I understand the situation. Those people think the position of the Kisenshou is higher than the Ambassador.”

Yukari muttered quietly.

“Seriously, this is stupid. Nobody is above nor below. I feel like vomiting just by thinking that my Master is being used for such performance. Let’s leave this place.”

“I completely agree with Yukari-sama. Rather, it would’ve been more appropriate for the other party to pay their greetings to Second-sama.”

These two are quite angry. And the old man just keeps bowing his head. Next to me, Silvia and Eko turned their gazes at me with a confused expression.


“I wanted to eat lunch at this store today. However, there were problems. Then, should I just run away? ”

This old man has been caught between the Kisenshou and an Ambassador. I feel sorry for him. But in the end, this isn’t my fault. Well, I guess I have no choice but to talk to the other party.

“No matter what happens, or what anyone says, I’m going to eat here today. I won’t let anyone get in the way. Old man, I’m on your side. What’s with the Kisenshou? No matter what sort of unreasonable things they say, don’t give in. I’ll be your ally. Don’t let them trample over you.”

“That’s big talk.”

While I was talking to the old man, I heard a woman’s voice from behind.

After slowly turning around, there stood a beautiful elf.

Pointed ears, slender body, well-formed facial features, emerald green long hair, and sharp eyes. Just by looking at her, I could tell she had a harsh personality.

“You there, are you the Ambassador? I don’t know which tiny country you came from, but this is the Kisenshou party, you know? How can you not come to greet him? ”


I stopped Cubero with my hand as he tried to take a step forward.

……I can tell by her posture. This woman is quite strong.

“What’s with that attitude? You should greet Kisenshou and give away the best seat here. What you need to do is politely say hello, give up your seat and get the hell out of here quickly, got it? Unbelievable. I guess there are shameless people everywhere.”

Hearing such an irrational argument was in a way refreshing. However, the problem here is that this woman truly thinks this is natural.

Is she Ernte? If so, that’s a shame. Can one really become this proud as a result of being pampered by everyone after becoming a Titleholder?

“You, are you Dee Mix?”

“Exactly. Who are you? Is it alright for a dark elf to be here? ”

“You’re just like a fox.”

“A fox? ”

“Only capable of speaking proudly by borrowing the power of a tiger.”

“……You have some guts.”

Yukari started to pick a fight straight away. The elf woman who wasn’t Ernte, but called Dee Mix took out a bow from her inventory in less than 0.5 seconds.

Hey hey, are you going to go at it in here? Just as I was thinking that, a murderous aura emanated from here. Whoa, this girl is serious.


“Kyaa! ”

At that moment, a clenched fist struck at the back of Dee’s head.

Appearing from behind her was an old man with a white beard that reached down to his chest, looking very similar to a hermit.

“My disciple has been rude.”

“Master! Don’t bow down your head! ”

“It’s your fault I’m bowing my head, you idiot! ”

“Kyaa! ”

She got hit again. And then, she was forced to also bow her head.

Who’s this old man? Just as I was about to voice those thoughts, an idea came to mind. Is he Ernte Kisenshou?

“I don’t really mind. You can eat here if you want. However, you should educate your disciple more thoroughly.”

“Hahaha, I’ve heard that before.”

“You what are you talking about!? Let me make this clear, I’m many times older than you! Also, you should also train your slaves properly! Or maybe by principle you just don’t educate sex slaves!? ”

This girl, does she think that being older makes you more important? Aside from the fact that the Kisenshou is quite remarkable, why does his disciple like to put on airs so much? And to also have that extreme discrimination against dark elves……Too many bad points.

“Nee-san, you should calm down. You’ve made Master angry.”

“But they’ve been rude! Don’t you think so too, Jay? ”

“But, Master is……”

From the side of Ernte, an elf woman with short hair who looked like Dee came out. Apparently, her name is Jay. And she’s Dee’s little sister.

“Let’s stop it (Shimai ya shimai ya). Your sister’s (shimai) issue is closed (shimai ya). Just kidding.”

The Mix sisters, due to the sudden and unexpected bad pun, lost their balance and fell down.

The jester Ernte then turned towards us with a serious expression.

“I’m sorry, for the inconvenience we’ve caused. Allow me to pay for the food as an apology. Why don’t we sit together as a sign of reconciliation? ”

“Why do we have to sit with these–!? ”



Bang, Ernte’s fist fell down on Dee again, causing her to shut up and become teary-eyed.

……He wants to eat together in this situation? What’s this old man thinking?

I don’t understand his reason, so I observed Ernte’s face. He was just floating a smile on his face. I can’t get a grasp on this old man.

On our side, Silvia and Eko still wore a puzzled expression. And Yukari and Cubero looked angry. Considering this was a “Peaceful holiday” the option to eat together shouldn’t even exist.

However, I lost to my curiosity. I really wanted to see with my own eyes what the Titleholders of this world are.

“Sure. But I don’t think we’ve reconciled yet.”

I stated at the old man, some hostility in my gaze. Ernte just smiled in return and opened his mouth.

“Isn’t that great? Let’s have lunch then.”

“Let me introduce myself again. I’m Ernte Kisenshou. And these sisters are Dee and Jay. My disciples.”

“Is that so? I’m Second. These are Silvia, Eko, and Yukari, in that order. We have a team called Firstest.”

“Hoo, a team? And this is? ”

“Cubero. He’s my servant.”

“Everyone is a very talented person.”

“Can you tell, Jii-san?”

“Jii-san (Old man), you say!? Please watch your mouth! ”

“Jay. Keep Dee quiet.”

“Understood, Master.”

“H-Hey, Jay! ”

Dee snaps at everything every single time. With a single glance, the little sister, Jay, doesn’t seem too different either. The two of them seem to have much respect for Ernte.

Is this old man really that strong? My expectations were rising.

Earlier she proudly said she was older, but how old are you three? I’m 17. Silvia is 17, Eko is 16, Yukari is 19, and Cubero, you’re 24, right? ”

When I asked him, Cubero said “You remembered!? “, impressed, as his eyes sparkled. What’s with him?

“Hoho, how young. If I’m not wrong, I’m 403 this year. I think Dee is exactly 100. Jay is banjyu. She’s still wet behind the ears.”

400……For real? This old man in on another level. Or rather, 100? And banjyu was 81 years, right? (Shogi term, there’s nothing in English about it, but it’s got something to do with recognition in the shogi world and comes from the 9×9 grid = 81) This stunning beauty and her cute sister are also Grandmas!?

“I’m still 99! And I’ll be the first elf yet to become an adult that will be a Kisenshou. Remember that.”

“You mean you’ll defeat me? ”

“……That’s how I’ll repay you this winter, Master.”

“Is that so? Well then, I’ll have high hopes.”

Apparently, the elves’ age of adulthood is 100. This was something that Yukari whispered to my ear.

Still, will this discriminatory woman be a Title match participant? ……It makes me question her dignity.

“Our Silvia here will also participate in the Kisenshou Match. My best regards.”



The moment I casually said those words, the atmosphere in this place changed completely.

Ernte looked at Silvia as if evaluating her.

In the meantime, Dee――

“Ha! ”

“Are you an idiot?”

Immediately, those words slipped out of my mouth.

From her unchanged position, Dee immediately pulled out her bow and shot a 《Soldier Archery》 attack.

Among the five of us, I was the only one who could react.

While activating 《Soldier Shieldmanship》 on the plate I grabbed with my left hand, I parried the arrow.

……Dangerous. If I hadn’t been in sync with the 0.0s timer, it would’ve pierced the plate. I’m grateful that my reaction speed hasn’t faded out since I was in my prime in the other world.

“Hee. So, you’re going to participate in the Kisenshou Match? Even though you could only blink against my Soldier Archery? Don’t make me laugh. If your friend hadn’t protected you, you would’ve had your chest pierced just now, you know? Please don’t take Archery so lightly. If a small fry like you participates, the quality of the Kisenshou title will drop. Please retire, by all means, okay? ”

She’s trying to say as much as she can after attacking so suddenly. She’s totally trying to assert dominance.

Quality. Quality, huh? ……Certainly, that was a good quick shot. It was nothing short of splendid to attack from a posture that doesn’t even feel like a stance. However. That’s not something one does at a mealtime.


Silvia remained silent. I’m sure those words made her think. However, she doesn’t have to be that depressed. She still hasn’t fought against a human opponent. I’m sure she’s feeling hurt, being said right from the start that she should quit without even giving it a try, and being branded as a loser, right?

“……You, right now–”

The old man is the same. He looked at me with a shocked expression and murmured something, but isn’t there something you need to do before that? Isn’t all this mess because you couldn’t watch your disciple closely?

“Haa, this is too much. Too much I can’t ignore it.”

I muttered alongside a sigh.

I’m already angry. I’ll teach them.

“What? Did I say something wrong? ”

While sending me a cold gaze, Dee doesn’t seem to think she did anything wrong.

I see. That’s correct. I guess you’re not wrong, at least in your mind. Then, I’ll also do what I think is correct.

“Come, Anko. Angolmois.”

While standing up, I activated 《Monster Summoning》 and 《Spirit Summoning》 at the same time.

Gushing darkness and a light shining in seven colors wrapped my sides.

“W-What is……! ”

Dee held her bow up and prepared a skill. I’m sure it’ll be 《Gold Archery》.

“Ara, ara arara.”

Anko smiled with a finger over her mouth, narrowing more her already narrow eyes.

“What a pitiful child. Showing your fangs towards my Second.”

Contrary to his words, Angolmois laughed happily.

Dee took a step back, still pointing her bow at me with confidence.

“Don’t look down on me.”

“Dee, you mustn’t–! ”

Ernte tried to stop her. But he was a little late.

The moment I took a step forward, Dee activated 《Gold Archery》. It’s a skill that knocks back enemies within a certain range.


I nullified the 《Gold Archery》 shot during the invincible time of 《Transform》, so rather than knocking me back, it was Dee the one being blown away.

Transform, and Angolmois, and Anko, my full swing.

“Angolmois, wind.”

“As you wish.”

“Anko, Darkness Magic.”

“Yes, My Lord.”

Dee was made to crawl, and her HP forcibly lowered to 1.

……I’m sure she’s experiencing an unimaginable fear. Getting her HP to 1 without being able to do anything.

“Kouhai, don’t be so intimidating. Don’t you feel sorry for her? Can’t you see she’s shaking like a little slime?”

“You too, senpai, aren’t you having the most fun?”

It seems these two who were always fighting have solved their issues. Or it might be that it’s easier to get along with each other when they have a common enemy.

“My apologies. Could you please forgive Dee?”

“My sister was very rude. I’m truly sorry.”

Ernte and Jay hurriedly apologized to me.

But now it’s too late……Now that I’ve shown my power, an apology isn’t enough. It’s cowardice. I don’t feel any sincerity at all.

“Sorry but, I can’t let it slip. This girl committed attempted murder. And the one she tried to kill is a knight belonging to the Third Knight Order, and a staff member of the Embassy. Do you know what this means? ”

The three people’s face turned blue.

As I said, it’s too late now. She was making light of the fact that we didn’t have the ability to compete in the Title Matches, right? Even if they had power, did they think that even if the three of them applied pressure in the shadows, we’d keep quiet? How stupid. If it comes down to it, I’ll win against the three of them together.

“It’s time to pay for all the time you’ve done as you pleased so far.”

If we had not been the other party, they might’ve crushed us like they’re used to without causing a fuss.

……I’m disappointed. This isn’t at the level of simple harassment. Can a person grow this arrogant by the thoughts of “nobody can defy me, neither in power nor ability”?

Shit. Aren’t you the ones who are degrading the quality of the Title Matches?


The three of them looked at me with an expression of “What should we do?”. You’ve lived for hundreds of years and don’t even know how to properly apologize?

“On your kneed.”

On this day, I trampled on the head of an old man and a woman for the first time in my life.

But it didn’t feel as good as I thought it would.

* * *


At a certain bar. A handsome man was laughing loudly while holding his stomach after receiving a report from a woman dressed in maid clothes.

“This is not a laughing matter. He made ‘that’ Kisenshou prostrate himself, you know? ”

“Isn’t that interesting!? Or rather, amazing! As expected of the man Chérie took a liking to! ”

“For god’s sake……”

The maid showed a tired expression.

“However, that old man is a crafty one. He probably knew the other party would participate in the Kisenshou Match and tried to make contact.”

“So, he didn’t stop his disciple running wild intentionally? ”

“Probably. If you think about the information he got in exchange for prostrating himself, the information Ernte got was worth it.”

“No way. Did he prostrate himself before an opponent younger than his great-grandchild for that? ”

“Ernte was composed from the beginning. For someone who’s lived for 400 years, prostrating should be nothing important.”

“So, it’s like that……”

The man then emptied his drink all at once, took a deep breath, and then stood up.

A long sword, by which one could easily tell his job, hung by his waist.

“Let’s go, Mariposa.”

“Understood, Jerez-sama.”

“……Shit, it’s a bit frustrating. I also wanted to do something cool as he did.”

“Please don’t, I beg you.”

“Is this envy? ”

“I don’t know.”

“Ahh, I’m looking forward to the day when I can cross sword with him……”

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