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Moto Sekai Ichi'i no Sub-chara Ikusei Nikki
Chapter 85.8:【List of characters】

Chapter 85.8:【List of characters】

Second Firstest

17 years old, male, human.

Transcendentally handsome, with slightly long dark blue hair and unblemished white skin. ※Due to the use of a limited-edition paid avatar.

Inside lies Satou Shichirou, 24 years old, single. A man who, while dropping out of middle school and not attending high school nor working, was a hikikomori and game addict to the VRMMORPG game Mobius Online in which he reigned supreme with his character named 「seven」.

Probably because of his pride as the world’s top, he currently acts somewhat self-important with his alt character Second.

In this mysterious world that he reincarnated in, he is passionate about growing this alt character every day in order to regain his title as the world’s top like those days.

His personality is like being the world’s number one. And would do anything to become the world’s top. Women come next. At times, things get heated up with some of his female companions, but in the end, becoming the world’s number one takes priority.

He has a very good naming sense.

His hobby was Mobius Online, but right now he’s interested in Player vs Player (PvP) battles.

The name of his horse is Seventh Teiō. It’s a black-haired horse.

【Swordsmanship】and 【Archery】 are all Grade 9, except Dragon King and Dragon Horse.

【Magic】from the four major attributes are First Form to Fourth Form, from lightning attribute are from First Form to Fifth Form. With the exception of Fourth and Fifth Form, all others are Grade 9.

【Summoning Magic】’s 《Monster Summoning》, 《Spirit Summoning》, and 《Spirit Possession》 are all Grade 9, 《Tame》 is 11th Class.

《Transform》 is Grade 9, 《Critical》 is Grade 9.

Refers to himself with 「Ore」.


Silvia Virginia

17 years old, female, human.

A dignified former knight with long platinum blonde hair flowing down her back.

She’s the second daughter of the Knight Family Virginia and is currently the Magic Archer or Second’s team, 『Firstest』.

She’s a typical archer with high DEX and AGI. Her INT is also high, which makes her perfect for Magic Archery.

She feels indebted to Second, and is in love with him, but those feelings are hard to express properly because of his craziness.

Due to admiring and yearning to be a knight since she was little, her sense of justice is stronger than in others. She has a serious personality. However, that seriousness has been slowly changing due to somebody’s influence.

She’s not a great thinker, and can sometimes be called a ditz.

Her hobby is the study of signature phrases and finishing moves. Apparently, even after becoming a first-class archer, she can’t seem to give up on her dream of becoming a hero knight.()

The name of her horse is White Silver. It’s a chestnut-haired horse.

【Archery】 skills are all Grade 9, except for Dragon King and Dragon Horse.

As for 【Magic】, she had only learned the Fire Attribute from First to Third Form. All at Grade 9.

《Transform》 is Grade 6, 《Critical》 is Grade 9.

Refer to herself with 「Watashi」, and Second with 「Second-dono」


Eko Leafret

16 years old female Cat Beastmen

Her main features are her short chestnut-colored hair, her cat ears, blue-green eyes, and the pointy teeth that peek through her mouth.

She often makes a silly face with her mouth open, which is caused by the Flehmen response. She has good hearing, and can listen to normal sounds with her human ears, and high frequency sounds with her cat ears. She also has an incredible sense of balance.

Originally a failure in the Royal Magic Academy, she now plays the role of Tank, being a reliable wall for team Firstest.

Her MP is high, however her INT is low. DEX, AGI, and LUK are low, but HP, and VIT, and MGR are high.

Tank+recovery type= an unusual growth type called Battle Priest. The ideal tank role.

Her personality is like a cat. However, she can sometimes be like a dog. She doesn’t really care so long as she’s having fun. She loves Second, and as for Silvia and Yukari, she just likes them.

She sometimes looks like an idiot, but it’s highly likely that she’s actually quite smart. She finds the language tedious since she’s used to the beastmen language (TLN: normal language = Japanese, beastmen language = hiragana only. Also, Eko always speaks in hiragana.)

Loves the phrase “strategy meeting”. She finds it exciting.

Her hobbies are exploring places and collecting rare things. There’s a treasure chest in her room filled with her treasured junk.()

The name of her horse is Leaf Impact. It’s a fawn-colored horse.

Her 【Shieldmanship】 skills are all Grade 9, except Dragon King and Dragon Horse.

Her 【Healing Magic】《Recovery?Small》 is Grade 9.

《Transform》 is Grade 1, 《Critical》 is Grade 9.

Refers to herself with 「Atashi」 and Second with「Second」(TLN: Both in hiragana.)



19 years old, female, Dark Elf.

She has long white-purple hair and brown skin. Her expression is always cold and her gaze sharp. She had a nice body.

She was an assassin under the deceased Duchess. She got caught in a conspiracy, becoming a slave. She later was bought by Second, becoming his Blacksmith.

For some reason she’s addicted to Second. To the point where it’s almost fanatical.

She respects Second as her Master, and loves him as a man.

Being a Blacksmith, the Steward of House Firstest, the Chief Maid, and the person in charge of Bestowal, she a very busy person.

Her character is calm, cool, and collected. She’s a sharp-tongued maid that likes to be right. She has the nickname of “taciturn sex fiend elf”.

Her hobby is observing Second. Something like burning his figure unto her retinas. When she’s alone at nights you can hear her ‘do something’ in her room.

The name of her horse is El Purple. It’s a seal brown-haired horse.

Her 【Blacksmith】’s 《Smelting》, 《Refining》, 《Production》, 《Manufacture》, and 《Disassembly》 are all Grade 9.

Her 【Assassination】 skills are from Soldier to Silver, all at Grade 1.

Her 【Thread Manipulation】 Soldier to Silver are all high class.

《Bestowal Magic》 is Grade 9.

Refers to herself with 「Watashi」, and Second with 「Goshujinsama (Master)」.



Unknown age, unknown gender, Great Spirit King.

Short-cut, red, black, and gold hair with an androgynous face, slender complexion and fair skin. Wears highly presumptuous clothes.

Came to this world in response to the 《Spirit Summoning》 used by Second with the Limited-edition premium spirit ticket.

The Great King who controls the spirit world with Lightning Attribute magic, that deviates from the four major attributes of Fire, Water, Earth and Wind. It’s full of mysteries.

Has a terribly cocky character. Extremely self-important and proud. In fact, so proud it’s hard to deal with.

Hobbies include bullying the weak. However, even with all that said, it has some gentle aspects.

Refers to self with 「Waga」, and Second with 「Waga Second (My Second) 」.



Approximately 100 years old, female, Darkness Wolf Demon.

She has long, jet-black hair, thread-like thin eyes, and a gentle, smiling mouth. Her bewitching limbs can’t be concealed even underneath those dark clothes, black as darkness, that cover her entire body. She’s slightly shorter than Second, and had black-haired wolf ears and tail.

She places first in the “I want to tame these monsters no matter what”-ranking from Second.

For hundreds of years, she spent her days alone in the Library of Everlasting Darkness. Her only entertainment was robing of their lives to those who ventured into that place.

For her, Second is everything in the world. Aside from him, nobody and nothing else really matters to her.

She’s not good with sunlight, and even if a little of it hits her body, she becomes extremely weak.

Her hobby is Second.

Refers to herself with 「Watashi」or「Anko」, and Second with 「Aruji-sama (Lord)」.



Unknown age, female, half-breed spirit of water and earth.

Slender beautiful woman with gray hair in a two-block cut. Characterized by her sleepy eyes and paused manner of speaking.

As a spirit, being a half-breed of water and earth makes her a small fry, but in terms of strategy, she’s unmatched.

In the spirit world, she was active as the military strategist under the Great Spirit King Angolmois, she was called into this world by Yukari’s Spirit Summoning that she performed by instructions of Second.

In conflicts between people, she has an abnormal brain that can read dozens of moves in advance.

After hitting it off with Second in terms of “sense of playing”, she seems to have become slightly interested in him. However, since she’s actively being obstructed by her master Yukari, things haven’t progressed. However, she even enjoys that back on forth.

Her hobby is Gedankenexperiment. She always trains about how much can she read ahead correctly with as little information. However, since recently her emotions have surfaced, the results of her experiments have been messed. Her thoughts tend to move in the direction of “this and that” with Second as of lately.

Refers to herself with 「Watashi」, and Second with 「Second-san」.


Maine Castall

16 years old, male, human.

Because of his silky blonde hair, androgynous face, small stature and slender body, he looks like a woman. But, he’s a man.

He’s the second Prince of the Castall Kingdom. He attended the Royal Magic Academy, and held the highest score among the first-year students.

A clear-headed honor student who’s good at magic and has a wealth of knowledge. However, since he’s a prince, others don’t approach him much. Some students speak ill behind his back calling him mothercon and swot.

Although he often expresses it, he admires Second, and loves him like an older brother figure. Eventually they became friends.

His hobby is studying. He ranks quite high in the amount of knowledge he has, across the whole Kingdom.

Refers to himself with 「Boku」, and Second with 「Second-san」.


Klaus Castall

20 years old, male, human.

A sharp-eyed handsome man with long golden hair tied in the back. In contrast to Maine, he is tall and with a fairly well-trained body.

He’s the first Prince of the Castall Kingdom. Captain of the First Knight Order. He was the first in line to the throne.

So skilled in swordsmanship that he is said to be the top of the Kingdom. ※Excluding Title Matches.

With a ferocious personality, he’s a man who believes in talent. The cowards without talent are just inferior garbage in his eyes.

Due to his mother’s brainwash-like education he became obsessed with becoming King and developed an uncontrollable hate for his brother Maine.

However, he seems to trust the Second Queen Freon, who was supposed to be his political enemy……?

His hobby is bullying his younger brother. The person in question doesn’t seem to notice his actions show a lack of confidence and uneasiness.



Barwell Castall

43 years old, male, human.

Middle-aged man with dark-blonde hair and sharp expression like that of a bear. King of the Castall Kingdom.

Profits-first, selfish and self-centered King. That’s what Second thought about him, but he was apparently different in this world.

He never yielded to the Empire until the very end, and always tried to make a fair judgment.


Freon Castall

34 years old, female, human.

Beautiful woman with silky blonde long hair that reached her waist. Very similar to Maine in looks.

Second Queen of the Castall Kingdom. Maine’s mother. Originally, she was a maid serving King Barwell.

She has a very keen mind, and because of this, the Prime Minister and the First Queen always got in her way since they feared her.

For her, her son Maine is the most important, but at the same time, she fell pity for Klaus’ situation.

Tea time is her hobby. It’s her daily routine to elegantly talk with her favorite maid.


White Castall

39 years old, female, human.

A woman with thick makeup and dazzling hair which is a mix of brown and golden.

First Queen of the Castall Kingdom. Klaus’s mother.

A person obsessed with money and power. A fool who tramples others in order to gain more power and protect her daily gorgeous life. Nobody likes her, but few voiced their opinions against her.

She hates the concubine Freon and her daughter Maine. She tried to make Klaus the King at any cost because she wanted to become the King’s mother and wield that kind of power, but since she’s ignorant of politics, she only interfered with Klaus. Still, nobody paid attention to her.



50 years old, male, human.

Barcode-bald old man. He has the appearance of a store manager.

He’s a Minister in the Castall Kingdom, and is very good. Leader of the Second Prince Faction.

He excels in viewing the bigger picture and looks calmly at the future. His manner of speaking is nothing short of refined.

He is very patriotic, and works hard for the Kingdom. Rumors says it’s because of this that he became bald.

His hobby is visiting a tavern with his friends on weekends. Despite him being the minister of a country, his tastes are quite common.


Val Morrow

51 years old, male, human.

Has the appearance of a cool uncle.

Prime Minister of the Castall Kingdom. His true identity is that of a spy from the Marubell Empire. Over the course of 30 years he gained the trust of the King due to this talent.

Manipulating First Prince Klaus from the shadows, he changed him into a puppet, and was secretly planning to do the same with the Castall Kingdom, making them serve under the Marubell Empire.

However, the plan which he spent half his life splendidly went up in smoke after Second foiled it, causing him to go crazy in anger.

He eventually became a lump of meat and was delivered fresh to Emperor Marubell via cold package.



44 years old, male, human.

A slender middle-aged man with bulging eyes.

He’s the Captain of the Third Knight Order of the Castall Kingdom.

He can do his job, but he’s also dishonest. By stepping over others, he climbed to his current position.

He’s the type of person to leave things for later. He joined hands with the Prime Minister and was taking advantage of it to the fullest.

Execution is certain. Currently being tortured.



49 years old, male, human.

Middle-aged man with a funny little mustache.

Captain of the Second Knight Order of the Castall Kingdom.

A soldier to the core. He’s so patriotic that if it’s for the good of his country, he’s willing to work himself to the bone.

In the past he had the ability and was hailed as someone who would for sure enter the Title Matches, but an illness made him unable to move his legs as he wanted, and since then he’s always been in a position of command. He slowly raised until he became a Captain.

His hobby is going to bars with young girls. After all, you need a breather once in a while. However, he has enough self-control that he only does this about twice a month.



36 years old, male, human.

A large middle-aged man about 2 meters tall.

Vice-Captain of the Second Knight Order. Powerful swordsman who’s known as the strongest among the knights.

Usually kept to himself, he becomes quite talkative with it comes to fighting.

Father of two. Devoted husband. His personality is the opposite match for his large body. He’s caring and dependable, so there’s no subordinate who doesn’t like him.

His hobby is cooking refined cuisine on his days off. Not only he does this for his family, he also sometimes invites his subordinates.


Chérie Lumberjack

16 years old, female, human.

Young noble lady with long brown hair and ringlets. Despite her height and breasts being small, her pride is higher than anyone else.

However, that’s already in the past. After having met Second, wetting herself and almost dying, she slowly has grown as a person. However, the same can’t be said for her height or breast size.()

She can be called an elite, being the youngest adventurer to reach A rank, and the daughter of the Lumberjack Earl Family.

She also holds the title of genius summoner, using the Great Spirit of Earth, Gnomides.

Because of her arrogant personality, she had no friends growing up, so she named Gnomides as Terra, and spent all her days together with her instead of making friends.

She deeply respects Second, who rushed to save her in her predicament, and is in love with him. She is a bit of a stalker.

Can be either the boke or the tsukkomi type (Silly or serious). Her tsukkomi responses are remarkable sharp.

Her hobby is secretly writing novels at night. She’s currently writing a royal road-type of story about a hero’s daughter, who’s a summoner, who is saved by a prince in a white horse whom despite being a summoner like her, uses swordsmanship.

Refers to herself with 「Watashi」, and Second with 「Anta (inflection of Anata/you) 」



Unknown age, female, spirit.

Beautiful brown-skinned woman. Great Spirit of Earth, Gnomides. Chérie is her summoner.

The name Terra was given to her by Chérie when she was a child. The person in question seems to like it.

Since she had been with her for a very long time, she’s more like an older sister or a motherly figure to Chérie. Her love for her is deep.

But, while it’s unknown if it’s because of love or something else, she loves to tease Chérie frequently. Totally not the way to treat her master at all. The proverb “to show results immediately (uteba hibiku)” makes Terra laugh.

She has a fluffy and sometimes difficult to grasp personality. According to Chérie, she’s a “mix of an angel and a demon”.

Her hobby is teasing Chérie. After that, she comforts her after she calms down.


Barel Lumberjack

43 years old, male, human.

Attractive middle-aged man with an athletic body, not to thick, not too thin.

Earl of house Lumberjack. He has the commercial city Le?ador as his territory. He’s commonly known as the “Woodcutting Earl”.

It was the Lumberjack Family the ones who made Le?ador, formerly a village in the forest, develop into a large city that attracts all kinds of businesses.

He’s accomplished both in the literary and military arts, and was well known in the past as a prodigy.

Although he stepped down from the military path and became a figure of business, he’s still in extremely good shape.

His hobby is taking a walk. He disguises to hide his identity and walks through the shops in Le?ador. This is a pain for his escorts.


Jerez Lumberjack

23 years old, male, human.

Handsome tall man with long brown hair. Eldest son of the Lumberjack family.

He’s a swordsman great enough to not bring shame to the name Lumberjack. Some people say the best in the Kingdom is Klaus, some say it’s him.

He wanders the Kingdom alongside his maid, Mariposa.

The day he meets Second draws near.



24 years old, male, human.

Handsome man with blonde hair and blue eyes. He’s Second’s steward and a butler of House Firstest.

Formerly the young leader of the chivalrous bandit group R6 (Rimusuma Six) who were active in the vicinity of the capital, he’s extremely noble-minded.

Although his heart will always be with his deceased boss Rimusuma, his loyalty towards Second, who saved him, is stronger than anyone else’s.

He’s like a company chairman, good at bringing employees together, good at caring for others, and with a calm deposition. Despite him being hot-blooded, he values honor.

He’s responsible for various jobs like waiting, serving, public relations, servant guidance, alcohol management and consultant.

Political purges are his hobby. When he sees a servant slacking, he happily teaches them with his fists.

Refers to himself with 「Watashi」, and Second with 「Second-sama」.



38 years old, Onee, human.

Feminine macho-man with bulging muscles. His body is that of a man, his mind that of a maiden. Serves as the head gardener for House Firstest.

Former C-ranked martial arts adventurer. He was sick of working across several different teams.

He hated barbaric work like that of an adventurer and wanted instead to do something cute, like taking care of a flower shop.

He’s very fond of his current position, being able to take care of the garden, and feels like his sleeping sense of gardening has now blossomed. He’s active as both gardener and security guard.

Fell in love at first sight with Second after being saved. Ever since then, every time he’s in front of Second, his head goes blank with embarrassment and ends up speaking strange things.

After being praised by Second for the muscular body that he hated, his thoughts changed completely and he’s now working hard day and night, aiming for the ultimate body.

He calls all other servants with -chan, and has asked them to refer to him with -chan as well.

His hobbies are taking baths and muscle training. Recently, complaints have been increasing about him doing flexibility exercises in the shared male bath. According to the person in question, he said “I’m not interested in the nudity of others except for Second-sama”, but that doesn’t seem to be the problem.

Refers to himself with 「Atashi」, and Second with 「Second-sama」.



35 years old, male, human.

Middle-aged man with unkempt hair and beard, with glasses and an uninterested expression. But even if he looks like this, he’s the Chef of House Firstest.

Got into a marriage scam with a woman he got serious about, lost all his money and fell into slavery. On top of that, he had to shoulder her debts.

Former B-ranked adventurer. Originally good at cooking, but preferred to cook man’s cuisine. After he became the head chef, he learned recipes so hard that he felt he would die. Rather, he had to make meals for 14 servants every day, three times a day from the first day, so he was forced to learn.

He has a playboy personality, but is never serious about a relationship because of his past trauma.

Unable to forget her deceiving wife, he started to smoke Caramelia. On every holiday, he went to the seller of Caramelia with the excuse of going out with women. In the end, not being able to afford the increased prince, he collapsed because of withdrawal symptoms. He’s currently undergoing treatment.

His hobby is drinking. He’s admired by many male servants, who call him Sovra-nii-san.

Refers to himself with 「Ore」, and Second with 「Second-sama」.



16 years old, male, human.

Young man with sharp eyes and swept-back brown hair, the delinquent type. He’s a stable-hand.

He was originally a mischievous orphan. Straying from the right path, he became a vagabond, growing up as a thug, and finally falling into slavery after a failed robbery.

After coming to House Firstest, he was put under hard teachings as a stable-master, finally turning him into a full-fledged man.

He became even more enthusiastic about his work after officially been entrusted with Second’s horse, Seventh Teiō. It is said he cried manly tears after drinking with Sovra.

Because of his good care, and honest, and upright nature, he’s respected by the younger stable-hands like a big brother.

Cubero is his natural enemy. Since he was originally a thug, he couldn’t help but to think about the young head of the R6 as incredible.

His hobby is horse riding. He was happy to find an opportunity to escape from the lifestyle of rob or being robbed, and strives to become a warrior.

Refers to himself with 「Ore」, and Second with 「Second-sama」.



14 years old, male, human.

A stable-hand brat with short bangs. Looks up to Jast like a big brother.

Former petty thief brat. Curious and cheeky. Every time he speaks some nonsense, he’s beaten up by Jast.

He’s infatuated with Jast, and follows him like a big brother.

His hobby is boasting about his Aniki (Jast). His goal is to eventually write a biography of his Aniki, and spread his greatness to the world.

Refers to himself with 「Ore」, and Second with 「Goshujin (Master)」


El & Es

16 years old and 15 years old, female, human.

Redhead sisters. The elder sister, El is a boyish girl with semi-long hair, and the younger sister, Es is more girly, with a side ponytail.

They are members of the all-purpose maid squad, the Ten Great, and serve as captains for the Es squad and El squad respectively.

El squad is famous as a fighting squad. They feel more like a mercenary group than maids.

The Es squad is famous for being more orthodox. There are rumors that in a sense, they are tougher than El squad.

These sisters are famous among the servants, and have several nicknames, like: Uneven sisters, sun and moon, fire and water, etc.

Because of their past experience of false accusations, they are quite strict about doubting people and collecting evidence.

El’s hobby is martial arts. She has confidence in her skills, and her goal is to make the most of her skills and one day be useful to Second.

Es’s hobby is sewing. She’s been fixing her sister’s clothes for a long time, so her skills are quite good. Before she knew it, it had become her hobby.

Refers to herself with 「Atashi」, and Second with 「Goshujinsama (Master)」(El).

Refers to herself with 「Watashi」, and Second with 「Goshujinsama (Master)」(Es).



17 years old, female, human.

Albino girl with pure white hair, unblemished white skin and light red eyes.

One of the Ten Great. Captain of the Yve squad, the assassination unit directly under Yukari.

Since she is albino, all the villagers and even her parents thought of her as creepy and called her “demon child”, confining her in a prison house from an early age.

She is silent and expressionless, just like a doll. She wants, in fact, to get along with everyone, but she’s too shy and withdrawn.

She’s not good with outdoors since she’s weak to sunlight. She also has poor eyesight, and is often helped by her subordinates.

She’s very skilled with her hands, and uses 【Thread Manipulation】. Therefore, with Yukari’s eyes on her, she’s growing rapidly as an assassin.

Her hobby is playing with threads. There was nothing to do while she was confined, so she spent her days killing time strangely by ripping her clothes and sewing them back together.

Refers to herself with 「A……」, and Second with 「……a」.



17 years old, female, human.

Slender girl with neat, beautiful long black hair.

One of the Ten Great. Captain of the Cosmos squad (Cosmos-tai), commonly known as the 「Hen-tai」 (Pervert’s squad).

She’s a helpless pervert. A walking tEROrist. 90% of the words she speaks are dirty talk.

She has an excellent artistic sense and is great at drawing. Her hobby is the sexual harassment of those of her same-sex.

Refers to herself with 「Watashi」, and Second with 「Goshujinsama (Master)」.



18 years old, female, human.

A beautiful girl with a spirited hairstyle, fluffy blonde hair that flows in elegant waves. She spends an hour every morning fixing it.

Her make-up is perfect, her height is moderate, and her breasts are big; she looks like the rich daughter of some noble. Her own maid clothes are also gorgeously decorated.

One of the Ten Great. She’s the captain of the Champani squad, the self-proclaimed “Great squad”.

She never cuts any corner when it comes to fashion. Be it standing or doing something, she acts like a proper lady. However, she’s only a maid.

Her hobby is becoming more like a noble lady. She’s someone who works hard. “Oh ho ho ho! “, is the way she laughs.

Refers to herself with 「Watakushi」, and Second with 「Goshujinsama (Master)」.



20 years old, female, human.

A very ordinary woman who’s not beautiful nor cute, but she isn’t ugly either.

Belong to the Yve squad, and is an excellent assassin. She’s a pro in regards to collecting information.

She was able to get along with Yve by chance, and since then, she has become her interpreter.

She lacks the feeling of fear, and there’s nothing she’s scared of.

She also lacks in communication skills, and when alone, she’s very gloomy.

She always ends her phrases with “-is what she said” when devoting herself to interpreting. If she doesn’t do this, she wouldn’t be able to speak to others.

However, when it’s related to work, she can speak no problem. In other words, she’s terrible at small talk.

Her hobby is keeping creatures. She loves a pet spider called Consade.

Refers to herself with 「Watashi」, and Second with 「Goshujinsama (Master)」.



29 years old, male, human.

Bony faced, very tall man with black hair swept back and a sharp gaze that seems to kill by staring at you.

A member of the R6 and former subordinate of Cubero. Totally a yakuza-like person.

Adores his boss, Rimusuma, loves the young leader, Cubero, and is awed by Second.

After the fall of the R6, he hid as a beggar and wandered around the Camel Churches in the Kingdom, hiding from the knights at the time he looked for scattered members.

Now that he reunited with Cubero, he’s working in house Firstest as a servant, while dreaming of the revival of the R6.

His hobby is fishing. On holidays, he goes to Lake Vanilla in high spirits. Because he adds a side dish for the servants for dinner by doing this, his evaluation among them is high.

Refers to himself with 「Oira (I)」, and Second with 「Goshujin」.



55 years old, male, human.

Red-haired, bald at the top old man.

Leader of the First Royal Court Magician Division. Also known as the Flame General.

He values hard work, but hates those who bend the rules. A man fierce like a flame. Loyal retainer of King Barwell and member of the Second Prince faction.

Can use Fire Attribute magic up to the Fifth Form.

His hobby is going out with his wife and children on holidays. He believes he’s happily shopping as a family but he still hasn’t realized that he’s only used as a luggage carrier.

Refers to himself with 「Washi (I)」, and Second with 「Kozou (Kid)」.



18 years old, female, human.

Black haired girl with a bob cut. She’s small, in many aspects. Because of someone, she’s been started to be called Kokeshi.

Ace of the First Royal Court Magician Division. Knows Water Attribute magic up to Fourth Form at a high level, and Wind Attribute magic at a moderate level.

Because of her great pride as an elite, she can’t afford to be looked down upon.

She’s a freaking serious-working person. She won’t put up with anything that’s not logical, and is unaware of the fail in logic caused by her emotions.

She kind of acknowledged Second deep down in her mind. She also respects Chérie very much as a fellow woman.

His hobby is her work, but recently she started to realize that this wasn’t a hobby at all. The day when she finds a hobby draws near.

Refers to herself with 「Watashi」, and Second with 「Anata (You)」.



18 years old, female, human.

A very ordinary-looking woman.

She’s a member of the First Royal Court Magician Division. She has a great ability to command, and is good at managing his teammates’ conditions.

She’s friends with Sherry, and always worried about Sherry’s lack of room to fail and learn. Like the dirt after the rain becomes more solid, so did their friendship.

Her younger sister, Aroma who attends the Royal Magic Academy, is a fan of Second, and after getting curious about him, she also became a fan.

She spends agonizing nights looking at the colored paper that she got with Second, which for some reason isn’t in her sister’s room.

Her hobby is aromatic candles. No particular reason for this.

Refers to herself with 「Watashi」, and Second with 「Second-san」.



19 years old, male, human.

Tall man with defined musculature, with long red-brown hair. Has a common face. Alias, Kimoronge.

Marubell Empire’s intelligence officer with the setting of being an adventurer from the slums and a summoner.

His main mission is to gather information about the adventurers in the Castall Kingdom. It’s true that he’s from the slums and wants to become a true summoner. He uses a wind spirit called Nymphe.

After being in mental tatters because of Second, he went and told the emperor: “The world’s top man, Second, fancies the Marubell Empire”, without making a mistake.

It seems like the stress caused by that made him go bald ten years earlier.

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