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Moto Sekai Ichi'i no Sub-chara Ikusei Nikki
Chapter 95 Kisenshou Match 1

Chapter 95 Kisenshou Match 1

“You have my praise for not running away.”

Kisenshou Title Match, the semi-finals before the match to decide the first challenger.()

My opponent was――Dee Mix.

I face her head-on at the center of the arena and spoke at her imposingly.

“That should be my line. With how bad our Second ‘Issenza’ messed you up the other day, I’m surprised you dared show your face to the public.” “

“……That man has nothing to do with this. It is you the one I have a grudge against.”

????It is working. I could clearly sense it.

Second-dono taught me several basic surprise tactics for interpersonal battles. Those also included “Off-board tactics/bangaisen”, a sort of psychological warfare that takes place before or during the game.

Dee Mix apparently has been “traumatized” by Second-dono……It was Yukari’s ingenious spirit, Windfield, the one who advised me on this. Second-dono told me “I can’t think of anyone better at off-board tactics as her, so why don’t you ask?”. I think so too, but in the case of Windfield, I think she’s better than any person in board tactics too. Wait, should I say ‘better than any spirit’ instead?

Anyway. Windfield taught me how to add salt to Dee’s wounds. The procedure is as follows, first to bring out Second-dono’s name, and when an expression of repudiation is shown……keep talking without giving her a chance.

“Only against me? That’s wrong. I am one of Second-dono’s companions. It was you guys who turned the Issenza into your enemy. That’s why you won’t be able to do any despicable acts in this match. After all, Second-dono is watching. And so is His Majesty Maine. Second-dono has a very friendly relationship with His Majesty. If he were to report on the previous incident, you might be punished by the Castall Kingdom. Maybe even an indefinite suspension from the Title Games. Furthermore, you might’ve thought you were forgiven because you prostrated yourself, but that’s a mistake. Don’t think Second-dono has forgiv――”

“Shut up! Shut your trap!! Stop spouting that guy’s name!! “

Dee flared-up and shouted while at the same time she placed her hands over her ears. Looking closely, you could see her body shaking slightly.

……Wait a second, wasn’t it a bit too effective?

U-umu, it makes me feel a bit guilty. I should not think “I can’t keep doing these cowardly acts”, because I need to keep using them if the surprise strategy that I want to play has a chance to succeed.

“Participants, get ready.”

With those instructions from the referee, we both participants moved to our designated spots.

Dee had lost her calm expression and was now scratching the back of her head, ruffling her long, emerald green hair.

Nice, seems like the ‘off-board’ tactics are a success.

“――Begin! “

We bow.

The next moment, when I rushed forward to close the distance between me and Dee――

“Ahahahaha! “

Dee held out her bow, her mouth smiling big while she laughed.

She recovered instantly. Crap, it was all an act……!

“Tch! “

I hesitated for a moment before evading sideways the 《Soldier Archery》shots that came flying my way one after the other.

“Yeah, That’s right! (Ora ora ora!) So, you’re going to keep running!? “

……So, it doesn’t seem like she was acting. There’s something wrong with Dee. I don’t know what her reason is, but she appears to be in a hurry to attack.

If so.

Let’s do that now. Surprise tactic number one……!

“Eat this! “Demonslayer”! “

As I approached Dee while avoiding her 《Soldier Archery》onslaught, when I was at a distance of about 8 meters, I prepared a 《Bishop Archery》 shot.

“You’re going to get hit, you know! “

Obviously, there’s no way to dodge Dee’s 《Soldier Archery》 at this distance.

But that’s what’s needed for “Demonslayer”. If Dee had used powerful skills such as 《Silver》 or 《Rook》, the damage and force of impact would’ve been too heavy to be able to finish my 《Bishop Archery》 shot. However, if it’s just 《Soldier Archery》, then.

“Guuu! “

It hurts a little, but other than that there’s nothing to worry about!

“You’re kidding me.”

Those words left Dee’s lips, then she moved her body to evade my 《Bishop Archery》 skill.

However, too bad. That’s not what I was aiming at……

“Kyaa! “

My aim was, something lower.

《Bishop Archery》 is a powerful penetrating attack. And by releasing it almost parallel to the ground, the arrow scrapes it, creating an effect similar to a smokescreen.

“What, this–!? “

Dee was enveloped in the smokescreen, blocking her view.

And that moment brings forth an opportunity. The next move will be the deciding factor in Demonslayer.

You would usually use a smokescreen like this to your advantage by keeping your distance and attacking in a way that makes you have the upper hand. However, Demonslayer is different.

“Eat this.”

I plunged into the smokescreen.

And after catching Dee’s figure, I followed her through the smokescreen.

After that, I jumped a short distance at her, as if I wanted to hug her―― and unleashed a 《Gold Archery》 shot at her!

“Wha–……!? “

《Gold Archery》 is a ranged attack with added knockback effect, but its range is short. However, because of our distance, it is sure to connect!


Dee was blown back, landing on her butt.

This is a huge chance. The first step of the Demonslayer surprise tactic was successful!

“This is the end! “

I then fired a 《Silver Archery》 shot at Dee, who was still lying on the ground.

With this, it’s decided――Or so I thought. Yeah, I got greedy.

After all, I only know of three surprise attack methods. One for the semifinals, one for the finals, and one for the Title match. That was the ideal plan. Therefore, I wanted to keep the other two a secret as much as possible. Even Second-dono told me so over and over again. He said, “These surprise attack methods only work the first time an opponent sees them”.

……Why? Why didn’t I choose 《Soldier Archery》, which has a short preparation time?

I truly regret it, but it’s too late now.

“I~~diot! “

This is what I get for being greedy. This sure gives me something to learn.

At the last possible moment, Dee avoided my 《Silver Archery》shot at the same time she regained her posture.

Ahh, this is really the worst.

It’s like……I’m back to the starting point.

“Looks like you missed your chance! “

Dee quickly attacked using《Soldier Archery》.

Just as I thought that time three weeks ago, she’s indeed strong. Although her personality is truly terrible, there’s a reason she’s participating in the Kisenshou matches. I mean, she’s even the disciple of the current Kisenshou titleholder.

“Tch……! “

I tried my best to shot another 《Gold Archery》while our distance was still short, but since she was still wary of the Demonslayer tactic I mentioned earlier, this time she wouldn’t let me approach even a single step.

That’s just like Second-dono said. This surprise attack strategy might only work the first time the opponent sees it.


A moment of hesitation.

Should I do it, or not?

……Haa. What am I hesitating for? I can’t, even if only against Dee, let myself be defeated. In any case, I want to win. If so, then I should do it. Isn’t that right?

Surprise tactic number two――“Lance Rocket”.

“Ah-ha! So, you’re going to run with your tail between your legs? “

Ignoring the taunting words of Dee, I sprinted, bringing myself to the maximum distance from her.

Reaching this point, even if Dee were to shot something like 《Soldier Archery》, I could easily see it and avoid it by simply walking aside.

“Take this! Lance Rocket! “

I learned from Second-dono that it’s good manners to say the name of the tactic in the case of surprise attacks. Therefore, I obediently did so.

However, I wonder what’s with this naming sense? I don’t know what a rocket is, but I can tell it’s a kind of a strange word. I bet even I can think of a better sounding name. Like Dark Lance Spark, not too bad if I say so myself.

Well, leaving his terrible name aside……its power sure is tremendous.

“……? What is that? Dragon Horse……!? “

With a mix between confusion and vigilance, Dee relaxed her arms that had already prepared a 《Soldier Archery》 shot. Nice, it seems the Demonslayer a while back had a great effect.

While still being a distance away from Dee, I prepared 《Dragon Horse Archery》……and aiming it below me, I fired a zero-distance shot.

Bagooooon! The impact shook the ground and the roar echoed all across the arena.

Dust arose as if smoke. And, before me is―― a hole that where I can completely hide if I crouch down.

Without a moment’s delay, I jumped into the hole and got 《Lance Archery》 ready to be used.

……The next moment. A flow of consecutive shots.

From inside the whole and towards Dee Mix, who was standing at ground level.

In other words. ???????Ignoring the ground between us and shoot……!

“You, just what in the world are you tryin――”

The first arrow from 《Lance Archery》 pierced through the soil, and more came after that ???completing a path that reached towards Dee.

But that’s crazy! That is what you would think, right? I thought so too. That’s why this is considered a surprise attack strategy. So long as you know it, there are many ways to counter it. Or in other words, it’s a tactic full of downsides. However, a person who doesn’t know about it wouldn’t understand it and would make light of it. You get confused. And get splendidly caught in it. The same happened to me. And now to her. That’s all there is to it.

“No way!? “

A piercing arrow suddenly appeared from the ground, coming diagonally from below at Dee. It was a complete surprise. Only those who knew in advance that an arrow would come from there wouldn’t hesitate or be caught off guard.

“Ugh, egh.”

This is Lance Rocket; two arrows were stuck to her. That’s more than enough. I was lucky.

So, I jumped out of the hole and shot 《Soldier Archery》 in rapid succession.

And because of the arrows piercing her abdomen and hips, she couldn’t move like usual to dodge them.

Shoot. Shoot. Shoot.

Over and over again I kept shooting 《Soldier Archery》.


“――We have a winner! Victor, Silvia Virginia! “

And thus, I’ve won.


I’ve, won?

……There’s no way, right?

It was then that my ears began to notice the sound of the surroundings.

A thunderous cheer. And all those cheers, all those applauses, they were directed at me.

“…………I-I’ve won.”

I won. I’ve won. I WON……!


* * *

“For being Ernte’s pupils, you guys were quite pitiful.”

“Why? Why did this happen!? Shouldn’t you be blind……!? “

“There are some things you can see only because you are blind.”

“Da……mn! “

Kisenshou event, challenger’s semi-final match.

Alfredo vs Jay Mix.

Not even five minutes had passed since the start of the match, but the result was already clear.

“You should stop studying under that man. It’s not making you sisters any good.”

“I don’t need your advice! “

“……Not in the mood of talking, huh? Then let me show you.”

“Kyaaaa! “

An overwhelming victory.

It’s no exaggeration to say this was a one-sided victory.

When the referee declared Alfredo’s victory, the audience’s excitement erupted.

But even so, the winner’s expression remained calm and composed.

And under the guidance of his attendant, Alfredo left the arena.

Afterward and while watching him, the woman who will be his next opponent and the man who is her master talked.

“Jay was researched. Everything she did was shut down by Alfredo-dono.”

“Yeah. But I’m sure you were not. After all, you’re a new face.”

“Umu. And I’ve got the surprise attacks.”

“With his calm a composed expression that almost says ‘I can’t let myself lose’……It almost makes me feel a bit sorry for him.”

“He spoke a lot with Jay, right? It seems things run deeper than it looks. I want to ask about that before the next match starts.”

“Is that so? By the way, you only have one more, will you be alright? “

“I’ll try my best. But to be honest I’m just happy to have one win on my first tournament.”

“Well, I think you’re doing great for only having trained three weeks.”

“Hoo, that is rare. Did you hear that, Eko? Second-dono honestly praised me.”

“Don’t tease me. It was a good surprise attack. Congratulations on your victory, Silvia.”

“……Umu! “

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Moto Sekai Ichi'i no Sub-chara Ikusei Nikki Chapter 95 Kisenshou Match 1