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" Agh, I missed this, this is some good rum" Max said as he sat on top of the ruins of the last Barbarian city on the planet. 

Sebastian could not help but quake in his boots as he sat beside his friend in the middle of the burning city as the two of them chilled and drank rum like they were back in Dwargon. 

In one single day his friend had massacred the entire barbarian population on the planet and had killed barbarians by the millions. 

A deadlock that could not be broken by other supremely talented vampire generals was not only broken but obliterated in 24 hours by a single man. 

His friends power was now going beyond the realm of common sense as while he could see some exhaustion on the face of Mira who had shifted to her human form after the days carnage and was visibly tired, however, no such expression could be seen on Max's face which was vibrant and energetic as ever. 

" Sir, the commanders from the other clans are requesting a meeting with you- , a total of 14 commanders have gathered outside and we think 12 more are on their way here" a Bloodfall clan soldier reported as Max signalled while sipping his rum to allow them an audience. 

Moments later, 14 tier5 men stood before Max as they bowed deeply to him first, before one of them asked the question. 

" Lo-L-Lord Ravan, have you really cleared all the barbarians from this planet? " one of them asked as Max recognised the insignia in his military attire to be from the Titus clan. 

" This is the last city… right? " Max asked while looking around as if making sure he did not miss anything. 

" Y-yes lord Ravan " the man replied, stuttering as he lost his composure in front of the man responsible for this display of unequivocal power. 

" Then yes, I hope this planet is clear. Let's claim it for the vampire monarchy, under the fact that it rightfully belongs to us and wipe out any remaining stragglers on this planet. 

An operation for which I'm sure all of you will Cooperate" Max suggested as everyone of them nodded vehemently. 

" Very well, if you gentlemen and women want some drinks then please help yourself to the rum here, if not you may go on your search for some independent stragglers left on this planet and wipe them out. 

Let's claim the destroyed cities and make bases for this planet from this day forward shall be ruled under the illustrious crown of King Regus Aurelius " Max said as he did a bottoms up on his rum and then poured himself another. 


( A few hours later ) 

A skull numbing report was sent to all vampire clans as the entire vampire society was put on notice regarding the deeds of one Ravan Bloodfall. 

In a report that would seem like a fairytale if it was not personally verified by thousands of credible sources it seemed like Ravan had wiped out the entire barbarian population and routed the enemy forces completely in one single day. 

What was more incredible was that he did it all alone using nothing but his own strength to achieve this rather than relying on some mysterious artefact. 

In these times of duress it was a much welcomed piece of news, especially when they had a Lord's council coming up in 3 days time. 

" So after being gone for a few months you return in such a grand fashion? Seems like me backing you up by giving you troops to take on the Kingsman clan was not a wasted decision, you definitely have potential boy…. " Vega Titus said as he read the report submitted to him by the commander of his forces on the planet. 

" Somebody needed to wipe them barbarians out someday, I wish it could have been me but the damn contract prevented me from interfering. 

In a way this is good as well, but if they allowed me to fight I'd get the same results in a matter of a couple of hours. The boy's record of 24 hours is just so-so " Julian Caesar said as he read the report, and although he made a snide comment about Max being slow, he was internally extremely impressed by his feat. 

" Good! The timing could not have been better, with the Lord's meeting coming up in a few days this will give you some leverage to put your point on the big boys table although you are not a god. 

I hope you have your common sense about you and don't give ridiculous suggestions based on bloodlust from your current wave of achievements " Sam Saint Maximus said as he read the report and nodded in satisfaction at the fact that this achievement would make sure that Max had a voice at the table during the next lords meeting that was to discuss the upcoming war strategy. 


( Meanwhile in Vanaheim ) 

Anna read the report on Max and his crushing victory and sighed as she tore the report paper apart. 

She had been focusing on her personal training all this while and learning very powerful archery moves that would help her earn a spot beside Max during battle. 

She had even learnt the famed [ Eolande Arc ] the signature move of her father that could halt the March of even the best trained armies dead in their tracks, hoping that it would impress Max, but as things turned out to be it seemed like Max was now capable of destroying entire armies alone without needing the help of anyone else. 

' It's not enough! If I want him to respect me as a warrior, I need to do much much more…. ' Anna thought as she picked up her bow and began practising her archery with a renewed desire to improve. 


( Meanwhile Asiva ) 

Asiva read the report with a soft smile on her face. She did not care about Max's victory nor his tremendous power increase. 

She was only happy about the part in the report that stated that he was safe and had sustained no minor or major injuries in the operation. 

To her it was the only thing that mattered. 

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