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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God
Chapter 530 The Lord’s True Strength

Max calmly flew on Mira's back as he took a survey of the number of territories that he needed to destroy today. 

He had already taken a look at the map of the planet before and all in all it looked like he needed to destroy some 19 forts, 31 towns and 4 cities. 

He was a little hesitant to hit areas where both support civilians and military officers lived together like the city's and the towns, however, he decided to give them a fair warning to leave, but if they did not then he would let their own fate decide whether they lived or died. 

Due to the system contract between the vampire king Regus and the Savage King, nobody above the tier5 realm of power could set foot in the three disputed planets which was why Max felt like he was unstoppable here now. 

With the strongest opponent that he would face being just tier5, Max was sure that he would obliterate them in open battle especially with Mira by his side. 

" What do you say Mira? Should we wait for Sebastian to gather the rest of the Bloodfall army and March alongside them, or should we just go ahead and destroy some forts on our own? " Max asked as he stroked Mira on her neck, trying to provide some comfort after the horror that she had faced today. 

Mira did not reply but rather just hastened her speed towards the nearest fortress. 

Mira had grown a lot in the past six months, it was like she underwent a sudden growth spurt where not only did her body and wing size increase significantly, but so did her power.

She had an intimidating presence around her just like her mother Rhea which commanded fear and respect as she tore through the skies. 


A screeching dragon's roar made the entire enemy fort tremble as the tier5 commander of the fortress climbed to the top in an instant and began preparing a counterspell against the unfriendly dragon. 

[ Dragon's Breath ] 

Mira used dragon's breath, her flames now strong enough not only to set the fort on fire but to literally slice through rock like it was paper. 

Her breath dissected entire sections of the fort, melting them to boot. 

There was sheer chaos inside the fortress as the soldiers inside scrambled to find their weapons and take their positions. 

The tier5 barbarian commander seemed to have locked onto Mira with whatever spell he was conjuring, but before he could cast the attack, he saw a small object jumping from the back of the sprawling dragon and coming towards him at a terminal velocity. 

[ Tremor ] 

Max landed precisely on the tier5 commander, flying at such a speed that the opponent was unable to even react to him incoming as he tackled the man and forced him to take a trip from the top of the fort, all the way to the basement, 6 floors down while breaking every middle surface in the process. 

Finally as he did pin him to the surface, Max used tremor to start a violent earthquake, shaking the very foundations of the fort from the ground up causing a structural failure as rock and dust began falling everywhere beside him. 

His opponent who was completely winded and had broken ribs threw a punch at his face, but instead of hitting something solid his hands just hit a burning hot flame as Max turned half his head into its elemental form. 

" Agh, ********* " the commander cursed as Max grinned evilly while facing him. 

" Just what the hell are you? " The man asked in horror to which Max just replied with a point-blank [ Dragons Breath ] to his face. 

Max brutally killed the tier5 commander by literally reducing his head to ashes under his Dragons Breath before moving the rubble of the fort covering him like it was paper and making his way towards the surface. 

[ Wind Storm ] 

Max activated a fast moving storm that was imbued with wind blades at regular intervals to take care of all the stragglers left on the surface. 

With this attack some would lose their lives through the wind blades, while the others would be hit badly by the flying rubble. 

Either way, this fight was a wrap. 

Mira was also just finishing things up on her side as she dug her claws in the only semi standing tower of the previously intact fort and burnt all the survivors she saw to ashes. 

Calmly flying towards her, Max retook his spot over her back before gently stroking her neck as the duo moved towards the next fort to wipe-out. 

Both of them had gained one and a half level from this fight and if things continued at this pace they might be able to gain 20-30 levels by the end of wiping this planet. 


( 50 minutes later, Sebastian ) 

When Sebastian finally reached the area of carnage, he could not believe his eyes. 

Max had ordered him to gather the army and March, however, before he could even gather the forces and be on the move Max had reached the fort with Mira and the two of them had wiped the fort off the map of the planet alongside everyone inside of it. 

If not for the countless half-burnt bodies and the acrid stench of death, one would not believe that just an hour ago this was a bustling fort housing thousands, for now it looked like the destroyed ruins of a lost civilization. 

" Commander Sebastian, is this the world of our Lord? " 

One of the soldiers asked, not able to believe that such carnage could be achieved by one man. 

" Indeed- if my guess is not wrong, our lord had returned with the power akin to that of the god's " Sebastian said as he made a silent prayer to Kremeth to keep Max safe. 

None of the Bloodfall clan soldiers said a thing as they continued their March towards the next fort behind Sebastian, but a deep imprint had been made on all their hearts and minds.

Today every soldier in the Bloodfall clan realised why Ravan's authority was supreme within the clan. 

Today everyone realised why they swore allegiance to this man as while he may not need them to win wars, if they stood against him he would be the one to wipe them all out. 

" Long live Lord Ravan! " 

A soldier said eventually while shivering and thinking about the true power of the lord, as the rest of the troops joined him and soon 150,000 men rode through the forest on their mounts, praising one man from the bottom of their hearts. 

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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God Chapter 530 The Lord’s True Strength