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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God
Chapter 529 A Return To Battle

( Meanwhile Max ) 

Max had just reached the border planet where he was supposed to fight with the barbarians alongside Sebastian when he felt this gnawing feeling inside his soul.

He felt an intense emotion of anger, hate and heartbreak all-together and could not make sense of what was going on. 

Somewhat he was reminded of the moment when he heard news about the death of his brother and that's when he realised that maybe it was Mira who was feeling this intense emotions and because of their soul-bond they were being projected on him as well. 

' Is her life in danger? ' Max wondered as he instantly decided to summon her. 

If she was not in danger or something urgent she would maybe decline his request to be summoned, however, if she were in danger then this summoning would serve as a way out for her as she would teleport beside him, far away from the zone of conflict. 

For 2 minutes, nothing happened, but then suddenly an injured and steaming hot Mira teleported beside him. 

" *Cough* *Cough* *Splat* " 

Mira spat a mouthful of blood as she seemed to be in a really bad condition. 

Despite her steaming hot scales Max patted her on the head and casted [ Chain Heal ] to alleviate some of her surface level injuries. 

Although he had no idea what was going on, Max was glad he had decided to summon Mira beside him in such a time as from her pitiful condition it was clear that she was embroiled in a difficult battle. 

" He killed my father! Lucifer that bastard killed dad- " Mira said, her voice sounding hoarse and like that of a demon. 

Max felt a pinch in his heart when he heard this, he knew the emotion he had felt was the kind of rage that came with the heartbreak of losing someone important, and he felt awful for Mira at this instance. 

" I'm sorry…. " Max offered his condolences as he brought a small vial of health restoration potion to her mouth which looked extremely tiny against her Draconic form.

Mira reluctantly opened her mouth and Max poured the contents of the potion in her mouth as her injuries began healing at a much faster rate after consumption. 

" They ambushed us in the palace… nobody expected it. Mother is still fighting, but father is dead. He went to confront them head-on without additional backup like a true king and in a moment of unfair ganging up, the devil killed him. 

I swear Max, I'm not going to let that bastard live, I will kill him I promise " Mira said as she explained the situation to the best of her abilities but faltered towards the end as the reasoning broke down and all she could do was reassure herself that she would take revenge someday. 

" Yeah i'mma be there with you that day, I have a score to settle with the devil myself" Max said as he patted Mira on her head and then began stretching his muscles. 

" I'm going to go on a rampage on this planet, wipe the barbarians out and move onto the next planet after that. 

Since you are having a bad day, I'll give you the privilege of joining me in combat. 

Say what? Are you coming or not? " Max asked Mira as he decided to not talk too much about the depressing events that had taken place but rather provide Mira with an outlet for her pent up rage and emotions. 

It was by no means a solution to all the pain she was feeling, but maybe, just maybe if she was dead tired after wearing her heart out in battle, that first night of sleep after experiencing a tragedy would be slightly more bearable and she would drift into sleep slightly faster because of the exhaustion. 

It was the best that Max could offer…. 


( meanwhile Sebastian) 

" Sir, we have confirmed reports that the tier5 barbarian commander is currently inside the fort and the advanced patrol party consisting of 250 troops including 2 tier4 unit leaders are on their own near the lands we control. 

If you give us permission sir, it will be a 25 minutes job, in and out, we can take this scouting party by overpowering them 5to1" 

A soldier reported to Sebastian who was looking at the moving scouting party through the woods from binoculars. 

Those idiots had ventured too deeply near the Vampire controlled lands and the reinforcements from the nearest fortress were at least 40 minutes away on foot. 

If Sebastian decided to give his troops the green signal, they could potentially wipe this scouting party out and inflict small damage upon the enemy side. 

" Alright, take them out " Sebastian affirmed as immediately an operation was put in motion to take the scouting party out. 

Nearly 1300 men on horses departed the fortress that Sebastian controlled and were charging straight towards where the enemy troops were patrolling. 

' 2 minutes out …. ' Sebastian thought as he saw the charging Bloodfall clan soldiers through the binoculars from the top of the fort and calculated their estimated time to intercept the barbarian party based on their current riding speed. 

Sebastian did not summon his undead for this mission because it was a specialised mission that involved moving at fast speeds through the forest, and also because it was relatively safe and did not require for him to deploy a large number of troops.

Nonetheless, he was vigilant, watching the situation develop constantly.

" HORSE FOOTSTEPS! PREPARE FOR AMBUSH " The barbarian unit leader screamed as he could hear the approaching sound of footsteps. 

Instantly the barbarians deployed a flare towards the sky and unsheathed their weapons. 

Since the number of enemies was unknown their leader decided to organise them quickly in a circular formation to leave no exposed backs for the enemy to pick off easily. 

Soon the Bloodfall clan cavalry crashed into the swords and shields of the barbarians as a bloody battle ensued. 

Spells flew, swords clashed and waves after waves of Bloodfall clan soldiers kept running straight into the enemies on their mounts as within the first 30 seconds the first layer of enemy troops crumpled and the circular formation that they had so abruptly created crumpled. 

Sebastian watched on with absolute focus as he saw the enemy barbarian numbers dwindle. 

As things seemed to be it was sure to be a short fight, a few minutes worth of struggle at best before they were completely wiped out, but at this moment something caught Sebastian's attention, as an unexpected development occurred. 

" Oh fuck no! " Sebastian cursed as he saw an enemy legion of some 10,000 barbarians fly off on wyverns towards the location of the ensuing battle, drawn towards the flare that the barbarians had previously launched. 

The troops on the ground had no idea that a wyvern unit was fast approaching their location because they were surrounded by trees and did not have a clear view of the horizon, which meant that the party leader leading this charge would not be able to give an order for retreating. 

Summoning his Green Dragon, Sebastian climbed upon its back as he rode full speed ahead towards the area where his troops were fighting to warn them of the incoming danger and send the order for retreat. 

Through his [ Way Of The Wind ] level 1 detection, Sebastian sensed that a shitton of arrows were coming his way as he realised that the wyvern unit who had spotted him had unleashed this barrage to try and stop him before he reached his troops. 

" Dip and roll " 

Sebastian commanded his dragon to take a sharp dip and perform a barrel roll to avoid the incoming barrage of arrows as he decided to take the risk of flying low and near the tree-line. 

Thankfully, Sebastian's dragon was a vastly superior mount compared to the enemy wyverns and was very fast and agile while moving through the sky. 

It dropped Sebastian at the heart of the battle safely, before moving back up towards the sky and unleashing a deafening dragon's roar towards the enemy wyvern unit.

The wyverns shuddered in fear listening to the roar of a true dragon, however their disciplined upbringing ensured that they stayed true to their command and brought their riders safely to the destination that they desired as they were able to shake-off the dragon's fear and keep flying towards the intended destination. 

" Retreat! Retreat! Enemy wyvern unit approaching, Retreat now! " Sebastian shouted as he killed one of the enemy barbarians fighting on ground and alerted his unit to fall back towards the fort. 

Soon calls of ' Retreat ' could be heard throughout the battlefield as the Bloodfall clan troops slowly disengaged from the fight that they were fighting and began climbing back on their mounts. 

The barbarians fighting on the ground who were emboldened after hearing that help was nearby, decided to do everything in their power to stop the Bloodfall clan soldiers to retreat, however this was their foolish mistake as a second later a devastating explosion that shook the entire forest and created a shockwave that made thousands of trees lose their branches while uprooting a few outright took place. 

A primal Draconic roar, atleast a 100 times more powerful than the one unleashed by Sebastian's green dragon could be heard in the sky as when the soldiers looked above their heads, they saw a familiar madked man standing over the back of a sprawling black dragon as a torrential rain of blood and left off pieces of the wyvern legion and their riders bounced off harmlessly against his body. 

Goosebumps arose on the skin of every Bloodfall clan soldier as they looked into the Blood red eyes of that man who they knew was their Lord. 


ADVANCE! " The man commanded as instantly a primal rush of electricity was felt by every soldier collectively as they turned their horses and brought the fight to the bunch of barbarians chasing them like madmen. 

Sebastian who once again climbed his dragon, slowly rose above the tree-line to have a look on as to what exactly was going on as he was left utterly stupefied when he saw that not a single enemy wyvern or soldier was left flying in the sky. 

Just what was that attack just now? 

Just how did Max wipe out 10,000 riders at once? 

Sebastian gulped as he stared at the back of his friend, he could feel an unfathomable aura and strength permeating from the man which made even him his closest ally feel nervous. 

" Lord Ravan? " Sebastian spoke with uncertainty, as Max looked back at him and smiled completely unlike the demeanor he showed to the troops just a moment ago. 

" Good job taking care of this legion in my absence Sebastian, but it's about time I take responsibility. 

Go prepare the rest of the troops for March and go wear proper armour, today we root the barbarians out completely " Max said as he winked at Sebastian who looked ashen pale listening to the orders he was just given. 

' What do you mean wipe them out completely? If it was so easy than we would not be in a deadlock since 200+ years ' Sebastian thought, but could not utter those words as he obediently bowed his head and said " Sir, yes sir ". 

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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God Chapter 529 A Return To Battle