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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God
Chapter 241 Becoming A VIP Member

( The Seven Galaxies Bank Office )

" So Mr.Ravan, with the list of materials you provide and the letter of recommendation you have, I can recommend you to the regional manager for getting a VIP spot in the upcoming auction. However, we will need to authenticate the items first.

For which you will need to travel to Warren City and deposit the items to the auction house.

I have already communicated the matter with the regional manager, we'll both see you at Warren City tomorrow morning and if everything checks out will be giving you your VIP membership then and there, " The human manager of the tier 3 Seven Galaxies Bank said with the most business- like expression possible.

While Max did prefer a human manager over those slimy goblins, this one was way too professional. Even when dealing with items worth billions of gold coins his expression did not flinch even a little.

" Sure, I'll see you there in 14 hours then " Max said as he shook the man's hand and stood up to get out of the office.

The meeting with the bank manager went as Max expected overall with him now being 1 step closer to getting that VIP membership he needed to secure the second piece of his Agni-Astra, however, it was still not confirmed till he showed them the goods.

This left Max with about 14 hours of free time to explore Rising-Star planet, however, Max wisely chose to teleport back to Radiance instead and spend some-time with his sister in law's and kiddos instead.

While back home, Max thanked Ruby profusely for the letter of recommendation, while slowly trying to work his way around Naomi's anger, trying to reaffirm that he would be home more often in the future.

Max also read a children's book to Jack and Amy from back Earth called ' 3 Little Pigs ' when he realised that kartikeya the little winged menace was the first baby in the house that was technically not an Earthling.

Well, technically he was definitely not human either, but to think that Max who was primarily a human most of his life, was now a vampire with elven and angelic descending nephews made him realise just how far the Rajput household had come.


( Next Day, at the Warren City auction house )

The Warren City auction house was currently under decoration for the upcoming event, as a large number of workers were bringing in extra chairs, expensive barrels of wine and other pleasantries into the building, in preparation of the event that was going to happen in 2 days time.

The security around the place was extremely tight, with the teleportation centre bringing one to the city being operated by 4 tier6 gods at entry.

Only reserved personnel were given permission to enter the seven galaxies bank owned city and while Max had his name on the list of expected people to show up today, he was still scanned thoroughly and escorted from the teleportation centre till the auction house with 3 tier 5 guards.

The seven galaxies bank took security as their paramount priority and while they could not employ anyone at the tier8 power level, they did hire a tier7 powerhouse for the overall security of the coming event while also maintaining cordial relationships with all major monarch's.

Max was impressed by this show of power by the banking group as when he met the regional director of affairs inside the auction house, Max's tone was ever so slightly more respectful towards him as he truly understood the stature of this banking institution.

" Greetings Sir Ravan, if you can let our appraiser look at all the items now it would be fantastic.

You have my assurance that as long as you produce goods worth over 10 billion gold coins here today and are willing to sell them at the upcoming auction, I will make you a VIP member of the Seven Galaxies Bank ". The manager said as Max nodded and began producing countless items from his inventory.

At first the items were rare, clearly hailing from the dragon's paradise dungeon but still only a few hundred thousand gold in value as the manager became sceptical for the total only rose to 1 billion gold coins even after Max brought out several hundred items. However, the game changed fast when Max began to bring out relics he stole from Kremeth and some extremely rare treasures of the dungeon.

" Bone marrow liquid from a tier 7 white dragon's leg bones, price is 600 million gold a bottle, We have 5 such bottles. Total worth 3 billion gold coins ". The appraiser said as Max nodded his chin in happiness, he had only put the worth of the bottles as 2 billion in his mind.

" An ancient grade treasure made to store large amounts of elemental mana of wind nature, easy 5-7 billion gold coins" The appraiser said as Max let out a soft ' Oof ' realising the value of the small pendant he had sneakily stolen from Kremeths pile of junk.

" Another ancient grade treasure, made to store one's dispersing soul fragments.

Invaluable for those in need. The worth of the item can be anywhere from 2 billion to 20 billion, it's hard to put a number on a technology that has not been seen by the world in tens of thousands of years ". The appraiser said as his voice trembled a bit when he appraised the treasure, as self doubts began encroaching his mind, questioning if he really knew the true worth of these items at all.

Even the regional manager was now way more serious as he realised that Max was bringing out technology that had been otherwise forgotten by the world.

" You had a fortuitous encounter in a secret dungeon or something? " The regional manager asked, as Max just shrugged his shoulders and said nothing.

How he obtained the items was not the concern of the auction house as these were not reported stolen at the time of Max selling them, hence not illegal to buy for them.

" The last item, a legendary grade sewing kit for the tailor profession.

Although there is no reputed tailor on the guest list of the auction, the seven seas bank does have one master tailor as a customer who might be interested in this set.

A fair buying price should be 2 billion gold coins " The appraiser said, as the regional manager had heard all that he needed to hear.

At best Max's items would fetch the company 30-32 billion gold coins, at worst they would still bring 12-15 billion. Which was enough to give Max a VIP membership.

The manager graciously issued a VIP badge for Max right that instant as he reached his hand out for Max and said " Congratulations for becoming a VIP customer of our establishment sir.

I will issue you a credit of 12 Billion gold coins for the upcoming auction for your personal leisure, but to spend more you would need to wait till the items you have entrusted us with are actually sold.

While I'll try and arrange your items to be sold at the start of the 3rd round so that you have a clearer bidding picture in mind, do note that we will be taking 5% off all proceedings that you sell and the interesting soul fragment storing item will only be out for auction in the 4th round.

I hope you find this arrangement acceptable ".

Although the manager was implying that he was asking for Max's opinion on the matter, Max knew that he was really not asking and just being polite as the 12 billion was going to be all the money that Max was going to have for spending on the Agni-Astra.

Shaking the managers hand back, Max let out a sigh and said " Sure, it's all good "

Max had done the best he could for securing the Agni-Astra, now he could just pray that he would buy the item without any major troubles for an acceptable price.

But since this was the Agni-Astra and Max could take no chances, Max decided to call in his most trusted friend Sebastian to his side before the auction.

If things did go south, then Sebastian was holding onto some of Kremeths treasure items from back at the dungeon himself and could pawn them off for a credit extension for Max.

While it would not lend the best price, it would still be better than letting someone else outbid him for the Agni-Astra.


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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God Chapter 241 Becoming A VIP Member