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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God
Chapter 236 The First Spell

Max read the description of the three skills that he had to master and became speechless for a moment.

These were ' Proper ' Shaman class skills for a change, not haphazard skills that could correspond to 50 other classes but actual proper Shaman Class skills!

Max knew there was a Shaman God, but he never knew his name. But from the description of the skills he was meant to learn it seemed like he was called Angakok and his followers could call on his power for fights with the proper price paid.

When Max read the descriptions of the skills he had to learn from the tablet he realised that they were not regular skills that could be activated from just flowing mana in a particular way along his mana circuits but rather a collection of runic inscriptions, items and scriptures that needed to be spoken in unison to activate the skill.

A few skills needed specific items such as blood of special monsters to be activated and the tropical surroundings seemed to be present for exactly that reason, as depending on the skill Max wanted to learn the corresponding plant and animal life was going to spawn around him, and Max had to hunt them down and gather the materials like a shaman would do in the wild to have an attempt to learn the skill.

This was much different than what Max was used to as an Omega gamer or even as a Sigma gamer, as of all the classes he had seen, there had never been a class whose skill execution was so complex and weird.

It was essentially impossible to have a rabbits ear lying around mid-battle, or have the time to draw the inscription and place the items correctly to recite the mantra to activate the spell.

However, as a backend mechanism Max understood the devastating potential these abilities brought, as while all other classes could do nothing when the enemy was not in front of them or in-range for their spells to work, Shaman spells could work across galaxies and could be casted out of the safety of one's own quarters.

Max read about the first spell

[ Blood Sacrifice ] - Sacrificing the blood of the enemy to the Shaman God ' Angakok ' to refill your own mana bar to full.

While the skill description was vague and made one believe that they needed to sacrifice the blood of ' Their ' enemy at the time, it was actually not the case.

Reading the spell in detail, one realised that Angakok apparently considered white rabbits as his enemies and for every one white rabbit ear sacrificed to him in a ritual, he would refill the MP bar of the shaman who sacrificed the ear to him in full.

The runic inscription to do the spell was easy enough, it was like the peace symbol with the rabbit's ear placed at the centre point where the three lines intersected, and the other channels were to be filled with the blood of the caster fresh out of his own veins.

After thoroughly understanding the procedure, Max used his skill [ Scan ] to search for rabbits nearby, whereby he found two rabbit holes with rabbits inside.

[ Summon Nether Beasts ]

Max used his skill and summoned his hounds as he gave them the task to go and quickly hunt him two rabbits and bring their corpses intact as he proceeded to read the description of the second skill and what it required as to not waste time and be prepared when the time came to learnt the second one.

The second skill was called

[ Curse ] - Curse the seven generations of those who try to steal your treasure or items you wish to curse.

It was a skill that Max was actually interested in learning as it seemed like a practical and useful skill to have.

The skill was pretty easy to do, it needed 3 key ingredients

1)The bone taken from the spine of a snake

2) Depending on the type of curse to imbue, a choice of various plants

3) Fresh blood from the caster's body.

Depending on the type of curse one wanted to imbue, there was a variety of plants to choose from which let one imbue curses like the [ Disintegrate ] spell making the finger of the person who touched the item disintegrate to ashes.

Or even poison the individual or paralyse them or make them hallucinate.

It was a sinister technique undoubtedly, and could easily kill any individual below tier3 with simple trickery.

To imbue the curse, one needed to brew the correct mixture using plants and blood and then while chanting mantra, draw a reverse Trident looking symbol on the item one wished to curse with the snake bone and the curse was complete.

Max used [scan] to check his surroundings and found one snake in the vicinity, sleeping calmly on a treetop, while a quick search of his surroundings had his eyes land on a blue flower which was called the [ Revery Flower ] one of the flowers that could be used for the cursing process.

As his hounds happily came back with two dead rabbits in their jaws, Max patted the hounds and gave them praise before sending them to fetch the flower and the snake as he silently began preparing for learning the first spell.

Having such capable underlings, Max did not have to waste time gathering materials at all whereas an average shaman without having Max's skills or the [ Scan ] ability would easily waste 25-30 minutes gathering the things that were brought to him, while he wasted no time.

Max was a methodological person, after understanding the method he succeeded in performing [ Blood Sacrifice ] in his very first attempt as he drew the inscription on the wet soil below his feet, filled it with his blood, said the mantra and placed the freshly cut ear of the rabbit at the centre.

The feeling of his MP bar being refilled was refreshing, as Max was grinning ear to ear when he saw the system notification

[ You have successfully learnt the spell [ Blood Sacrifice ] to Beginner mastery.

Time : 00:24:56 ]

Max had completed the first spell in under 30 minutes and was off to a flying start!


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Hopefully this helps reduce the burden on you all's pockets. 🫡

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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God Chapter 236 The First Spell