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When Max and crew reached the docking area for merchant ships, they saw that there were a high number of security officials trying to strictly monitor the inflow of goods and people into the area, as they were desperately trying to identify some individuals.

The problem was, that with the fire outbreak a lot of merchants were rushing in goods that would have otherwise perished in the fire from various local shops for safekeeping, and various immigrants and tourists were also rushing in for fleeing the planet because they could not make it to the teleportation centre because of the fire.

Due to this situation, the law and order had broken down and the local officers were not able to perform their duties to their full capabilities.

" Damn, without the fire we would be screwed " said Max as he assessed the situation and realised that it would have been extremely troublesome if the group tried to enter the Docking ports without this extreme situation.

Max silently thanked whoever started this fire as he set his own robe on fire, began screaming and led the group straight into the nearest merchant ship, right from under the nose of an officer who did not feel like stopping Max and his group members who were possibly fleeing from fire.

Once inside the merchant ship, Asiva instantly pulled out her dagger and put it against the tier 2 merchant's throat as she said " One word out of your mouth and I kill you!

Now get the engine revving and get us off this planet ".

In this way, the group escaped Dombivli City and were headed for Radiance.

Although the group escaped safely, they fled without taking sir Jhonny and it would not be until 2 days later that news about sir Jhonny would make universal headlines as the dead body of Will Kingsman would be found with both his balls busted.


( Back at Radiance )

After coming back to Radiance, Max spent the better part of the first day making love to Asiva and catching up with her about everything that happened while they were apart.

Max was extremely enraged to know about the part where Marcus Aurelius harassed her and how the Kingsman starved her, whereas Asiva was fascinated with Max's training journey and improvements.

Although Max was talking to Asiva, a huge part of Max's brain was preoccupied with the upcoming Warren City auction as he tried to gather as much information as he could about the event.

With his status as a platinum customer he was able to secure a catalogue of items for sale, and was relieved to see that the Agni Astra was one of the items marked with (?????) Sign meaning that even the auction house was not sure what it really was.

The item description stated that all appraisal attempts by their tier6 appraiser failed for the item and their database showed no information on the origin of the unique bracelet-like piece.

Max did not remember the exact price at which every item sold for, but the Agni-Astra was listed under the third round of auction items, which was limited exclusively for VIP clients and above.

If Max's memory served him right, every third round item sold for between 1.5-8 billion gold coins which meant that Max needed to secure at least 10 billion before the auction to be 100% sure that he would not lose the bidding war and secure the item no matter the price he would need to pay.

While to the previous him from his past life 10 billion gold coins might feel like an astronomical amount that could not be earnt even if he spent 10 lifetimes slaving away, the current him did have the potential to raise that money, however, it was still going to cost him dearly.

Over his 2.5 years stay inside the dragon's paradise dungeon Max and Sebastian had collected many rare treasures and resources, as well as stolen a few treasures from Kremeth's heap when they were extremely frustrated about the training he put them under.

The total value of those treasures was approximately 13-15 billion gold coins, however, if he tried to sell them in bulk then after 10% auction fee and fluctuating price structure of items, he might be left with only 10 billion gold coins.

There were many things Max wished to buy such as a good armour, a bone staff, some good fire spells and more, however, if he spent all his money on the Agni-Astra then those items would need to be pushed back.

" Grandpa Drax, what will I be capable of after I get the second piece of the Agni Astra? " Max asked Drax in his mind as the Old A.I. calmly replied.

" The power of your existing spells will be increased dramatically and new abilities would be added.

For instance, you will be able to create flame armour, flame shields, flame guards, flame ropes, cold flame, and many other techniques.

In addition to directly controlling fire, there will also be special methods such as using fire to place seals on treasures, infuse fire with other elements like darkness, light, thunder, wind etc to create hybrid attacks.

But the main advantage would come in the form of my upgrade. I will be able to do much more than just advice you.

I will be able to compute fight strategies for you, run simulations and create a mind-space for you to enter where you can fight enemies whose data you already have.

The overall advantages are endless and it's not an opportunity you can afford to miss ". Drax said as Max felt his heart beat faster in excitement about all the potential benefits he would reap once the upgrade was complete.

Max clutched his green winged angel pendant as he looked towards the heavens and thought of Hazriel.

She had told him that uniting the Agni-Astra was his destiny and the only way he would break free from his shackles. Hence Max knew that irrespective of the price, getting that weapon was his priority.

This meant that he had a few days to raise the money as well as upgrade his membership in the seven seas bank to a VIP status.


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