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​ ( A few hours later )

A few hours later, the group met up once again inside the motel room that they were staying in as Sebastian returned with scratches all over his body and a half shaved beard.

He looked extremely funny with one of his eyebrows having a clean cut from the centre and the left part of his thick beard having a full patch missing in between.

" Pfft, hahahahaha, What happened? Who did this to you ? " Anna asked as Sebastian pulled his own hair from his head and said " It was the bear woman "

" My 1.5 inches were too much for her to handle as she began scratching and damaging my chest during intercourse.

When she began moaning too much, she bit my beard hair which she pulled off clean off my face when she came.

Ooff, those 1 minute 19 seconds were intense " Sebastian said as he proudly narrated his story to Max who banged his chest and made a V sign to Sebastian showing his support as he said " My man, you know that's how we do it "

" So what's the information? " Anna asked Sebastian who smiled wickedly and replied " So apparently there was a coup attempt to overthrow the current ruler of the Kingsman clan, but it failed because of a whistleblower.

The general that Asiva and Severus were secretly supporting to overthrow the Kingsman was assassinated in his sleep by his right hand man and he then turned over the whole operation to Will Kingsman for rewards.

Around 200 prisoners were taken and are now being interrogated and tortured for their crimes in the central prison.

There is no legal way of exonerating them, they have to serve a lifetime of imprisonment, so it's pretty much us saving them or there is no other hope".

Max tightened his fists Asiva had been captured for over 90 days now, subject to unknown tortures, he had to save her and do it quickly.

" My intelligence is about the same, the name of the whistleblower is Graham Rock, he is a half-vampire half goblin and looks absolutely hideous.

Without this betrayal he had no hopes of advancing in the military ranks.

He is not only the new mayor of the city, but also the chief warden of the central prison.

The man resides in the lavish mayor's mansion in the east side of the city, and inside his house we can hope to find not only the blueprints of the prison but also some keys that will help us get in and out " Max said as the trio sat close to each other and began contemplating an attack plan.

" The next step is obviously to scout the mayor's mansion, we need to find the shift pattern of the guards and the best way to get in and out.

Also, The man himself is tier4 so this won't be easy " Anna said as Max took a deep breath and began analysing the situation.

If there was one thing Max had learnt from Kremeth and his brother, it was that before every fight there was a period of extensive thinking to be done.

While the outcome of a fight could never be predicted with certainty, going on a mission with a plan and a backup plan always increased the chances of success.

" Well, you guys take a nap, I have good night vision, so let me go take the first scouting trip.

Also, great job today guys everyone did good, especially you Sebastian, I'm proud of you all " Max said as he opened the window of the motel room and disappeared into the wind.

" Wow, that was fast " Anna commented as she could barely see Max's visage when he leaped out and vanished as Sebastian grinned and said "Oh you have no idea how fast he really is, his skill the way of the wind is unbelievable"

Anna was impressed, Max seemed to be growing more and more mysterious every passing day.

The two of them tried to catch some sleep after that, as Max observed the mayor's mansion from across the street with his hood on as he tried to calm his raging heart.

If it were up to him, he would just charge into the prison right this second to save his Asiva, but he was not strong enough.

Because he was weak he needed to think fifteen times before making a move because one mistake would cost him and his allies their life.

" I'm sorry Siv, please hang on for a few more hours, I'll be there soon ".

With a cold glint in his red beastly eyes, Max began scouting the mayor's mansion for potential entry sites.


( Meanwhile Severus )

Severus was bleeding from bruises from his legs, his wrists and his back.

Every three days the bastards would come in and beat him up trying to get a confession out of him that he was sent by Sam Saint Maximus, but Severus would not do it.

He was biding his time knowing full well that sooner or later Max would come out of the dungeon and bust him out.

He was not that close with Max, if an outsider saw their relationship they would think they barely knew each other, but even then Severus had full faith that the kid would come.

" Asiva, it's about time you know, he should be out". Severus said in a tired voice that had little mirth in it.

From across the cell, he heard a faint murmur that said " I know …. "

Severus smiled, everyday it was only these small conversations that let him know that his god-daughter was still alive.

The bastards had not fed him blood in 90 days, only giving him dry bread and water once a day, slowly starving him and making him weaker.

While he was still okay with not eating much being a tier4 warrior, it was a psychological torture for the weaker Asiva.

" Save us - Max, we can't go on for much longer " Severus whispered as he tried to doze off for the night, but the hands tied firmly over his head would not let him relax.

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