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" So Max, exactly how much have you improved in the last one year of your training since you became a half-dragon? " Anna asked curiously as the group prepared resources for the upcoming mission.

" Well, that's a secret, but I'm close to stat maximisation" Max said as Anna pouted, she really wanted to know what Max's current strength level was.

The group packed all the essentials, various mid-level mana potions, stamina potions, health potions, poisons and even some haze and mist potions.

They took with them large amounts of gold, silver and even some platinum so that they could buy any resource needed, or line up pockets to buy information or silence.

Max put on a freshly bought concealer mask that looked just like his old one, and began covering up his scaly body even though he did not have a sun allergy anymore.

The true way of the coward was to always remain anonymous if possible as both Max and Sebastian prepared a disguise for themselves and planned to maintain it for the rest of the mission.

With everything prepared, the three of them boarded a ship bound for the capital city of the Kingsman Clan, Dombivli City.

Asiva and Severus were detained in a central jail of the planet where the most heinous criminals were kept and the duo were barbarically treated and tortured there.

Jhonny was only going to join the mission when the scouting had ended and the kids had a solid plan of attack, as until then Max and his team were on their own.

It felt awkward to travel on a mission together with his old friends again, as it was both comforting and unnerving at the same time.

It felt like just yesterday that the four of them were travelling in the school shuttle together for the dragon's paradise dungeon fresh out of a tournament and ready for a looting spree.

Anna looked much more mature, she was no longer the over enthusiastic girl that would not stop yapping even for a second, as she had learnt about the fondness of silence as she spoke only when necessary.

Sebastian was a full two inches taller which was a big deal for a dwarf, but still pretty short overall but his aura was no longer that of a man who was uncomfortable in the skin of a dwarf, rather it gave a confident, cowardly vibe.

As the merchant ship landed on planet dombivli Max paid the merchant his cut for smuggling them in and deboarded from the ship.

The first thing that Sebastian did once he deboarded was look at Max as the two of them shared a knowing nod as they balled their right hands into a fist, looked into the distant sky and said " After 9 long years, I have finally returned "

Anna was dumbfounded by the antics of the two as she asked " What nine years? "

Max shook his head and said " You don't understand, whenever you go for a revenge mission speak in big odd numbers, it gives you goodluck.

Have you ever seen a man who made this dialogue lose a fight?

This is the cowards way".

Sebastian continued by saying " May the cowardice be with you, amen "

Anna rolled her eyes in disbelief, whoever trained the boys had clearly brainwashed them to an unbelievable degree.

The trio strolled onto the streets of Dombivli and it was Max's first time seeing so many vampire's in one place.

The stench of blood was strong within the capital city, enough to make the old Max go mad with bloodlust, however, he had better control over his senses now.

The city in general was dirty, it was not a place that Max would want to live in given a choice as the streets were narrow, the people were suspicious and the environment was dirty.

The city was notably painted in dark colours, with the houses being black, red, purple or maroon in colour.

The sunlight coming to the planet was sparse, it was like a gentle winters sun in Alaska and other than making the skies slightly navy blue it achieved nothing more.

The first basic behind any rescue operation was scouting and to gather information there was no better place than going to a tavern, so that's exactly what the trio did as they walked into a mercenary run tavern that usually had customers from a myriad of races so that the trio would not seem out of place.

The three of them decided to not go in as a group and do independent snooping as after entering the shop the three went their separate ways.

Max sat besides a bear beastwoman who was drinking her fifth beer and munching cactus as a side dish as the moment he sat beside her she looked at him and said " Hmmm, not bad, come back after I've drank two more beers and I may do you"

Max completely ignored the lady's words as he proceeded to order a beer of his own.

" Ignoring me? " The woman was irritated, but then her eyes fell on Sebastian silently drinking mead in a corner table and it was love at first sight for the woman.

She sat up from her seat and walked up to Sebastian with her ample breasts and hairy skin on full display as she sat beside him and said " Hey there, do you need someone to comb your handsome beard for you? "

Sebastian almost spat the mead he was drinking as when he looked at the bearish woman he was anything but turned on.

The bear woman made a biting gesture in the air as she pointed at Sebastian's dick as instantly Sebastian felt like he was in danger as he looked at Max for support.

' TALK TO HER ' Max mouthed silently as he made a talking gesture with his palm and asked Sebastian to man up.

Sebastian took a deep gulp, as he said " well well well, ain't you a nasty one "

The bear woman giggled and became shy as she paw swiped Sebastian on the shoulder, drawing three lines of blood.


Instantly the sound of three fangs hissing could he heard from vampires who just got the fresh scent of blood, but the woman roared in protest upon hearing the hissings as the vampires went silent.

" Why don't we go up to the room? " The bearwoman asked Sebastian who wanted to desperately say no, but for the sake of the mission he made his most manly face and said " Ofcourse"

Anna and Max could see the reluctance in his steps as he followed the bearwoman to the upper rooms, as the duo then silently looked at each other across the bar and bursted out laughing.

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