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Not having the blood satiety stat felt awkward to max for some reason but he was relieved that it was gone.

When in a battle Max was always conscious about his blood satiety falling below 60% and his alter-ego taking over, now that the threat was gone he felt much better.

He could now fight to his hearts content knowing full well that should the battle drag longer than expected he would be able to continue fighting without having to worry about a shift in personality.

" Thank you for all your help " Max said softly to Rhea who looked at the kid and rolled her eyes in disbelief.

Today had been an extremely tiresome day for her and the dragonification process of Max was nothing short of a miracle.

If Max did not possess an inherent healing ability via blood absorption, that kept his HP afloat during his bleeding period he might not have survived the procedure.

Max's initial constitution as a primordial vampire was pretty strong, in and of itself which also played a part in him staying alive because at his lowest HP point there were only 40 points in HP left which meant that it was a difference of just 1 single stat point in constitution between life and death.

After the dragonification process Max saw a huge boost in three key areas –

His intelligence stat had seen a good boost, as although Max could not feel it himself, the neural links within his brain had improved significantly.

Dragons were extremely intelligent species and the improved neural link was a part of the reason behind Max feeling like a fog had been lifted from his mind as he was able to think and process more clearly than ever before.

It was precisely for this reason that Kremeth wanted to temper Max's temperament before the dragonification process as he knew that afterwards Max would start developing conscious thoughts in the direction of his temperament.

His wisdom stat which was previously a question mark was also unlocked and it was at a respectable 65.

The second big change was in his net HP bar which had increased by leaps and bounds as a result of his constitution improving and his superior racial traits improving his overall build.

Max was pretty athletic before as it is, but now he looked like a complete Viking warrior. He was wide at his shoulders, unnaturally wide and packed with muscle while his tall stature and toned V shape body made him look like a complete physical specimen.

Max noticed that his wide build helped him put more force into his swings and he was now more capable of performing actions such as sword thrusts and jabs.

The last noticeable change was the introduction of the mana stat, as with mana now coursing through his veins Max could finally start using the Agni-Astra to its full potential.

' We did it Grandpa Drax, We did it! ' Max said in his head with enthusiasm as he got a dry and tired sounding reply from the A.I that said ' good job kid, I'm now gonna take a quick nap, it may take me 1 year or so to wake up, don't miss me too much, the other features of the Agni-Astra will be available as usual ' Drax said as he then switched off.

' Grandpa Drax? Are you okay? ' Max tried to ask, however, he got no response from the old A.I

What Max did not know was that Drax had gone over the top to save his life during the procedure using a lot of latent energy of the Agni Astra to heal the immediate injuries of Max.

Max's mood dampened a little when he thought that it would take a year for Drax to reboot again but he tried to wash away the sadness by testing out his new powers with the Agni-Astra

Max pulled the details of the Agni-Astra just to confirm if his memory about the weapon's features served him right.


(1/3) [ Agni Astra ] ( Semi-Divine ) ( Bound ) - A fragment of the divine weapon Agni-Astra wielded by the god of fire himself before his death many aeons ago.

Features -

•Has the spell ( Fireball ), ( Fireblast ), ( Inferno ), ( Fire Wall ) stored permanently inside the weapon to be used without taxing user mana.

[ Note Limit Of Usage ]

Fireball - 1000

Fireblast - 10

FireWall - 10

Inferno - 3.

Power level of spells ( Beginner) ( can improve with time and mastery of spells )

•×1000% boost to any fire mana based attacks.

•reduces complexity to learn all fire spells by 90%.

•you are now immune to all fire based attacks up to 3 tiers above your current tier strength.


' Yes! Just like I remembered 1000% boost to any fire mana based attacks ' Max thought as he took in a large breath of air before facing towards the sky and releasing a strong [ Dragon-breath ] attack.

Max produced a powerful 25 metre long flame which had a respectable temperature enough to melt steel on earth.

" Wow! " Mira exclaimed as she happily hopped into the now sizzling runic formations and tackled Max in a bear-hug.

Mira was probably the most happy that Max had successfully survived the dragonification process and she was not shy to show him her affection.

" I thought you would die " Mira said as Max hugged her neck gently and embraced the kiddo.

" I'm okay " Max said as he looked towards Rhea and then Kremeth before bowing politely in respect.

" Come with me kid, we need to see if your allergy to sun is any better " Kremeth said, not displaying any emotion on Max's current state even though his heart was secretly in satisfaction and euphoria.

Max followed his master with extreme caution, ever since he had been burnt by the sun for the first time he had only removed clothing layers from over his body indoors as even diffracted sunlight was irritating for him to bear.

It was a pitiful way of living and a big disadvantage for him in battle, as he could not avoid getting bruised and cut in battles all the time and take damage from sunlight over such cuts.

Kremeth took Max to a nearby hilltop and then used a wind-palm to clear the clouds above to let sunshine come through.

Max saw the rays of the sun fall from between the clouds and his red draconic pupils constricted a bit looking at the rays of light.

Max put his hand towards the sunlight and expected his hand to start burning or his body to feel uncomfortable but thankfully no such reaction occurred as the sunlight bounced off harmlessly against Max's scaly skin.

" Good, losing HP to sunlight is a truly pitiful way of living, imagine my disciple losing out to an inanimate object

Disgraceful " Kremeth said as he took off from the hilltop leaving Max alone to enjoy the bright sunlight for the first time in over a year.

Max basked in the sunlight and although he could not feel it's warmth from under his scales he felt an indescribable amount of joy by just being able to touch sunlight again.

The draconification process had cured some of Max's biggest drawbacks and Max was extremely happy about it.


( Present Day )

Max finished narrating his story as Jhonny stroked his chin in contemplation hearing his tale.

" So basically what you are telling me is, you were allergic to sunlight? But now that you are a cold blooded lizard you enjoy it? " Jhonny asked as Anna rolled her eyes in disbelief once again.

' Seriously, of all the things that Max said, THAT is the god's takeaway? ' Anna wondered as she threw Jhonny a doubtful glance.

" So yeah Max became a half-dragon, soon after that about 2 months later my dragon egg finally hatched and I had my pet dragon!

The rest of our days were spent training our pets and learning the ways of the coward, perfecting our cowardice and improving our techniques.

Coming out we are much more cowardly and we are proud of it.

May the cowardice be with you! " Sebastian said as Max clapped his hands together and repeated after Sebastian " May the cowardice be with you "

Anna once again rolled her eyes at this, she did not get what the big deal was behind being a coward, but apparently it was extremely important to both Max and Sebastian for some reason.

" My and Asiva's dragon also hatched around the same time as yours, but while I had some time to train it, Asiva was already on a mission when hers hatched " Anna said as all attention turned towards her.

" About that, what mission was the woman exactly on? " Jhonny asked as Anna's face darkened as she replied " I don't know much, it was her revenge mission that much is for sure but somehow it went wrong and now she is captured "

Anna said as Jhonny nodded his head and said " Alright kids, since the women have messed up the men must clean up!

I'll come help you clean this mess up, we leave today itself "

Max beamed in joy hearing that Jhonny accepted the mission, as with him around the chances of saving Asiva had increased tenfold.


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