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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God
Chapter 207 Dragonification Complete

Max's DNA started to get altered once his second heart was up and functional as his dragonification process truly began.

The divine blood had begun flowing into his bone marrow and started the process of cell division at a microscopic level but only 100 times.

In his throat, Max developed a special gland that produced an extremely flammable liquid that caught fire the moment it came into contact with oxygen.

Dragons Breath, the signature move of the dragons was basically dragon's sneezing but their sneeze having the ability to catch fire.

Not only could dragon's control the length, strength and spread of their dragon's breath but they could also control its temperature to a slight degree after years of practice.

In his but where he was pierced by Rhea, his tail began to grow, but since Kremeth did not wish for Max to have a tail as it would change his centre of balance, Rhea cut it off before it could ever take effect.

" Damn, tha-that hurts " Max tried to man up and not howl like a baby, but he was desperately biting his tongue to suppress the pain in his body.

It was like every fibre of his being was undergoing reconstruction, as his DNA evolved from that of a primordial vampire to something more advanced.

His skin began to harden and grow scaly and his round red irises eyes became slightly oval.

Max's bones began to grow denser as nutrient rich dragon blood from 4 divine dragon's was quickly absorbed for its vital ingredients such as calcium, potassium, magnesium etc to facilitate rapid cellular growth.

Max's HP bar began expanding as his muscles began to become more elastic.

In a rarely seen mutation, Max developed a second set of muscles just beside his existing ones in key areas such as abdomen, arms and shoulders as his muscular physique turned from that of a toned athlete to that of an Olympia level bodybuilder.

Just when it looked like Max was growing too much muscle for his frame, his spine began growing spikes and expanding as his shoulders began to grow wider as Max's overall build went down to looking more normal.

Sadly, Max did not mutate to grow wings which was something that would have helped him immensely, but still his overall transformation was a huge success!

The final changes that happened to Max were at the mental level, as his brain began to alter slightly.

Max felt like he was fighting against two different versions of himself in a three-way clash for the control of his own brain.

The first opponent was himself when his blood Satiety dropped below 60% and he turned into a beast driven by Instincts, while the second personality was him running on all fours and hunting in the wild like a wild lizard.

Emotions like anger, bloodlust and hate were overpoweringly felt by Max as the emotions threatened to overpower his consciousness.

Max was faced with his deepest urges, he saw hallucinations of himself making love to Hazriel, of him sharing a sunset with Asiva and him biting on Anna's elvish ears.

He hallucinated about hacking Sophie's body into bits, about trampling Benedict's pride and toying with the werewolves who had kidnapped his nephew and niece in his past life.

Max saw a vision of him surpassing Rudra, of him becoming the vampire king and the universe kneeling at his feet, as he felt like he did not wish to wake up from his slumber and just continue living in this ideal vision forever.

Everything he ever wanted to achieve had been achieved in that vision, but just as he was about to lose himself he heard Kremeth's voice in his head which reminded him of his reality, ' You are nothing but an ant '.

Realising that the vision was just a vision and not reality, Max got a grip of himself and overpowered the two personalities that were trying to take over his consciousness, banishing them to the deepest depths of his mind.

The moment he achieved imprisoning his two personalities within his own mind, Max felt like a huge load had been lifted from his mind as if a poisonous fog that had clouded his mind ever since he became a primordial vampire had been lifted.

As the dragonification process reached its conclusion, Max felt the mana coursing through his veins clearly as well as the immeasurable strength of his new muscles and body.

Balling his fists Max reminded himself that this power up was nothing much and that he had a long way to go, as with a steady mind and a steady heart he finally opened his eyes and was reborn as a draconic vampire.

" Show system panel " Max said in a calm

voice as his new system interface opened before himself.

------ xx ------


[ Name ] - Ravan

[ Race ] - Draconic Primordial Vampire

[ Class ] - Blood Shaman (A+)

[ Alignment ] - Lawful Evil

[ Languages ] - Bipedal English, Ancient Draconic

[ Titles ] - None

[ Level ] - 143( 86% )

[ Tier ] - 2

[ System Remark ] - ( A mutant of a breed that has never existed , as well as a practitioner of a forgotten class!

An abomination that does not look like any other species alive.

Your race change doesn't change who you really are, as well as the ones who are after your life in the universe )



[ Mana ] - 23,000

[ Health ] - 57,600

[ Stamina ] - 38,400









Unassigned AP - 5



LUCK - ??? / 100

CHARISMA - 78 /100

WISDOM - 65/100




•Ball Crushing ( Intermediate )

•Night Vision ( Passive )

•Blood Manipulation ( Advanced )

•Basic Moonlight Self healing ( Passive )

• Sword Intent ( Beginner )

• Overhead slash ( Intermediate )

• Brainwashing ( Advanced )

• Death Circle ( Intermediate )

• Blood Healing ( Passive )

• Scan ( Beginner )

• Fake Out ( Beginner )

• Netherbeast Summon ( Beginner )

• Chain Heal ( Beginner )

• Summon Soulmate ( Perfect )

• Way of the wind ( Ancient ) ( level 1 )

• Dragon's breath ( Racial ) ( Beginner )



- (1/3) [ Agni Astra ] ( Semi-Divine ) ( Bound )

15 - ( Common ) Throwable Daggers

1 - ( Common ) Bow

1 - ( Common ) Quiver of arrows

1- ( Gold ) sword [ Rave Slasher ]

1- ( Silver ) Full body armour [ Vampire's Leather armour set ]

1- ( Epic ) sword [ Bloodsucker ]



- High Fire Resistance

- Intermediate Mental Manipulation Resistance

- High Blood Loss Resistance

- Intermediate Curse Resistance



- SoulBound : Mira ( Dragon )( level 130)


Max went through his stat panel quickly and noticed two big changes

His mana stat which had forever been 0 was now standing at a whopping 23,000 almost catching up to his other stats, whereas his blood satiety index had been eliminated completely.


/// A/N - Bonus chapter for hitting the PS target, good job everyone.

Apologies for posting the character panel in the chapter today, but it was vital for the plot ///

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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God Chapter 207 Dragonification Complete