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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God
Chapter 204 No Longer Manaless

The dragonification process was invented to initially purify the bloodlines of the lesser dragon species to their superior dragon forms.

It was by pure accident that it was later discovered that non-draconic species could be converted to half-draconic species by the procedure.

Ever since this discovery the process was kept a well-guarded secret of the upper echelons of the dragon society.

Dragon's were favoured by nature as a species having great vitality and defence while being more attuned to mana than any other species in the universe except the angel race.

When an individual went through the draconification process it was noticed that their mana veins became much wider and smoother than before, whereas previously collapsed or damaged mana paths in their bodies were observed to be cured.

It was because of these noted experiments that Rhea knew that she could potentially solve Max's manaless problem because the reason behind Max being manaless was because all his mana veins were collapsed.

This was an unprecedented situation even for her, as the ones treated before had only a portion of their mana veins collapsed and not all of them, but in theory if it worked for a few it should work for all of them.

When the divine draconic blood supercharged with mana essence was absorbed in Max's body his own natural blood began to quickly evaporate from the heat as he was going through a very rudimentary form of blood transfusion.

With his blood boiling within his own veins, his blood vessels began to be put under enormous strain as they began expanding against Max's muscles becoming large and inflated.

The process was unbelievably painful, it felt like every microfibre of his body was being pricked by a small needle as the aggregated pain was enough to drive even the strongest men mad.

' If you fail here, it's the end of the road'

Drax's voice kept resounding in Max's mind as even though his blood satiety dropped below 60% and his primal instincts took over, Max remained calm and focused on enduring the pain.

He could not let today be the end of the road for himself, he had lofty ambitions in life and for his dreams he wanted to persevere.

But just when Max came to terms with the existing pain in his body and his face turned serene, Rhea moved onto the next phase of the project as with her other fore-leg she used one claw to pierce Max's throat.



Max's HP instantly dropped to a critical red as Mira who was onlooking from a distance shrieked a bit in panic.

Although it looked like Rhea was trying to kill Max, that was not the case at all as she had actually penetrated his neck carefully missing all vital veins and his nerves and only pushing through the muscles.

" Old turtle, now " Rhea said as Kremeth moved on to kill the second dragon, the tier 6 green dragon.

The east end of the formation was activated as a purple mixture of blood and pure mana began to flow into Max's neck.

Max could no longer even scream with his windpipe threatening to be crushed if he strained it at all as he had no means of expressing the level of pain he was in, except being able to shed a single tear.

This time around, the natural blood in Max's body came to a staggering 0 as the boiling process stopped and Max's blood stream began pumping high grade dragon-blood as his real dragonification process then began.

Once the dragon blood concentration in his body reached 100% the excess mana in his body now began to violently push against his collapsed mana circuits, overloading them with pure and primal mana.

Rhea guided the excess mana in Max's body precisely near his kidneys where the mana network was supposed to start and started the process of reviving Max's destroyed circuits.

For any subject before Max, with their mana pathways being partially open, the mana was naturally guided to the blocked areas and not much guidance was required but for Max this added measure was needed to be taken.

Max felt ticklish when he initially felt mana stimulating his kidneys, but then a burning sensation began in his abdomen which soon became a wildfire.

Max's mana veins were like a vacuum sealed airbag that were shut tight and what Rhea was doing was attaching a leaf blower to the network of such tightly sealed airbags hoping to force it open.

The hardest part was getting the first small section to open, which felt like Max's insides were burning, but once the small section was open the mana kept pushing throughout the channel, opening everything in its path.

It was clear that Max's mana veins were not ready to handle this kind of a load after being inactive for decades as the forceful opening caused many sections of his mana circuit to crack and be damaged, opening it to the blood currents of his body.

Had Max's body not be overflowing with pure draconic blood infused with high grade mana, his damaged mana pathways would be corrupted by this infusion making his condition even worse than it was before, but because of the dragon blood coursing through his body although it interacted with the damaged mana pathways no harm was caused.

It took 35 minutes of agonising mana control on Rhea's part while continuously chanting ancient draconic hymns that Max's mana pathways were completely opened and mana completed the first rotation within his body.

[ System Notification - Mana stat increased by +10

Current mana capacity - 100

Note - Mana pathway is seriously damaged! ]

[ System Remark - A trash will always be trash, manaless or not ]

Max was fighting his own severe demons when he read this notification and a tear of joy escaped his eyes amongst all those filled with pain.

Finally he had escaped his ugly fate, finally he had the foundation needed to take the first steps towards his future ambitions.

Finally, after 2 decades of living like a useless trash in a universe filled with mana, Max was manaless no more.

He could feel it!

He could wield it!

His mana stat was no longer a 0!


/// A/N - He did it guys! Our boy did it! ///

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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God Chapter 204 No Longer Manaless