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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God
Chapter 201 Asking Jhonny For Help

( Red-hand Mercenary Group, HQ, Elite Nation )

The new headquarters of the Red-hand mercenary group was constructed by Jhonny in the now Elite Nation.

He had purposefully built it close to the Elite headquarters because he wanted to monitor both organisations as best as he could.

Currently, with Neatwit being tier 5 and Rudra dead, Jhonny was the only god within the Elite ranks.

The True Elites Guild was hit hard by the deaths of Guildmaster Karna and their Patriarch Shakuni and morale in general was low despite them becoming rulers of the Elite Nation.

With Rudra and Karna at the helm the guild had seen monumental success one after another and their deaths left a huge void within the guild.

But with adversity came opportunity as new talents started to step-up to the plate and take on more responsibilities as the organisation kept improving qualitatively as a whole.

To meet Jhonny, Max had to set an appointment through his sister in law Naomi and although Max did not need one to get Jhonny's time with the two being master and disciple, the security around Jhonny made it impossible for any outsider to meet him without going through the proper channels.

Initially Max thought he would be alone in his desire to save Asiva, but Anna and Sebastian insisted on joining him.

Max was not completely sure about bringing them along, but he was not adverse to it either.

Since they were all friends and the two cared about Asiva too, Max decided to let them help since they wanted to and brought them along to meet Jhonny.

Max was a part of the Red-hand mercenary group and hence he could wrap the red armband around his shoulder and walk through the halls of their HQ with nobody considering him out of ordinary.

Although Sebastian was also once part of the organisation he was never promoted to D rank and hence never received the traditional red armband, hence looking like an outsider alongside Anna.

When the trip finally reached Jhonny's office they noticed that it was surprisingly small in size and the interior was not lavish at all.

Jhonny was not physically present in the office when the trip entered but soon walked through the opposite wall and was a little surprised to see the visitors.

" Sir Jhonny, you had an appointment today " the assistant that guided the trio to his office reminded him as Jhonny looked at Sebastian sceptically and said " Max? When did you get so fat? "

Sebastian shook his hands violently as he felt embarrassed as he said " nono, I'm not Max, he is "

Max started to cough under Jhonny's gaze as the old man looked at the now tall, scaly and strong Max and said " No way, you are a lizard now "

Max scratched his head in embarrassment as he said " Well it's a long story... "

Jhonny walked up to Max and started to seriously examine his body from top to bottom.

Dismissing the assistant and offering Anna and Sebastian a seat, Jhonny intently examined Max as the latter felt uncomfortable from the inspection.

" My god, your body is well toned. You used to have an imbalance between your left hand muscles and right hand muscles causing your right shoulder to always be tighter than left one which led to a postural imbalance.

Your ass used to be wayy too tight before, probably because you never did stretch your hamstrings but now it's nice and jiggly although a bit coarse and scaly.

Your eyes were black, now they are blood red and your teeth were cute, I don't understand why you filed it to look like Dracula.

Overall you are much calmer, I remember you having the need to constantly fidget around because of all the excess energy in your body, but today you stand still with patience.

Good, as your master I'm impressed with your development, so now tell me everything, how did you become a lizard? " Jhonny said as Max was both impressed and embarrassed by Jhonny's analysis.

' Pfft, Jiggly ass ' Anna whispered to Sebastian

' Hmmm, I'm jealous, Max is somehow good friends with all god's, I don't understand how '. Sebastian whispered back to Anna who was momentarily lost in thought after this comment made by Sebastian as she realised it was oddly true.

" Well I'm not exactly a lizard, I'm more of a half- dragon " Max said as Jhonny waved him off.

" Dragon's are just big lizards " Jhonny said as he lit himself a cigar.

Sebastian bit his tongue hard when he heard Jhonny's words, having Rhea breathe down his neck for past 2.5 years, Sebastian had developed immense respect and fear of dragons and at this moment he wondered what Rhea would say if she heard Jhonny disrespecting her race like he did.

" So I'm here today because..... " Max tried to say something but Jhonny raised his hand in protest as Max had to stop mid sentence.

Jhonny blew out some smoke off his cigar as he said " You are here today because you need my help, but how do you expect me to help you my boy if you don't even tell this old man your full story.

Information is key my boy, if we are going on a mission together then I need to know everything about you first.

So first thing, you tell me how you became a lizardman, got red eyes, how you trained and how the hell did you learn to calm your firey temperament.

Then we talk about your problems

Besides, I want to know what my boy was upto "

Max was speechless once Jhonny explained his reasoning as he was slightly reluctant to share his training details but realised that he had no other option but to narrate his story, hence sighing deeply Max said " I understood how the world works when I became an ant, as a human I always had aspirations to change the world and fight against injustices but when I couldn't even change the structure of an ant colony I realised how stupid I was "

Jhonny nodded seriously pretending to understand exactly what Max was saying, but internally he was thinking ' Oh lord, This boy was doing some mad drugs '.

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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God Chapter 201 Asking Jhonny For Help