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[ System Notification - You have killed the tier 8, light faction player ' Thor ' inside a Battle-Zone

+35 levels!

+Weapon Indra-Astra

+ 120 billion gold coins.

+ 12 billion platinum coins ]

[ Light Faction Notification - The monarch of Thunder Nation, Thor Odinson has been slain in duel by ' Shakuni The Undefeated '

All Thunder Nation players will receive a

-25% debuff for next 3 months ]

[ Quest Notification ] - You have failed the quest and will now *##$*# of the **##$$##**

Rudra saw the notifications and was slightly bothered by the third one, but chose to ignore it for the moment.

Taking out the newly bestowed upon Indra-Astra from his inventory, Rudra dripped a drop of his blood on the weapon to bind it to his soul.


A celestial lightning storm brewed around Rudra as he binded himself to the Indra-Astra before the eyes of thousands of jealous crowd members.

Rudra had not only defeated Thor, but taken possession of his most prized weapon in what could only be described as the most unexpected fight of all-time.

While the entire Light Faction reeled from the shock of the faction wide system announcement, The Devil Lucifer got a different one.


( Lucifer's POV )

[ Quest Notification ] - The universal queen has issued you the task of punishing Shakuni Of The Elites.

Kill the light faction god for unknown rewards.

Completion Rewards - Unknown

Time limit - 7 minutes

Failure penalty - ?????

Lucifer looked at the quest notification and smiled a devilish smile as he internally ordered his system A.I. 'Mazikeen' to connect him with the universal queen.

Lucifer : Darling, If you want me to take down Shakuni, you will need to sneakily help me.

I will not take your quest if it's a fair fight. The man is too freaking strong for me to take on without having to receive a scratch or two and I am in no mood for such useless things.

Universal queen : Noted, Appropriate help to you shall be provided.

With this the connection Lucifer had with the queen was terminated, as the devil lazily stretched himself and brought out his weapons.

" What are you doing? " Satan asked Lucifer, who simply winked back in response before walking through the impenetrable barrier like it was never there, into the immortal arena.


( Rudra's POV)

After taking possession of the Indra-Astra, Rudra tried to walk back out of the immortal arena towards his dressing room, however, to his surprise the barrier to the dressing room had not been lifted and he was unable to exit the arena.

" Why am I not able to leave? " Rudra asked as the surrounding light faction god's were either too terrified of him to answer his doubt or too disgusted by the fact that he killed Thor to pay him any respect.

It was at this instance that Rudra felt a nefarious aura creep up on his back as he felt an electric current run throughout his body.

Rudra turned and was horrified to see the devil inside the immortal arena with his black demonic wings spread wide and his red demonic eyes mocking Rudra.

" Missed me? " Lucifer asked, referring to the last fight they had inside Omega where Rudra managed to slay the devil and carve an immortal legacy for himself.

Although Rudra had never publicly admitted it, the devil had given him nightmares since Omega ended.

Rudra knew there would come a day where he would face the devil for real and that the fight would not be easy that day.

" How did you get in? " Rudra asked the question that every god was wondering as after Lucifer passed through the barrier, Satan tried to do the same as he violently hit the barrier with his attacks in hopes of passing through but it was to no avail.

The light faction monarch's sensing the danger were quick to respond as well, as many urged their A.I's to quickly connect to the queen while others tried to desperately break the barrier themselves so that they may come down to Rudra's aid.

" The barrier is impossible to break, how did Lucifer get through? " Hades said as he sliced his scythe against the barrier with full force, unable to scratch it in the slightest.

Rudra looked at his inventory and found that his potions were still locked, meaning he had no means to recover his lost health and that he had to face Lucifer now with most of his key moves on cooldown and with only 1/3rd of his HP pool available.

" Hahaha, so this is your punishment for me, I never knew the universal queen was a biassed coward " Rudra said in a clear voice as those who heard him amongst all the chaos that was undergoing, understood his meaning clearly.

Lucifer laughed like a maniac as he said " Are you scared of death? "

When Lucifer said these words the entire light faction began their attempts in trying to break the barrier as regardless of their personal feelings for Rudra, they could not let the devil kill one of their best





Despite all the threats, Lucifer kept walking towards Rudra undeterred as Rudra too took a deep breath and retrieved the Indra-Astra, ready to risk it all with Thor's ultimate move.

Lucifer's smile disappeared when he saw Rudra charging up the Indra-Astra as Furball in her divine nine tails form stepped between her owner and the devil, growling at him continuously and daring him to take a single step forward.

Right as Rudra was ready to unleash the weapons strongest attack however, he was betrayed by his own A.I. ' Gaia '

[ Gaia Notification - Shorting cerebral connection, immobilising player ]

Rudra's eyes widened in disbelief when he saw the system notification, as he only had time to think ' Gaia...?? ' before he dropped down limp on the ground.

When any god reached tier6 they were assigned an A.I. by the universal queen.

The A.I. was handy at memory management, fetching information, sending queries to the queen and many other tasks.

It was supposed to be a friendly tool, but nobody knew that it had the capability of immobilising god's.

When Rudra's limp body hit the ground, Patricia screamed at the top of her lungs.

She had a terrible feeling develop inside her gut at the moment, but no matter how much she screamed, she was helpless to help her brother at this moment.

Everything seemed to come to a standstill as the devil swatted Furball's attack away before imprisoning her in a black void as he continued to walk over to Rudra's limp body.

Lucifer stomped on Rudra's back as he laughed heartlily before pulling Rudra's head up to expose his neck.

" Behold, SHAKUNI THE UNDEFEATED" he said in a mocking voice as he made eye contact with every light faction monarch and gave them his dirty smile.

" Many of you know this man, he is a legendary warrior who killed my tier6 avatar in Omega while only being a mortal.

Truly admirable!

But for the crime of killing my avatar in Omega, I Lucifer give you the death penalty " Lucifer said coldly as he slit Rudra's throat.


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