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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God
Chapter 198 Rudra’s Choice

" You have defeated me, I will be honest, coming into this battle, this outcome never crossed my mind, but now that I am standing at the crossroads of death, I cannot accept my fate ". Thor said sadly as he looked into Rudra's murderous eyes, peeping hopefully to see a shred of sympathy.

" My thunder nation needs me, without my presence it won't be possible to hold such a large territory, my citizens would be taken over by various factions and their peaceful lives would be uprooted.

I cannot allow that to happen Shakuni, as an administrator and a previous king yourself, I'm sure you understand ". Thor said as his words stirred the emotions of the crowd

" I know this is a deathmatch, but I still have the option to unconditionally surrender and you to accept my surrender.

In return for accepting my surrender and sparing my life, you will be given 3 favours that I cannot refuse, with the only request you not being able to make is my death.

Spare my life, and this Thor Odinson will remember your favour forever " Thor said as the light faction crowd cheered.

' Spare him! '

' You can ask for anything in return, it's only fair '

' Spare him! '

The crowd had already witnessed an exhilarating match-up between Rudra and Thor with the winner of the bout shockingly turning out to be Rudra.

Rudra's stock had undoubtedly sky rocketed after this fight, there was no question in anybody's mind that whether he remained with the Won Knight faction or started one of his own, he would be given the respect equal to that of a monarch after today, as the universe would tremble at his name.



' BLOOODD!!! '

The dark faction gods on the other end wanted Rudra to end this for once and for all, they wanted to see the light faction lose one monarch today and they were repulsed by the idea of a pardon.

[ System Notification ] - Urgent Quest Issued.

[ Quest Notification ] - The universal queen has requested you to spare the life of Thor Odinson for the security and stability of the universe.

" Thor is a pillar of the light faction and his death will affect the universe on a grand scale.

Although I sympathise with your pain of losing your human friend Karna, destabilising the universe is not the correct way of avenging his death.

Spare his life and let his public defeat be enough vengeance for Karna's death ". - Universal Queen

Rewards -

•3 undeniable wishes from Thor

• +50 levels ( by universal queen )

• One tier9 treasure of choice from the Forbidden Warehouse.

Time limit - 3 minutes

Failure penalty - ?????

Rudra read the quest notification and the words of the universal queen with his eyebrows arched.

Up till this point in life Rudra had always believed that the universal queen was a neutral entity who never interfered with politics of the real world, however, it seemed like she too had a tolerance limit beyond which she could not remain silent.

The rewards were truly unbelievably lucrative and if Rudra did not have a personal beef with Thor, he would have gladly accepted these terms.

What bothered Rudra was the ( ??? ) On the failure penalty box.

This was a fair fight that Rudra had won, he was not meant to have any failure to comply penalties, Thor's life and death were in his hands and nobody could change that fact.

He had defeated Thor with skill and honor following all the rules of the duel, hence the concept of a failure penalty was utterly and truly bogus.

Rudra closed his eyes and tried to convince his heart that the benefits offered were too good to deny.

It was not everyday that one was able to snoop around in a location called the ' Forbidden Warehouse ' and choose from tier9 treasures.

The +50 levels were nearly a decade worth of levelling for most average tier 6 gods and something that appealed to Rudra strongly.

However, no matter how Rudra tried to convince his heart it just would not be convinced.

Karna was his brother, and no amount of treasure was ever going to bring him back.

Rudra opened his eyes and looked at Thor as he said " I want to spare you, I truly do. But me sparing you will be on one condition and one condition only- that you revive my fallen brother Karna.

I don't care how you do it, or what you have to sacrifice to do it, but that is my only demand from you.

I'm not interested in riches, I have plenty, I'm not interested in power, I wield enough for myself to carve my own place in this universe.

The only thing I want is my brother back.

So tell me Thor, can you bring him back from the dead? "

Thor's eyes widened with hope when Rudra said ' I want to spare you' but when he heard the condition behind it his hope died quickly

" I'm sorry for Karna's death, but what you are asking is impossible.

You know it's impossible - like, he died in a Battle-Zone, There is nothing I can do to bring him back.

There is no treasure that can revive souls once that have dissipated.

What you are asking from me is simply not possible!

Yo- "



The moment Thor made it clear that he had no means of reviving Karna, Rudra plunged his sword straight into his throat, taking away the 2% HP he had left and slaying the monarch.

A loud gasp originated from the light faction crowd for this death, while the dark faction gods cheered like crazy.

For Rudra to send Thor to meet his maker despite all the benefits offered was shocking to many gods who were inherently greedy by nature.

Even the other monarchs turned away from the sight of the dead corpse of Thor as they felt uncomfortable looking at it.

" And the Doofus killed him " Patricia said with a frown on her face, although internally she was extremely happy that Rudra did.

" Haha, the rowdiness of youth" Augustus said as he felt his chest swell with pride at the fact that Rudra shared the 'Won Knight' family name.

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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God Chapter 198 Rudra’s Choice