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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God
Chapter 196 Rudra Vs Thor (7)

[ Indra- Astra : Thunder Wave ]

Thor let out a devastating thunder-wave out from his body that was impossible to defend against as the attack spanned 360° and progressed at the speed of light.

'Fuck', Rudra knew he could not outrun this one as although he was in his 10x time diluted state he could only ball his body up and try to cover his vital organs against this attack by Thor.


Rudra was blasted backwards, as a glistening light blue thunderbolt appeared in Thor's left hand.

The thunderbolt in Thor's hand radiated immense power that made even the indestructible ground of the immortal arena vibrate with fear.

" Indra-Astra!"

" Indra-Astra!"

" Oh my god, a weapon of the ancient god of thunder! A supreme tier9 treasure!"

The crowd absolutely lost their minds when they saw the weapon in Thor's hand, many knew of its nature, it was the weapon forged from the soul of the dead thunder-god and contained a large chunk of his powers.

It was missing for aeons and was a reason behind countless treasure hunts throughout the universe, but they were all wild goose chases.

Turned out, the weapon was now in possession of Thor Odinson, as the thunderbolt in his hand became a major cause of envy for other gods present in the arena.

Thor hated this attention, he had successfully hidden the fact that he was the inheritor of the Indra-Astra from the masses for centuries, however, because of Rudra's unnatural battle prowess he was forced to reveal its existence today.

" The momentum of the battle might change now " Hades commented

" Shakuni has fought valiantly, he even had the upper hand, but a tier 9 weapon changes the whole game.

Thor can potentially spam countless powerful tier5 attacks that do not require divine essence endlessly, while he can also amplify the strength of his divine attacks by many folds.

The balance of the battle has undoubtedly tipped in his favour " Raphael analysed.

" I would not count Shakuni out yet, albeit it feels like things have undoubtedly gotten tougher for him, the path from here on to victory is going to be extremely challenging" Emperor Cervantez said as he gripped the sword hanging on his waist tighter

" Thor being pushed to such limits by a new god is shocking, he even had to reveal his hidden cards " Beniogre said as she smiled holistically seeing the battle progress.

Rudra had two minutes left in his Time Dilation spell and with Thor continuously spamming powerful thunderbolt's towards him, he knew he had to do something and fast if he wanted to tip the scales of this battle.

While Rudra was not completely aware of the prowess of the weapon in Thor's hand, his personal A.I. Gaia said that it was a tier 9 treasure and an item that could potentially cause monarch's to fight against each other.

This piece of news was enough for Rudra to determine that he needed to do something about this new weapon and defeat Thor before the momentum shifted, because as things stood at the moment if he could not defeat Thor with 10x time Dilation active, he was not sure he could create any better chances for delivering his strongest attacks.

Rudra knew in his gut that it was now or never for him and hence he decided to take a risky gamble.

This was a deathmatch, one that he requested for the sole reason of avenging his brother Karna's death.

There could be no other outcome to this fight than Thor paying for his sins, failure was certainly not an option.

Rudra could not fail, he could not let the millions of elites back home who were relying on him to avenge the death of their Guildmaster be dissapointed, hence he decided to risk it all to either win big or die trying as he gritted his teeth and activated his biggest cheat code.

[ Future Sight ]


( Meanwhile Max )

Max woke up groggily and with a headache, and when he woke up he was shocked to see that everything around him was extremely giant.

' Whoa ' Max thought as he noticed the enormity of the tree leef around him as although he knew from the texture and color of the structure that it was a leaf, but up close he could see all the small deformities inside the lead that were invisible to his prior eyes that looked amazing.

" You, soldier, get your ass back to work! " A voice entered Max's ears as he turned to look at a massive ant twice its size shouting at him.

" Me? " Max asked in confusion, not knowing if the shouting was meant for him.

" The colony needs food, food soldiers need to work!

Obey or suffer the consequences" the giant ant said as Max felt a deep fear crawling into his being.

Every survival instinct that the little ants body had screamed at Max to get back to work, as Max's vampire brain was unable to process the reason behind the fear

​ It was like he could not breathe, the pressure was suffocating him and although he clearly remembered boasting before Kremeth that he would change the ant culture given the chance, at the moment he obeyed the command of his superior and began tearing a small part of the leaf with his pincers before dragging it back towards where the rest of the ants were moving.

Even after the bigger ant stopped glaring at Max, the fear factor did not subside, as it took Max a full 40 minutes to calm his racing heart.

' You are not a slave ant Max, you need to find allies, stage a coup and try to revolutionise the ant culture.

You are a free ant!


You are Max the primordial vampire! ' Max thought as he decided to raise his voice when he returned back to the cave.

What Max had no idea about was that the shock of a lifetime awaited him when he actually reached the cave and saw the reality of the ant world.

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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God Chapter 196 Rudra Vs Thor (7)