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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God
Chapter 195 Rudra Vs Thor (6)

' It's over … '

Everyone in the crowd though this was it, Rudra was stumbling with his steps not even looking at Thor and was defenceless against the incoming attack.

Every warrior who was able to step into godhood had to be exceptional in their own right.

Every single member of the audience was an unrivalled talent from the home planet that they came from, and they understood well that even with skill it was impossible to evade this incoming strike in the condition that Rudra was in.

It was for this reason, they collectively thought ' it's over …. '

The only man who was calm and knew that this fight was far from over was Lucifer.

The devil had memories of his clone in Omega fighting Rudra.

He was the end level boss of the world and 7/10 iterations of Omega ended with his faction coming out on top, while the other 3 saw Beniogre winning.

The outcome where Hades won Omega was 1/1000000000 with Rudra's iteration being the only one where Lucifer was ever slain.

Hence, being the only foe in the arena that had experience fighting Rudra, Lucifer knew better than anyone just how unbelievably superior Rudra's battle instincts were.

He was a god above mere god's, and a schemer that was impossible to put down.

He was 'Shakuni The Undefeated' for a reason.

[ Time Dilation ]

The second that Rudra realised that he was wobbly and unable to respond in-time he immediately activated his skill time-dilation whereby the flow of time around him reduced by 10 times.

The 1.2 seconds that Thor took to pull out Rudra's sword, jump and try to hit Rudra on his head were a full 12 seconds for Rudra.

For the first 5 he was seriously dazed.

Second 6 his vision returned and he noticed a flying Thor coming his way.

Second 7 a plan formulated in his mind as to what to do next.

Second 8 he started to prepare his counter attack [ Holy Lance ]

Second 9 he gathered the energy and pretended to still be dazed.

Second 10 he was ready to step out of the way as he tightened his muscles.

Second 11 he finally moved with Thor's hammer a hair's breadth away from him

Second 12 Thor's attack passed through air as his own momentum made him stumble forward as he was blasted with Rudra's holy Lance from the back, in an attack that he never saw coming.


Thor lost 32% of his total HP from a single attack, as the God Of Thunder felt a gaping hole through his vital organs causing a shitton of internal bleeding.


Thor blocked Rudra's subsequent attack, barely at that as he could not even see Rudra's movements anymore.






A flurry of attacks injured the god of thunder who could no longer match Rudra's speed at all, it was as if his opponent was suddenly 10 times faster than before as let alone blocking his attacks, Thor had trouble even tracing them.

At this instance, Thor thanked his good fortune that Rudra was attacking with only one sword in his hands as if he had two Thor would be taking double the damage.

' I can't take this for much longer ', Thor thought as he gritted his teeth and decided to use his hidden card that he had hardly ever revealed in history.

The only reason why the universe was unaware of Thor being in possession of this secret was because nobody who had ever seen Thor use it was alive after he did.

Thor was the god of Thunder, but he was not the first one.

Long before he ever became the god of thunder, ' Indra ' was the god of thunder and the ruler of all ancient gods.

And when he died, he left behind the extremely powerful tier9 weapon

' Indra- Astra ' ( Weapon Of The Thunder God )


( Meanwhile Max )

" Do you think ants have morals? Do you think if you cut a leg of one ant and incapacitate it, the others will help it survive? " Kremeth asked rhetorically as he did not really want a reply

" They won't, because they know that having morals is a weakness.

Those who cannot contribute to the survival of the colony are useless, those who cannot look after themselves are useless! " Kremeth exclaimed as he stared straight into Max and said " Especially you boy, you are talented and lucky, you have noble ambitions and lofty goals, I can sense that in you, but contrary to what you might believe, having such goals at your strength is what hinders you from growing and does not aid you.

Your only goal should be to improve and survive, that's it.

Everything else can wait till you are the boot and they are the ant, you understand? "

Max shook his head and said " Humans are not ants, emotions are not weakness, helping others is not a weakness.

The reason why ants fall to boots is because they lack empathy.

I understand the world is a ruthless place, but having goals and ambitions is what helps me strive forward in this ruthless world.

I may be an ant, but I refuse to live like one.

If I was an ant in the colony, I would change the way the colony works ".

Sebastian and Mira looked at Max like they had seen a ghost, the duo never expected Max to argue with Kremeth the way he did, and now that he had they worried about the consequences of his actions.

" Very well, since you stubborn teens don't understand my sound advice, the three of you shall experience it for yourselves.

7 days you shall spend as ants in an ant colony, let's see if you have such a mindset after that ". Kremeth said as he began carving a rune formation around his three students.

" Wait, why are we also accompanying Max? " Sebastian asked as he was smacked on the head by Kremeth and asked to remain quiet.

Kremeth used ancient runic knowledge to create mind control runes whereby he transferred the minds of his three students to that of three ants, knowing full well that it was going to be an eye opening experience for them.


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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God Chapter 195 Rudra Vs Thor (6)