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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God
Chapter 194 Rudra Vs Thor (5)

The speed at which Thor and Rudra exchanged attacks shocked many tier6 gods as while they themselves were beings of the highest order, they could barely see a shadow of the attack movements.

' That Shakuni guy is as fast as Thor! How is this possible? '

' Will a monarch fall here today? '

' Can he really do it? '

Anticipation started to build amongst the spectators as they saw Thor unable to suppress Rudra with his sheer might as the initial estimations about the fight were now turned upside down with the odds becoming much more stable.

[ Thunderburn ]


A mighty thunderstrike descended from the heavens and blasted Shakuni backwards as the leader of the Elites took damage for the first time ever.


Rudra felt a stinging sensation all over his body because of the attack, but he was fine overall.

Thor on the other hand had went into supernova mode, he was actively burning the thunder essence in his body to surpass his limits and gain additional strength, speed and stamina.

Thor's body became covered in Thunder as his blonde hair began to float mysteriously in the air while his eyes turned into thunder sparks.

The air around Rudra smelt like the area around a swimming pool, as he realised that it was the thunder from Thor's body converting the oxygen in the air to ozone.

Thunderburn was a double edged sword, while it was going to help Thor surpass Rudra in the short term, should Rudra weather the storm out, then Thor would be the one caught with a debuff unable to compete with his opponent.

" Haaaaaa "

Thor let out a war-cry as he charged at Rudra with speeds 20-25% faster than before as Rudra immediately jumped backwards on the backfoot fighting exactly how Sariel had trained him to, defending every attack from his opponent.









Rudra was barely able to stop Thor's attacks from mjolnir as his hands felt like they were turning to lead from countering the weight of the heavy hammer.

Mjolnir of itself was ridiculously heavy but when it was wielded by a muscle headed god like Thor it was a force to be reckoned with as if Rudra did not wield a divine sword like Excalibur but rather used a legendary blade, he had no doubt in his mind it would have snapped to pieces by now.

Regardless, Rudra was still taking peripheral damage from the sparks emitting out of Thor's body as there was nothing Rudra could do to stop them.

He was pushed to his limit as it is from the relentless attacks by Thor and had no time to stop the minor crackles.

Thor swung his hammer in a sideways sweep aiming for Rudra's head, which Rudra dodged by ducking under and instinctively Rudra tried to make use of the opening by trying to attack Thor as for a split second he stopped running backwards and went in for an attack.


Rudra's sword attack was blocked by Thor's left Arm Guard, which was sliced at impact and caused Thor to have a deep flesh wound up to his arm bones.

" Aghh " Thor gasped in pain, but soon got a grip over his situation.

The high quality divine armour had done it's job, Rudra's sword was stuck in Thor's flesh and as a result he was unable to dodge Thor's hammer swing.


Mjolnir hit Rudra straight on the chin as Rudra was sent flying backwards as his helmet flew off from his head and Rudra crashed on the ground some 100 feet away.


Rudra was dazed, his jaw-bone was undoubtedly broken as his mouth was flooded with blood.

" Pha " Rudra spat the blood and tried to get back to his feet but his body would not respond, his knees felt wobbly and his vision was blurry.

The crowd roared in approval over the fighting action as Rudra lost a large chunk of his HP bar.

The two had traded blows in this instance but Thor had undoubtedly come out as the bigger winner as he had not only dealt more damage but had also completely stunned Rudra.

Thor knew he needed to make the most of the opening he had created as he courageously pulled off the sword stuck in his bones and threw it to the ground before pulling his hammer over his head and leaping in for a full powered overhead hammer strike.

Without his helmet and without his vision Rudra was in big trouble against Thor's incoming attack, as the god of thunder was aiming straight for Rudra's head.


( Meanwhile Kremeth )

Kremeth made his three disciples sit before him as he asked them all a thought provoking question.

" Have you children ever observed an ant colony? " He asked as listening to the question, Max looked at Sebastian and rolled his eyes in frustration.

" No " miracle replied without hesitation while Max and Sebastian remained silent.

" To an ant, this dungeon seems like an endless universe, a vast expansive place that it can never hope to fully explore.

It is exciting for ants if they can cross a small stream of water and reach the other side because to them it feels like crossing entire planets and reaching new realms, do you agree? " Kremeth asked

" Yeah, sounds reasonable" Max said while miracle and Sebastian nodded.

" At tier2-3-4 you kids are no different than ants in the universe, you don't have the capability to cross planets.

Just like how ants don't have the strength to remove trees from their walking paths and must go around them, you kids don't have the strength to solve 99% of your problems and must avoid them " Kremeth said as while his words made sense, to Max they seemed like another one of his cowardly lectures.

" Let me ask you this-

Do you kids feel guilty if you accidentally crush an ant? " Kremeth asked as Sebastian replied " No, we do not "

" Yes, you do not, because you do not fear ants, you do not fear a million ants and their presence or absence mean nothing to you " Kremeth said with passion as he seemed to be on a roll.

" Just like you kids don't care about ants, GODS don't care about mortal life.

Tier 0 ants are invisible for them

Tier 1 ants are so small they might not even see them

Tier 2 ants are barely visible ants

Tier 3 ants are nothing but a bug whose bite they might not even feel

Tier 4 is an ant that will hurt slightly if it bites but not something that can threaten their lives

Tier 5 ants are poisonous ants but it will still take a whole group of them to catch a god in extraordinary circumstances to deal any real damage.

And they still might fail to kill one ". Kremeth said as a picture started to form in Max's mind, he could see where this was going.

" To completely embrace the way of the coward first you need to embrace that your existence is nothing but an ant to a god.

So your morals, your justice, your vengeance mean nothing in front of absolute power ". Kremeth said as he stared straight into Max's eyes when he said this.

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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God Chapter 194 Rudra Vs Thor (5)