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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God
Chapter 193 Rudra Vs Thor (4)

" You're fast " Thor commented as Rudra shrugged his shoulders.

Thor had still not understood how Rudra was able to move faster than he did and manage to land his strike, but whatever movement technique he used, whatever short term boost it gave his speed it was effective as today Rudra had made a monarch bleed.

Thor respectfully increased his distance from Rudra as Rudra let him disengage without trying to threaten him at all as he knew that the more Thor tried to analyse, the more he tried to think about the source of Rudra's abilities the more he was going to confuse his own self.

In the information that was publically available him, Rudra was a tier 6 god who had ascended to godhood 1.5 years ago and was known to be stronger and faster than an average tier 6 god displaying freakish abilities.

While this may cause tier6 gods to respect Rudra, to any tier7 or 8 god reading this article he was nothing much.

Because no matter how many freakish stats Rudra had, he could not equal those of god's a tier above him as they had double the stat points of a tier 6 god.

The source behind Rudra's power was his cheat back in Omega that gave him double stat points to distribute for every level that he gained.

This cheat over the course of over 1775 levels and countless multiplications and racial upgrades had led to Rudra now being an existence which had stats higher than a tier8 monarch at tier7.

However, his biggest cheat was the tier 10 treasure 'seed of chaos' and the tier9 treasure 'seed of reincarnation' implanted near his two kidneys.

The seed of chaos was an experience churning machine.

The tier10 treasure fed on chaos energy and turned it into experience points for the host.

While Rudra was not sure as to what exactly chaos energy was, he understood that just like worshipping a deity by mortals gave them divine energy.

Strong emotions like anger, hatred, love or lust towards the host gave the seed of chaos, chaos energy.

Apparently Rudra was an extremely divisive figure. Some hated him, some loved him dearly, while many were angry with him, causing the seed to help Rudra gain many levels.

The seed was a big reason behind why Rudra was able to ascend to tier7 as fast as he did, as the unique one of a kind treasure increased Rudra's levelling speed by a lot, cutting the task that would have taken him decades and achieving it within one short year.

At the rate Rudra was growing he was sure to reach tier8 in 3 years if he tried hard, but maximum of 5 even if he did nothing much.

Rudra's strength improved by leaps and bounds at a stage where levelling up was nearly impossible and gods had to slaughter entire planets sometimes to gain a meagre one-two levels.

Despite all these advantages, in the end Rudra was still not Thor's match in his current form as an attack which was sure to end the life of any tier7 god that he fought only managed to bring down Thor's HP by 10%, alerting the opponent in the process.

However, Rudra was not discouraged by this at all.

He now had the tempo of the fight with him, his opponent was not taking the initiative to attack but was observing and analysing but nothing that he could think of made any sense which was making him restless.

" What happened thunderlord, Am I getting under your skin? " Rudra asked Thor in a mocking tone as the dark faction gods cheered in approval.

Surprisingly those guys were rooting for Rudra to win this fight, because in their minds it would be a loss for the light faction as a whole should Thor die as opposed to Rudra.

Thor gave no replies to Rudra's question, as Rudra spread his arms and said " Too scared to attack? "

Again Thor did not take the bait as he became even more vigilant of Rudra, thinking that the other party was trying to bait him into a strike.

Seeing Thor not moving a muscle, Rudra laughed out loud as he said " So a monarch is now scared of me, very well, since you are too scared to come onto me, I shall come onto you! "

Saying so, Rudra charged towards Thor who swung his axe to meet Rudra's blades.

It was a straight clash between two divine weapons and Thor expected Rudra to be blown away by his power, but shockingly Rudra did not take a single step back but instead Thor was forced one step back.






Everytime Excalibur met mjolnir, Thor was pushed back a single step much to the shock of the entire arena as even Thor's eyes widened in disbelief when he realised that despite him putting his full strength into the attacks he was still being pushed backwards.

" Who are you? How can you push me back? I AM A MONARCH! ". Thor roared in anger as he swung mjolnir as hard as he could trying to push Rudra back, but his anger was to no avail as he was unable to push Rudra back a single step.


Sparks flew from the connection of the blade against the hammer as a humming vibrating sound could be heard throughout the arena, where Thor and Rudra fought to a stalemate.

Staring deep into Thor's blue eyes, Rudra said with a spice of unravelling anger underneath his voice " Me? I'm Shakuni The Undefeated, the sworn brother of the guildmaster of True Elites Guild, the man that YOU, murdered in cold blood ".


Rudra headbutted Thor to create separation between the two, before unleashing a high speed flurry of sword attacks.


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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God Chapter 193 Rudra Vs Thor (4)