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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God
Chapter 191 Rudra Vs Thor (2)

As Rudra walked out to the immortal arena, he was greeted with mostly silence. There was no loud cheering, there was no boo's, only a look of contempt from most light faction god's and a murderous look from the dark faction god's.

Rudra spotted Emperor Cervantez, Patricia, King Hades, Old Man Augustus, Sariel, Raphael, Micheal, Hazriel, Sam Saint Maximus and Beniohgre as god's who he recognised in the arena.

Most of them had an expressionless face when they gazed at him, however, Rudra knew that despite their calm disposition they were internally worried.

When Rudra glanced at the two dark faction monarch's, Lucifer raised his glass of wine towards him before taking a sip and grinning evilly.

While Satan slit a finger across his throat and bared his tongue at Rudra.

" Your horns look ugly, what are you half bull, half idiot? " Rudra said to Satan pointing his sword at the tier 8 god.

Rudra's comments caused the dark faction god's to be in an uproar as they banged violently against the barrier separating the viewing area and the fighting area, but it was to no avail.

Nobody could break the barrier, it was made from a tier 10 treasure and controlled by the universal queen.

​ The barrier was literally the strongest enchantment in the universe and a big reason why both light and dark faction god's gathered in the immortal arena without there ever being unnecessary bloodshed.

Satan looked irked by the comment, he wanted to kill Rudra then and there but Lucifer wrapped his arm around Satan's shoulder to calm his friend down as the devil laughed maniacally.

Soon, Thor walked out to the immortal arena thunder crackling from his body as he let his aura unfold unchecked making a grand entrance amongst thunderous cheers from the light faction god's and ear stinging boo's from the dark faction ones.

Thor nodded at all the light faction monarch's who had come to witness this fight here today, and they nodded back in acknowledgement as despite many of the monarchs being closer to Rudra and rooting for his victory, on surface they were neutral as a monarch must be.

Thor tried to intimidate Rudra by washing his aura over him, but Rudra only activated his own aura skill in response as black smoke began rising all over his body and a powerful and domineering aura pushed Thor's back.

In the end Thor's aura was still stronger in comparison, but not enough to completely subdue Rudra's like many gods thought that it would.

Pointing his hammer at Rudra Thor said " Listen all present here today, today I'm here because Shakuni The Undefeated challenged me to a deathmatch inside the immortal arena.

I personally did not wish to bully a junior god, but in this case I was left with no other option.

In my heart, I have nothing but respect for the brave warrior that Shakuni is, and I sincerely hope that even after his death today you all shall continue to cherish and respect him in your memories "

Listening to Thor's speech Rudra rolled his eyes, the muscle man was a complete show-man.

His speech even moved the crowd who cheered louder for him and comments like

' You are the best '

' Show the tier6 punk who is the boss '

Started to float amongst the light faction gods.

" You will sincerely be missed my friend, I will make a memorial for you in my country, beside the one I made for Mavi " Thor said as Rudra threw his swords to the ground and clapped his hands.

*Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap*

Rudra's claps silenced the crowd as Rudra pretended to wipe a tear off his eyes as he said " Thankyou for your noble intentions lord Thor.

My greatest fear before I challenged you to this fight was exactly this-

Not having a memorial on your capital planet and being forgotten by the fellow light faction god's in this arena.

Since you have addressed both of my issues, I can certainly now die with peace "


There was pin drop silence in the arena as the other god's nervously gulped down a mouthful of Saliva listening to Rudra's sarcasm.

Eventually the dark faction god's started to burst out laughing as Thor furrowed his eyebrows and said angrily " Are you making fun of me? "

To which Rudra replied " Yes you muscle headed bozo I'm making fun of you, since I've dared to challenge you here today, do you think I want your sympathy?

If you are a true man and a warrior, then come face me and take my head.

Showmanship and speeches suit politicians not immortal god's ".

Thor nodded to Rudra's words as he threw a glance at the crowd for one last time before he said " Very well, then shall we start the fight? "

Rudra picked his swords back up and retracted his aura as he began to stretch and loosen his joints.

He closed his eyes for a second and took a few deep breaths before opening them and staring deep into Thor's eyes with focus.

" Yes let's start " Rudra said as the universal queen began the countdown for the fight to start.


Only a few seconds remained before a monarch fought in the immortal arena for the first time ever, and the audience anticipated a quick death for the opponent.

Rudra could see Thor silently preparing his divine spell as the divine essence in the surroundings began visibly shifting as it seemed like he wanted to start with a big attack right from the get-go.

Instead of panicking, Rudra had a wide smile plastered on his face as this was exactly what he anticipated Thor to do, as this meant that the plan he had made was going to work after all.

3…2…..1….. start!

Rudra smiled as he muttered the words ' Bring it! '


/// A/N - Guys I have great news to share,



In the end we made the top 10 rankings at the very last minute with two super gifts by the bossisback coming-in for the clutch.

The whole journey was unbelievable, and from the bottom of my heart I'd like to thank everyone who made it possible.

It was a journey full of ups and downs, we were 17th, we were 9th and we dropped down to 11 in the last 3 days, but in the end we entered the top 10 and made the impossible possible. ///

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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God Chapter 191 Rudra Vs Thor (2)