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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God
Chapter 188 Asiva And Jhonny

( Meanwhile Asiva ) 

Asiva and Severus had returned to the Saint Maximus Clan home planet ' Turin ' upon the beckoning of the patriarch Sam Saint Maximus. 

The Saint Maximus sweepers working in the Kingsman Clan had got information about a potential coup that was being formulated by the Deputy General of the Kingsman clan against their patriarch Will Kingsman. 

Apparently Will after his exploits over the Paratus territory had upset a lot of military officials in his distribution of rewards.

Many top officials felt like they were undervalued for their merits as the best rewards went to Will Kingsman's family members and friends who did not meritoriously participate in the war. 

This aggeviation had opened a unique opportunity for the Saint Maximus Clan when the deputy approached Sam for supplying the rebel group with supplies and weapons in return for them to secede back some parts of the Paratus territory to the Saint Maximus clan as a show of goodwill when they successfully ousted the Kingsman. 

Usually, Sam would not take part in such coup's , but the situation this time around looked extremely optimistic for the coup to be successful, and knowing the history between Severus's adopted daughter Asiva and the Kingsman clan, Sam decided to call the two to assign them a secret mission. 

Sam knew that given the history between them and the Kingsman, those two would never betray him and never play the double game. 

For this very reason Sam was willing to make the two his ambassadors on ground 0, to oversee that the supplies and support provided were not misused and that the coup actually became a reality.

Naturally, on paper he did not know about these events happening and should the coup fail and the two be caught, Sam made it clear that he was not going to bail them out of trouble. 

Explaining the risks and rewards of the mission fairly, Sam gave the two the option to accept or reject the proposal at will. 

Severus was doubtful, but Asiva with her heart long burning in the fire of revenge accepted the mission immediately. 

At the moment It appeared like little could go wrong with the mission, but still failure or success remained to be seen. 


( Meanwhile Jhonny ) 

Jhonny was having the time of his life as the commander of the Red Hands mercenary group, as under his leadership the group soared to greater and greater heights.

Due to a series of unbelievably lucky encounters, Jhonny was now on the cusp of entering the god realm of tier6 but it was during this period that a piece of disturbing news fell into his ears. 

One of his boys, The guildmaster of his previous guild, ' Karna' had been killed by the thunder monarch Thor, as this piece of news devastated the old Jhonnys heart. 

" My boy ….. how dare he hurt my boy " Jhonny was enraged, his broken heart causing his temper to flare. 

Jhonny ordered the Red hand's to stop all ongoing missions to hunt dark faction loyalists within the thunder nation at once as he recalled all of his men back and cut all diplomatic ties with the nation. 

According to his information sources, Rudra had challenged Thor to a deathmatch in the immortal arena, while his previous guild the ' True Elites ' was in rage and shambles over the death of their beloved guildmaster. 

Temporarily, the guilds secretary Amelia had taken over the role of guildmaster to stabilise the situation, but it was abundantly clear that the shoes of Karna were too big for her to fill with her having virtually no combat ability. 

The elites were like a family, and the death of the guildmaster made every guild member feel the pain of losing him strongly as anti-thor and anti-thunder nation feelings were strong within the group.

Should Rudra give the order, the elites were ready to storm the capital of the thunder nation even if their lives were on the line, as their rage blinded their sense of judgement. 

Under such tumultuous times, the guild truly missed and desperately needed it's longtime elder Jhonny English to return, and it was for this reason only that Jhonny too decided to step out of his seclusion and return home. 

One thing that was abundantly clear in Jhonny's mind was that regardless of the fact that Rudra killed Thor or not, should Thor ever cross paths with him, dead or alive, Jhonny would make sure that the god would say goodbye to being a man forever after their meeting. 

2 skills made Jhonny skyrocket to the top of the Red Hand group heirarchy 

One was his infamous [ Ball Crushing ] skill that he had perfected and the other was his [ Void Form ] technique that allowed him to become formless at will, making all physical, elemental and mana based attacks useless on him in his void-formless form. 

Only mental attacks, soul attacks and ghost attacks could damage Jhonny in that form, but to counter this weakness Jhonny had a ( High ) mental manipulation resistance. 

While immortals who had mastered the laws of the universe and had an understanding of spatial manipulation could still counter Jhonny's skill before, his latest lucky encounter removed this defect from Jhonny's portfolio. 

The current Jhonny was untouchable from physical or elemental attacks that were charged with even divine essence. Which meant that not even most gods could hurt him now. 

With such a formidable man returning back to the elites from the shadows, chaos for the thunder nation was sure to bloom. 


/// A/N - This is it guys, the moment you all have long been waiting for. 

Sir Jhonny will finally step out of his isolation and re-unite with the elites after Karna's death. 

For the longtime fans of the character, I can promise classic Jhonny action ahead.

For the new readers of this book, I hope to make you all fall in love with this character like the rest of us already do. 

Chapter 5/10 of the new year's bonus series, hope you all enjoy! /// 

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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God Chapter 188 Asiva And Jhonny